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Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. There’s no excuse, really, just my own apathy.

I’m Nick, the kid you met in Providence. I’ve been trying to go vegan so hard, but cheese is my Achilles Heel. I love quessedillas, cheese sticks and pizza. Mocha frappes are wonderful too… yum… Yeah, it’s a lame excuse.

My New Year’s sucked ass. My wretched shrew of a girlfriend broke up w/me the day after Xmas (silly Christian Holiday that most Americans celebrate). She took my virginity and ran away w/it. Evil person. She broke up w/me for no reason. Oh well, time to build a bridge and get over it.

“Give Me Back” is great for chilling out. I’m home from school today. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was this bourgouiese, reformist black leader. It’s 1 PM here, I wonder what time it is there. I’m listening to Slayer – “Reign in Blood”. Goode shit.

I once went to a show w/ some shitty skate-punk band. I kept heckling them. Later a good band played a song  called “skater punks suck.” The skaters started whining, so I yelled “Go home and listen to some No Use for a Name!” He came up to me and said “what’s the matter? Is No Use too hardcore for you, you fucking faggot?” Then he called me a “kike” and a “nigger-lover” and kicked my ass. Fun. I hate skate-punk losers.

Nekhei Naatza can stay at my house a little while if you’d like – a night or two, maybe more. Maybe my band can play a show w/yours. We’re called WARDIALER. We sing about phreaking/ hacking, and other shit. I can book y’all a show.

I totally remembered you and I was quite pleased to hear from you. I thought you were hella-rad when we met. I used to think about you periodically. Even now, I think of what you are doing, thousands of miles away. Well, must be going. I have a lit of mail to catch up on.


PS: This might be a dumb question, but is there lots of anti-Semitism in Israel?


I remember meeting Nick. It was in Fast Forward, a record store in downtown Providence, RI that is no longer exists. He was a geek looking teenager, 3, maybe 4 years younger than me, and he wore a Man is the Bastard t-shirt. It’s weird, the things one remembers. I remember that he said that I should write him and so I did. I don’t remember whether he gave me his address or told me to look for it in MRR.

At the time he wrote a column for MRR. I don’t remember his columns but I do remember that they weren’t too popular. Googling Nick Fitt (w/various other keywords for the sake of long-tailing) Brings this post by Felix Havoc and a couple of other links – old message boards, broken geocities links etc. It’s the mid-90’s we’re talking about and he has probably neglected this nickname quite a while back.

Anyway, judging by this letter, it must have been his young age that got him that column, because a great talent or wisdom aren’t reflected here. I think that he responded me. I saw No Use for a Name in L.A and hated them, became vegan when I returned to Israel and started building a network for Nekhei Naatza’s upcoming U.S tour. However, by late January I have already quit the band and confirmed my English lover that I’d be moving in with him in March. Not sure whether I wrote him or not; so far I haven’t found more letters from him in the bags.

Nic Fit, however, is one of my favourite DC punk songs. Couldn’t find a proper recording on Youtube, so I’ll leave it to you to search.


Hi Kerem,

or is it Keren? What’s up? I got your address from an issue of S & L awhile back, as you might guess. Well, as I didn’t know when you would (or will) get back from the U.S., I wasn’t in too much of a hurry any way. How was it by the way? I was really amazed that there’s sxe – people in Israel so I thought it would be quite interesting to write to you!

Damn, I’m stupid. Living drug-free doesn’t necessarily bring about a good long term memory. I think you wrote something in Monkey #1 or #2? I can’t find it right now, so I can’t look it up. The problem w/”first letters” is I can never think of anything to ask or something reasonably intelligent to write/ say. As I don’t want to get too serious or political right away, I’ll start w/something “original” Is there scene in Israel or you “Alone in a Crowd”? If my drug-free memory hasn’t left me altogether, what you wrote was on the army, well, Finland, where I was from and where citizen I still am, has “forced” armed service too, for ♂ that is. It’s considered to be the thing for a young man to go through. 90% go ‘n’ serve, 5% get sorted out for psychological or physical reasons and 5% do civil service. Of those, 60% were in the army for a while. I went, for curious reasons, and quit after 6 months. During that period a couple of people actually went crazy, lost it, whatever you wanna call it. They even get people who are only half-finnish like one guy from South Africa and one from Hong Kong! Can you believe that? Well, what did or will you do?

Last but not least, some “very” informing and disclosing facts about me. I’m 21, ♂, XXX, into various forms of drawing, live in a village near “sxe scenelon [?] “Munich, ovo-lacto-vegetarian and I’ll stop cause listing facts doesn’t say much anyway, and I’m dead tired thanks for a munch of mosquitoes in my room. I hope you’ll write back, x brother/ sisterhood x.

Take Care,

Jani X

Playlist: turning Point, Despair (who are great live), Unbroken, XRectifyX, Chokehold, Threadbone 7″, Constraint – damn, Enrage – “advance tape”, Resist and some weird stull like South American Union songs and English Rebel Songs…

Cool books: Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks, A Graphic Guide to Anarchy…

Cool films: China Swordsman II, Tai Chi, Once Upon a Time in China


When Jani sent me the letter I was in Minneapolis, waiting for my grandmother to pass away on the other side of the world. I don’t remember whether I wrote him back or not, I believe I did.


My name is Andrew B, I’m 16, people think I’m a mix between punk, a hippie and satan. I’m into peace, heavily into occult science like Quabalah, Taoism and everything else. I’m a poet, artist, i use drugs occasionally but that’s because it’s too expensive in winter.

What’s Israel like? The media made everything in Gaza & the heightsnot hit the news because of the peace treaty they signed. Some people have never heard of Yitzsak Rabin much less that he was killed. How do you feel about politics? What’s really going on in Israel?

What’re you into? What books have you read? I read mostly about the occult, revolution, reality, morality, and like subjects. I also am forming a group called the “school of life” and by summer we’ll have connections with everyone in our area (northern Ohio, same size as your country) so you could meet anyone in ohio you want. School of life is a group of deviants from about 10+21 in age and we mostly talk about anything to be discussed, we also will have orgies and hope someday imalgamate into a community in a central location. There’s already a school of life type thing of shooting in other areas but have haven’t yet got in contact with them. We’d love for you to hang, stay, live, or crash in Sandusky for a while. Jeremy  J. should write to you, and you can crash at both our houses, because he lives near me and we hang around, we know each other well.

That’s all I can write. Write back, send a picture to.


In 1996 I traveled in the US and Canada for 4.5 months (the .5 was VERY important, you know…) Prior to leaving I posted an ad in the legendary Slug ‘n’ Lettuce zine. I must have the issue somewhere and if I find it I’ll scan the ad, but anyway, it said something in the lines of “18 y/o anarchist straight edge girl from Israel is looking for places to crash and people to hang out with in North America”. By the time I started planning my trip I already had a basic network but needed to further expend it. A good number of responses landed in the mailbox following the publications. Generous, curious, inviting. I met and stayed with a few people, others I regretfully missed. Some letters were too hideous to reply to but were worth keeping. Like 16 y/o Satan’s, who invited me to orgies in Ohio. Ohio wasn’t even in my very flexible itinerary. Yup, I chose to skip More Than Music festival in Columbus.

I believe I never replied this letter.