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Hi Keren…

how are you?? hope you did get my letter. so, I’m back from the V’N’V (just yesterday evening) & well I have to work for september but I thought (as I said) that I would write to you before ‘cos then it would take more time if I wait…

okay, I should send you a report on this event ‘cos I’ve plan to do one, so if you want you can use it. I’ll try to make it as fast as I can before I could think to something else but well with those exams stuff I hope I’ll be able to! If dates are okay (after the exams) I should go too to the lead festival (crust V’N’V fest) in mid-sept.

okay – let’s start – I won’t talk to you too much about bands as I should do a small stuff on it but well, a few would’ve pleased you I guess, like: Mainstrike, ex-manliftingbanner. they ruled so much, they have a demo out now & if ever I can get it (all were sold out there) I’ll record it for you. it was just like MLB + cool old songs from GB, Bold, chain of strength… etc. Other cool bands were the italian ones: By all means (my fave!) Timebobm… Blindfold were cool  too so were kosjerd and… the big surprise that no one were waiting for: CHOKEHOLD! They were in tour in Europe & finally came around , we learned in on the 2nd day! Some other bands weren’t that cool & was even kinda violent (surprising hey?!) anyway, you’ll know more about bands when I’ll send my ‘report’ (I hope)

The other point I’d like to talk about is a bit more personal (but I just feel like doing it). I was a bit disappointed by some people’s attitude – A few guys (& girls) I’m in touch with just didn’t come along to see me. They just […] me & this made me crazy!!

I met (at last) a couple of cool people whom I just didn’t know before, they were from USA, playing for siren (ex-engage) & they were really friendly. They should come over  to france (No that sure yet)

I also met a girl I was in touch with. I which we would have time talk a little more together on first meeting (this) was a bit “shy”. I like her a lot, her letters were really cool & so was she when we exchange them for words…

oh well..

what else could I say.. no new stuff since I don’t really want to talk about this festival (I mean, the bands) here are $10 as I told you – you can send me like 2 more tapes of it (well protected) & I’ll send you one of mu comp. if you like it & can sell it then I can send you more. I still ave one of yours left so I can only take 2 more…

sorry about this..

okay keren, I wanted to make a longest letter but I just can’t find what to talk about so I’ll end it there hoping things are better for you… & go back to work

Take care, expect more news soon,




Dear Keren

I just came back from the Alpes (hope you got the card) & get your letter here.

Well, I’m sorry again about this great delay… since I know how it is sometimes, that’s too bad. I’m sorry too that things aren’t going that well. So, I thought I would write a letter before I’m going to the belgian fest. well it’s not that much but probably, in those moments I like to get some… oh well.

You know, you said that things were going well in my world, well right now maybe because I went to cool festival & stuff. but you know, just after this I felt a bit bored again… or disappointed that it was over already – & I’m sure I’ll be fore the V’n’V fest too… That’s just because I have no friend (well no real friend) I can go to when I feel down or lonely, I mean not a friend of my own, sure there’s cool people but, they’re busy too & I cannot go & see them just when I’d like to.

Well, it’s hard to explain because it’s kinda personal and stuff but I guess you know what I mean. so, about this collective, well we just created it before the holidays so we haven’t done anything serious now. I’m a bit afraid of what it will be. I mean, not being able of telling what I want to say or so… I’ll see.

You also told me about your social relationships, well it’s kinda the same with me. I don’t have many friends, a lot are my brother’s friends & now mine (so it’s not the same), the other people I know from school are not into HC & stuff so it’s kinda boring you know! & well… my Brother sometimes drives me crazy well you’re in touch with him so maybe you see what I’m talking about. I mean it’s hard to have a private life & so on.

Oh well, the other people are pen pals (like you) & well… you know about it all it’s cool to communicate but so difficult, a letter is only a few minutes long so… well you know. Like, I’d like to come & see you now to talk about all this stuff but it’s so far away!!

Moreover a few people write just short notes every 2 months or so which is cool but well… you never know if they get the stuff, if they’re moved or whatever like, I’ve told you, I’ve lost 4-5 of my favourite pen pals with whom I was writing regularly, & just like this they disappeared… 2 were going to move, one was travelling europe & two other I don’t know about… is there anything wrong? any bad stuff that happen, an accident or whatever did they quit? I guess I’ll never know about & that’s bad. it’s as if we just stopped writing to each other right now… what will going on? you never know about… pen pals sometimes feel so far…

so… that’s bad you’re not coming to the fest. That’s also why I’m writing now. I wanted to reach you as soon as I could as you seemed bored we’re living on Thursday (in.. 2 days) so I’ll tell you about all this as soon as I can after. I really hope we’ll meet soon, maybe in the states next year if you tour there for several months. I guess we could plan something…

I guess you’re not into shitty women’s stuff (well maybe too?!) you know it happens sometimes (well at least to me) so…

well what else could I talk about?? when you’re in those moods long letters are cool I guess… there’s so much things I could tell about I’ll find back just after… & the other things see,s to personal now

Anyway, don’t worry, you weren’t boring at all, it was interesting you know well in a personal way & even if it’s boring, if it has done good to you to speak it out then I’m happy.

so well… about something totally different… the tapes – enclosed are $10 (well may be in my next letter… (yes definitely!)) for the 3 (? is that right?) tapes you’ve sent me. You told me $2 each, I’ve sold them $2.50 so here it is you can send a few more ($2.50 left right?) & I’ll trade 2 more for my comp. tapes okay?? I cannot send those now as I’m soon leaving & have no time (& tapes) to make it…

okay. so, I’ll write soon I hope.

here are your stamps >< mine you know!

okay, so hope you feel better hey?!

be sure I’ll bring a few pictures for you as you’re not able to come over.

write soon if you feel like it…

take care


Maybe Oi Polloi in September… organized by us… also exams soon 😦


>Yann told me you were playing bass in Neikhi Naza (wrong maybe!) you wanted to play in a band hey? we;; that’s done. maybe you’ll sing too!!? No?