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08-09 yeah, big liar, it was 5.09 (oops) so now it’s 6.09


Are you sure you’re well-known enough for the post-office to send back the letter c/o keren – ISRAEL??

hum?? oh sure you are, you and the Eurovision stuff!

(just kidding, you know, try & make […]… did you smile? or are you mad at me?) please no bomb, no bomb,,,

well keren, we write to often to each other lately we’ve got to stop, my parents are getting curious… & I’ve got nothing new to say (that’s it) No, that’s totally great! go on, go on!! this is awesome 1 letter a week isn’t it? first point-

2nd point, it seems like we like (like-like, yeah!) to write early in the morning hey?? , it’s 12.15 (pm, or 0.15 am)… isn’t that strange?? Do you get inspiration at those times?? (it might be the moon then? influencing us, yeah, good mood, are you in a good mood too) (say this when catching a cold) oh anyway –

I’ve finished my exams today (all this morning, well, last morning, I mean, it’s 0.15!! eh eh…) & I’m doing all my mail (late, late, late, except with you…) you’re sure the last person I’ll write to today – well I mean this early morning, sure I’ll write others today!! (9-6-09 in fact!)

what did I want to say?! come on help me keren –

so… in a few days I should be going to the crust festival in Belgium… I’m on holidays again (after this last awful morning of exams) for about 3 weeks or so. Did the festival helped me & improved my mood??? hum no, absolutely not it’s done nothing to me (liar, read top page again) Okay, okay… maybe a bit, I met those cool people from siren & this pen pal from belgium (you know the girl) – mainly these 3 persons cheer me up. Bands too… well as some were violent it ruined a bit all this but anyway – Mainstrike, Chokehold… were great –

I’m glad you feel better, so you work hard on music hey… when will you be on tour in Europe?? so met some new friend too (Itay) – too bad for Ira (it’s the fault of the Germans – since 2nd world war they’re champions into brain-washing) <- things you could heard from a local Nationalist well apart from all those letters & records I’ve got to deal with life pretty sucks too (come on keren, let’s suicide together!) <- stuff you’d heard from a 15 y.o Nirvana fan (ex-of course)… well, I can’t wait the day when we’ll start rehearsing again… I guess I need it a bit-

So generation x is out or not? let me know I’ll take you a few. Maybe we could trade for Sanjam or better: I love you fanzine done by a sxe pen pals from Sweden. cool artworks – well I’ll give you some info if you want. Okay let’s end this page saying goodnight keren: ‘good night keren’


end of page 1: 0.45 – 1st eye opened: 10.00 AM. 1st fight with my consciosness ‘pierre get up’ ‘No don’t want to’ ‘you have to write to keren’ ‘I’ll do it in my bed’ ‘come on get up’ ‘leave me alone’ ‘pierre…’ ‘GRRRR…’ ‘okay…’ hum, I’m sorry about all this, you are so serious, I mean go on, I really like what you say, telling me what happened and what’s on your mind – that’s cool. I just have nothing serious to say now for nothing happened… so I try to make jokes –

let’s see what happened in the last few days?? I stayed home, working my Grammar & stuff I met nothing for a very long time (1 month, or so, ok except the V’N’V), listened to music & write letters (yesterday), went to RENNES to pass my exams, we bought some soya stuff & now we’re going to pick up some blackberries to make jams. great hey??

…I wn I won!! Just came back from the berries: Yann 1 kg 530 pierre 1 kg 800 hey hey… Anyway, thanx for the idea about my ‘lost pen pals’, I thought about it but  don’t know.  I guess if something wrong happened, they would have opened the letter or… well some of them didn’t live with the parents anymore so… I’ve sent an ad to S&Lettuce… I’ll see.

I prefer Rawness too. Yann was abit diappointed with the review he got in MRR &HaC… he printed 1100 cd’s, sold around 700 but a lot are distros unpaid (sort of consignment) so… it costed him around 16,000-17,000FF but with all the other expenses & stuff about 20,000F 21,000 (a cd cost him 21-23F a piece. I don’t remember) so that’s about 3’700$ or so –

About the tapes… let’s say 3 more tapes – hope you did get the $, so it makes one paid one in trade of the comp tape (I’ll try & send it along with this) so I owe you $2.50  right?? if your zine’s out can you send 5 of it (usually I take a couple but well!) oh is it in English??if not I’m afraid I can’t take it…

Well that’s all for now I guess…

Take care, write soon,



Dear Keren,

Here’s Tamás from Chaos Int. zine, Hungary.

Well, I’ve always been interested in Israel and now I’m happy to find your address. I’ve found your opinion very interesting. You don’t feel like a jew? Then what nationality are you? What is life like there? We hear a lot about the Israel – Palestina conflict. What do you think of this? How does it influence your daily-life?

Some years ago my father visited your country and he brought a lot of postcards, photos. I think that your country and culture is very interesting. Please tell me something about it!

And how’s the scene? How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture?

Well, you can see that I’ve got a lot of questions. I hope you will answer them & my letter. Please write soon.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t you know anyone that could sell some copies of my zine?


Seriously, there’s no symbolic value here. This letter has been waiting on my desktop since the beginning of September, patiently waiting to be transcribed. It’s coincidence that I found this empty slot of homework procrastination  in Yom Kippur eve. Gonna get dressed soon and walk. Hopefully we’ll make it to Jaffa, hopefully our Arab neighbours won’t disappoint us and keep Pizza Roma open for us.

As a postcard collector I find it odd that Tamás was impressed by postcards from Israel. The souvenir industry here has always been weak compared to other countries and postcards were kinky at best and badly photographed and printed in most cases. I assume that his father visited in the 80’s-90’s, the Dark Ages of Postcard Production. Even the Jubilee 2000 series that’s still circulating around Tiberias and Nazareth are better than the ones Tamás’ dad must have picked.

To answer the question How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture, click here

I think it’s the only time I received any mail from Hungary. Never found any contacts there although I do remember looking for it.  I can’t tell where he found my address.

Hey Keren,

How’s life treating you? Well as you see I have finished #4 so have fun with it. Overall, I think it’s a hell of a lot better than #3. I, also, used your letter, if that’s okay. I kind of water the national feel – like we are all close  even though we live far away. About a month ago I had a talk w/my x/ After he totally dumped all over me (again) I went and saw a counselor. Well, I ended up being too fucked up for the counselor to deal with so they sent me to a psychologist so now I’m They diagnosed me with depression. Now I am taking Prozac. I am in this annoying good mood all the time. I no longer speak to my x. I heard from a couple of his friends that if my name is mentioned he flips out. I feel better w/him out of my life. I have a much better time at shows; life in general is alot better. Well, I guess I must be going. I’m at work and the phone is ringing off the hook. Write back and tell me what you think of #4.

❤ Carissa Screams.

P.S. I cut all my hair off. It used to go below my elbows, now it’s so short


Every now and then, when the drawers get filled, I packed a bunch of zines and posters and stuff and put them in a box outside a show, or contacted kids I thought might be interested and passed them the bounty. Regretfully, the issues of Screams from Inside were lost this way. I believe the information must be circulated and that everyone benefits from the flow of zines, but I wish I could now read that letter Carissa mentions.

Hello Friends! ~~~ Neil, Miko, B-Girl, Keith, Ray, Mirek, Keren

Please Forgive The Impersonal Format of This Letter, But I Want To Reach All my Friends. I Have An Idea. In The Months You + I Have been Writing We Have Exchange Ideas, Poems, Photos, Stories. Here’s My idea: Using My post Box As Base, You All Send Me Stuff – Like Those Things I Mentioned Above, Stuff on @, Squatting, Travel, Zen, whatever. I Will Then Photocopy It All, Staple it Together, + Send you All A Sort of “Newsletter”. You Can Feel Free To make More Copies + Send it To your other Pals. What Do You Thing? It Can Be Like A Collective `Zine; One That We All put Together. We’ll be A Network – Like When You Send Something, Put Yr Name + Address On it + before you Know it. You’ll Have Even More friends!

Please Tell Me What You Feel. Also if Anyone has An idea For A Name For This Thing, Please Send Yr Suggestions! I’ll Put out Another Letter like This + We Can Decide Together.

Thanx All,



Did it work out? Did I take part?

Hi Keren,

I was very happy to receive your letter. Sure I’ll give you a copy of my zine. Minneapolis is a big @ place. It’s supposed to be competitive with San Francisco. Punks move back to Minneapolis in the summer and back to San Francisco in the winter. There are few shows here during the winter time cause it is so damn cold. The sxe scene here is rather small and everyone in it is kind of dull. I’m having problems with it lately cause I’ve been avoiding some asshole ex-boyfriend so I’ve been skipping shows. Kind of a pity since I have been into this longer and I’m the one who can’t go to shows. I decided I can’t do this for anyboy so I decided fuck it. I’ll go no matter how much it hurts to see him. It’s bound to get easier every show. I know its pathetic but I talk about this crap + to everyone. Anyway, anyway. Where was I? Oh, yea. I came to Minneapolis from St. Louis, Mo. when I was 17, I came with my suitcase off the greyhound bus and I had the cab bring me to the dorms. I had no clue where anything was. I didn’t know anyone. I just attended this school cause I actually got accepted. It’s really tough moving somewhere totally different. I understand, so if you need anything (place to stay, person to talk to ect.) I’ll help you. It’s a good thing to know when you move somewhere all alone, when you are in trouble someone will help. I don’t have a phone # as of yet. I’m living w/ this 5 guys who got their phone disconnected. I have no address either. I guess if you write back I’ll have one by Sept 1

Are you originally from Israel? Just wondering. Anyway, I’m at work now and I’m totally looking bad next to Ms. Perfect Worker, so I better let you go.

Write soon.



Carissa… I remember writing her. I probably followed an ad or a review for her zine, Screams from Inside, which I think I reviewed for War of Words and  remember as an emotional, intense, feminist sXe zine.

Although I’m sure I would’ve  done the same (and have done the same), that generousity amazes me. Offering your friendship and help to a complete stranger cannot be taken for granted. I do wonder, however, what I wrote. In 1994 I was still in highschool. I might have already planned my grand US Punk tour but it would’ve happened only in 96.

On a different note, back then I didn’ have a boyfriend but in retrospect I can totally relate to her avoiding shows because of her ex. It happened to me a few years later.

Keren, servus

this is Klaus writing all the way from Germany!!  – What’s up and how is life over there in your spot of this planet?! Federico of Nekhei Naatza sent me a copy of your Israeli comp. tape, by the way. So, just give me some infos on the Isra-Hell collective and more useful news…

I am actually pleased to get your address because i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands throughout the globe from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.

Just have a look at my flyers enclosed so you may get a slight idea of what I want to figure out. Please spread them to those who you suppose may need any! Thanx a lit in advance.

Just feel free to send a band bio or a photo if you can afford. And let me know if you have some stuff available – like demos, live/ rehearsal tapes, vinyl records, whatever. I am always interested to feature some stuff for future issues of BREAKDOWN – the zine that I co-write for. Our forthcoming edition will include a whole lot of national and also foreign reviews, interviews, articles and such.

I am open-minded for infos and news, any stuff is really more than welcome. I like to read especially what’s going on with your label and the local Hod Ha’sharon scene. I guess Betrayer is from your area and Yishai promised to send me their demos…

If possible send me some scene-report. We could exchange any stuff. You probably know some more addresses of bands, by the way, which you know around your area. Just pass them my flyers.

I’d appreciate if you could send me the original cover because Federico forgot to do and i’d like to dub 2 or more copies of the comp for some mates world-wide (possible review).

I look forward to reading from you…

Take care, mach’s gut & shalom,


1995 All animal and human rights reserved….


It’s embarrassing to write it, but typing this letter got me quite peeved. First, that sentence: “[…] i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands […]  from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.” How does he categorize Israel? It’s a famous (or rather, infamous) country on one hand, but music/ punk-wise it’s quite obscure. One would think that Israel belongs to the latter, but Israel isn’t mentioned in the flyer that is enclosed in the envelope that lists the “less known or ever obscure countries” that he’s after (e.g. Greenland, El Salvador, Samoa, Laos, Gozo and many others that are known either for genocide or rum, but not for punk.

Second – all those requests! I haven’t found another letter from Klaus yet and I don’t remember if I wrote him back or not. There’s a good chance I did. There’s a good chance I wrote a detailed scene report/ review of the local scene (and by local I mean Israel, not Hod HaSharon, then a population 20,000 town with yours truly as a single punk within its municipal limits, mind you) and sent him friends’ addresses and Parverotti’s cover etc. etc. I’m reading this and thinking that’s too much to ask! But that’s the present me, the married 32 y/o who works full time and then some, takes courses in the evening, exercises twice a week and tries to have some social life/ be politically involved when possible. In June 1995, however, I was a fresh (highschool (un)graduate, worked part-time doing telemarketing at my uncle’s business, saving shekels for my Grand Tour in the USA and hitchhiking to shows and record stores. I probably wasn’t (THAT) peeved then.

Third – Israel is a small country. Why writing Federico AND me AND that Metal Dude from Betrayer? We all had the same tapes (Yishai must have had metal too).

Of course, these comments say more about my current bitchy mood. I guess that love letters would’ve received the same commentaries had I uploaded them now. Klaus was just a collector trying to spread the word about music scenes in less-privileged countries; 17 y/o me was happy to help so fuck me.


…I don’t know do you remember me; my name is Vedran, and you wrote me long time ago. I can’t say how sorry I am, but I couldn’t write you sooner, because I don’t live on my old address anymore, on the one on which you’ve sent me your letter (that it’s on my hometown called Sibenik). If you didn’t remember me until now, I think I have to say that this letter comes from Croatia. First I must explain why I moved from Sibenik. Well, first of all because at that time (in the summer of ’93) Sibenik was still in war area. Momentaly, the shootings have stopped, but no one knows is that really the final end. But that was not the main reason, because I lived in Sibenik all the 3 previous years while the war was still going on, and I’ve really seen a lot of killing and suffering (and sometimes I was also a part of it). The main reason for the leaving of my hometown is that I’m (only) 18 at the moment and I didn’t want to go in the army, but on the other hand, I had to go in the school. So, I went to Zagreb, where I’ve got some free education on the faculty of journalism and political sciencies, and on that way now I can save some money for living here.

I didn’t say how greatful I am on my letter, it’s very much appreciated that you’ve decided to write to me.

Ok, I see that you’re doing a ‘zine. As you probably know, I’m also doing a ‘zine, which is called “Glans Penissis”, and until now I’ve published 5 issues. All of them are gone, so I don’t have any of the copies left, but for a few days the new, 6th number of my ‘zine will be finished, and then I’ll send it to you, ok?! It will go together with the tape of my band “NULA” (translation for that word is: 0, zero, nothing…), and we play anarcho HC/punk/ thrash/ folk/ rock/funk… The ideas are the most important to us, and they are: anarchism, liberation, non-violence, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic…

Out tape which you’ll get with my zine (in separated letters) is about 87 minutes long, and it is consisted of 37 songs.

I’m momentaly very, very busy with the publishing of that stuff, so unfortunately I can’t write you any article, scene report or interview (sorry). I’ll send you something in the next letter, but you have to write me what do you exactly want (some band, non-music article, etc.).

This is why I’m sending you the lsat number of “Comunitas”, which is zine of “Z.A.P.O = Zagabrian Anarcho Pacifict Group”. That is the old number, the new one is also finished, but it is not printed yet. I’m sorry that this number is on Croatian language, so you won’t understand a lot, but please find included summary. The new number is written in two languages: Croatian and English.

OK, this is all for this time, until the next one take care, keep up the good work and receive many friendly greetings from VEDRANula.

Write as soon as you can.

P.S. If you want to know more about “ZAPO” write to me, because I’m also working in it.


In the end we had a Serbian scene report in the zine, the first issue of War of Words. I pasted  ZAPO’s flyer to the wall in my old bedroom. I had a few pen-pals from the area, mostly Serbs, but I don’t think I ever discussed politics and the war with any of them.

Here’s a relatively recent Croatian scene report and a download of Nula’s recording.