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From Sencer, Istanbul, Turkey Jan 15 1994

Posted: August 1, 2010 in 1994, Asia, Punk

Hello there!

Thanx for your nice letter & interests & sorry for the delay.

Here’s some flyers for you as an information…

That’s all for now.

Write back soon!

Take care,




To honor the renewal of the TLV-Antalya charter line after a much troubled summer that caused Israelis to write passionate talkbacks and spend mucho Euros on packaged deals to Greece, here’s a very short and impersonal letter from a Turkish punk-HC zine called Punx Fest. This is probably yet another result of the Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life/ Chain Letter thingy. I recall a classified ad of an all-girl Turkish band called The Spinners that some friends and I were obsessed about but we never had the chance to listen to them.

Short, impersonal and probably without continuation.

Off topic: before my present job I worked as a content editor and did freelance travel writing as well. As part of my job I browsed dozens of Turkish holiday resort websites. The English content in those websites is horrendous. Take Delphin Palace’s website, for example:

With a harmonious ambience Delphin Palace will provide you an excellent vacation and it consist of 8 floors, 2 king suite, 489 standart, 38 family, 6 handicaapped and 24 exclusive rooms, to improve your dreams.

Yes, to improve your dreams. And that’s just one random example. Anyway, judging from that brief letter, Sencer can make a decent career copy-editing those Google Translate texts.

Now back to punk.