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08-09 yeah, big liar, it was 5.09 (oops) so now it’s 6.09


Are you sure you’re well-known enough for the post-office to send back the letter c/o keren – ISRAEL??

hum?? oh sure you are, you and the Eurovision stuff!

(just kidding, you know, try & make […]… did you smile? or are you mad at me?) please no bomb, no bomb,,,

well keren, we write to often to each other lately we’ve got to stop, my parents are getting curious… & I’ve got nothing new to say (that’s it) No, that’s totally great! go on, go on!! this is awesome 1 letter a week isn’t it? first point-

2nd point, it seems like we like (like-like, yeah!) to write early in the morning hey?? , it’s 12.15 (pm, or 0.15 am)… isn’t that strange?? Do you get inspiration at those times?? (it might be the moon then? influencing us, yeah, good mood, are you in a good mood too) (say this when catching a cold) oh anyway –

I’ve finished my exams today (all this morning, well, last morning, I mean, it’s 0.15!! eh eh…) & I’m doing all my mail (late, late, late, except with you…) you’re sure the last person I’ll write to today – well I mean this early morning, sure I’ll write others today!! (9-6-09 in fact!)

what did I want to say?! come on help me keren –

so… in a few days I should be going to the crust festival in Belgium… I’m on holidays again (after this last awful morning of exams) for about 3 weeks or so. Did the festival helped me & improved my mood??? hum no, absolutely not it’s done nothing to me (liar, read top page again) Okay, okay… maybe a bit, I met those cool people from siren & this pen pal from belgium (you know the girl) – mainly these 3 persons cheer me up. Bands too… well as some were violent it ruined a bit all this but anyway – Mainstrike, Chokehold… were great –

I’m glad you feel better, so you work hard on music hey… when will you be on tour in Europe?? so met some new friend too (Itay) – too bad for Ira (it’s the fault of the Germans – since 2nd world war they’re champions into brain-washing) <- things you could heard from a local Nationalist well apart from all those letters & records I’ve got to deal with life pretty sucks too (come on keren, let’s suicide together!) <- stuff you’d heard from a 15 y.o Nirvana fan (ex-of course)… well, I can’t wait the day when we’ll start rehearsing again… I guess I need it a bit-

So generation x is out or not? let me know I’ll take you a few. Maybe we could trade for Sanjam or better: I love you fanzine done by a sxe pen pals from Sweden. cool artworks – well I’ll give you some info if you want. Okay let’s end this page saying goodnight keren: ‘good night keren’


end of page 1: 0.45 – 1st eye opened: 10.00 AM. 1st fight with my consciosness ‘pierre get up’ ‘No don’t want to’ ‘you have to write to keren’ ‘I’ll do it in my bed’ ‘come on get up’ ‘leave me alone’ ‘pierre…’ ‘GRRRR…’ ‘okay…’ hum, I’m sorry about all this, you are so serious, I mean go on, I really like what you say, telling me what happened and what’s on your mind – that’s cool. I just have nothing serious to say now for nothing happened… so I try to make jokes –

let’s see what happened in the last few days?? I stayed home, working my Grammar & stuff I met nothing for a very long time (1 month, or so, ok except the V’N’V), listened to music & write letters (yesterday), went to RENNES to pass my exams, we bought some soya stuff & now we’re going to pick up some blackberries to make jams. great hey??

…I wn I won!! Just came back from the berries: Yann 1 kg 530 pierre 1 kg 800 hey hey… Anyway, thanx for the idea about my ‘lost pen pals’, I thought about it but  don’t know.  I guess if something wrong happened, they would have opened the letter or… well some of them didn’t live with the parents anymore so… I’ve sent an ad to S&Lettuce… I’ll see.

I prefer Rawness too. Yann was abit diappointed with the review he got in MRR &HaC… he printed 1100 cd’s, sold around 700 but a lot are distros unpaid (sort of consignment) so… it costed him around 16,000-17,000FF but with all the other expenses & stuff about 20,000F 21,000 (a cd cost him 21-23F a piece. I don’t remember) so that’s about 3’700$ or so –

About the tapes… let’s say 3 more tapes – hope you did get the $, so it makes one paid one in trade of the comp tape (I’ll try & send it along with this) so I owe you $2.50  right?? if your zine’s out can you send 5 of it (usually I take a couple but well!) oh is it in English??if not I’m afraid I can’t take it…

Well that’s all for now I guess…

Take care, write soon,



Hi I Rubisel and I hope to understand my english.

“Sin Dios” (witout god) is my fanzin, I play in a band it’s “Desobediencia Civil” or civil disobedience, we are anarcho-punx, vegetarians and some vegans, I have some ep”7 if you want exchange, for other material as “photos on actions, squats, concerts, mitings, revolt, this is because I like very much the movements of others places, others fights, others culturs, I can send you photos from mexico to exchange, in my city have some punks, collectives, actions, mitings, concerts, journeys punks, the police is very bastards, the repression is hard, and the young pepple die por the police, the popular groups (workers, farmers, indigenous) are to persecute the leaders and are disappear for the police secret or “guardias blancas” all here is very much expensive and the poors to have which to rob for survival.

Well already not to you bore, I hope to you want exchange some photos and other stuffs.

Health and freedom to all.

Fight back!

I like very much the tape “Parverotti”. well done.


We definitely traded photos and music, but the photos were gone when I had to cut my collection before the old drawer would collapse under the weight.

Hello Keren,

how are you doing? Can you remember me? You wrote me as a reply of a chain letter back in November ’93/ Beside the other mail you were the only one writing from Israel. I was gladly surprised, I never expected mail from there. How can this be? I would like to thank you for the cassette of Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza, I can tell you this tape is in good hand at me, because I love HC/Punk from the various countries.

Meanwhiel I got a 7″ record of Nekhei Naatza. It’s released in US. Can you tell me if this is the only Israeli Punk record? And what was the first tape? Do you kno when the first (real) Punk band played in your country?

If you got sometapes and/or sometime I would be interested in getting some moremusic. I have a small tape list (to record) but more some records which I can consider for trade or record from.

I trade records for a couple of years with many people. If you are interested too, or if you know some friends who are interested you can tell them if you want.

Best Wishes.

P.S.: Please return my stamps. Thank you.


now this is what got me corresponding in the first place: when I just got into punk Federico handed me a chain letter. I had to cross the name on the top of the list, add my name to the bottom, send something punk to the crossed address and send copies of the letter to 10 people, hoping they do the same and eventually I’ll get stuff. On my brother’s Bar Mitzva trip in summer 1993 I bought a copy of Maximum Rock’n’roll and another copy of what I thought as MRR with chromo cover. The latter turned out to be the second edition of Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life.  I had addresses, wrote to people, some even wrote me back and the result can be found here and in the lousy grades I got in high school (because when I wasn’t shopping for records or hitchhiking around the country I sat in class and wrote letters).

Of course I sent Nekehi Na’atza/ Public Domain’s split; what else there was to share?

When did I get Horst’s reply?!?!? No date on the letter and the cancellation stamp is faded. He added a trade-list dated 9/96, so let’s say I got it in 1996. There is an e-mail address in his contact details. What a novelty!

I think I didn’t write back. The stamps are still attached to the envelope, but I wrote on the envelope “to reply in late 1999″/