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13/09/96, ever get an anonymous letter???

okay, okay, you have several clues… the photos!!

this was a test 1.CHOKEHOLD 2.END IN SIGHT,

i’m typing this cos’ i have just finished my report on the hec fest i’m gonna photocopy it tomorrow & luckily it’ll be enclosed in this letter, feel free to reprint it, if you need a better quality to do it let me know…

okay i guess our letters will cross each other again as you’ll certainly write one during this time… hope you received the tape & hope you didn’t smash too much things while jumping everywhere (did you really do that??!), okay we’ve hired a car for the crusty fest in not even two days now (15/16/17) so yeah if everything’s fine i’ll be there , probably it’ll be finished when you’ll get this as you can see it it was mailed from Belgium… yeah i’ve typed it in advance…why? ‘cos i’ve been there already twice, this will be the third time and each time i wanted to write to a few people but Keren, time is flying too fast when you’re there…! so, it’s done before, sorry about this, hope you can understand, i hate this as much as you do!! anyway i’m sure you had doubt when i told you i took Mainstrike photos thinking ’bout you, if not when writing it when mailing it!!!

one more time i wish you would be there… be sure i’ll be there to make a few shots!

here’s the program: oi polloi, rawness, uutus, ex-1by1, undone, seein’ red?, ex-health hazard*, & many many more, hope it won’t be too violent, it should be funny though!

idoubt if i’ll see this girl here again…oh well!

please if you get it, let me know very honestly what you think of my report, maybe the few reactions i’ll get from it will make me want to do some more… so that’s about it, tale care


oh Keren this is the same story, don’t want to end but this time i must, i have NO idea of postage rates in bel. so i’ll keep it for sure under 20g so it’s okay!! yeah you think i feel better, well i must say this report kept me busy for a couple of days, looking at it i’m proud of its presentation but i guess i’ll be disap. with the way it’ll look after photocopy!! maybe it’ll be awful!! who knows…

16.09 oh oh oh… yeap it’s sunday evening 12.15 pm, 2 days i’ve been here, oi polloi just finished playing… punx pic Nic oi oi oi, Sacques Chirac fuck off! etc… so great!, DDI (italy) played there too, are one of my favourite bands… so cool on stage (i must say it: cyril has cold – they told me to) so, very funny & so – hey i met two israelian people from your collective (Aurelie, Orrlie, orlie, whatever & a guy [why, those must’ve been Orly and Kutner]) okay, Not a lot of place left. send you photos no if I can tale care & have fun too!



*I don’t think I knew who health hazard were. 10 months later I got to see ex-hh, aka suffer, in a life-changing encounter. more of this in future letters/ entries.