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Dear Keren.

hey hey thanx for the nice letter. It was cool to hear from you again.

So you seemed to have some trouble with post office… strange stuff happened. (>they crossed your stamps with a pen so not sure you can re-use them)

Also I’m very sorry but I didn’t received any tape from you (except I get it the last 3 days while I was at my apartment…)

Anyway it’s too sad and I’m gonna make you a tape with some European stuff I just get + stuff from the festival…

Oh yeah also my Brother didn’t get any news from this man you know & he’s still waiting… could you check it out?

So everything seems to be nice for you… well here too! You’ve got some Revelation’s CD’s (which are great > I know/ have them!) I received some cool stuff like Remain CD (SXE band), Lifetime CD, 24 ideas shirt + some 7″ + waiting for more (propagandhi 10″‘ Naked Agg. CD… etc)

Your idea of Association seems really cool, that’s a good thing. I’m sure that’s exactly what the scene needs (collective, Asso, etc… support!)

As you I’m also gonna put out some compilation tapes…

Well here we finally won’t have a Shelter show so I hope your will be perfect! Let me know if you’re starting a distro ‘cos I could get you some cheap stuff (zines, 7″s, tapes, some cd’s…) lots of SXE in your collective… cool. About your trip to Poland, my friend still didn’t write so I’m gonna ask him some contacts/ addresses + if there’ll be shows or ‘Records Market’ and tell you then. Yeah I know the band ‘Terminus’ > HC “melodic” right? & no I don’t have any tattoo.

I started university this week (well really started) it is kinda cool right now- I’m gonna learn lots of things!

We had here in RENNES some HC shows which is unbelieviable! We had a BONESAW & BLACK TRAIN JACK show & last week a NRA show. BONESAW sounded really cool HC-SXE, slow, heavy, powerful but melodic & BTJ sounded like fugazi, cool, melodic with 2 members from Token entry (well ex-memb.) SXE Band. Only the atmosphere was bad ’cause if 2-3 punks macho& violent, they were trying to make everybody ‘dance’ by pushing & running all around but it just didn’t work!

After we had this NRA show (HC melodic, from holland) it was really cool, nice people, funny speech but quite nobody understood ’cause they were playing at the last minute in another place with a R’N’R french Band, so it was a R’N’R public… bad atmosphere again. They were only there for the R’N’R Band we were 3 for NRA me + A friend + my Brother! So as you can see it we still have a lot of work to do in our ‘scene’ & to change some people minds too… I just don’t know if it’ll be possible… Anyway

I have to go now… have to cook and work…

hope to hear from you very soon.

I’ll try to write + send the tape soon.

So take care ’til then.


> pls stamp Back as always – send flyers if you want. Also thanx for the sticker!



>scalp stuff are mostly all in french… is it okay??

Dear Keren

Pierre here-

I received your letter a few days ago… it was really cool to hear from you again. Just a strange thing… your letter was dated 7-8-94 and I received it only now…

Perhaps the P.O messed up – Anyway I wouldn’t have been able to answer before now – I was always out.

Another thing that I don’t like at all is that I didn’t received your other letter/ tape… so I hope the p.o. didn’t steal it or it didn’t get lost.

If I receive it I’ll let you know. (don’t worry – I’ll send you a tape all the same when I be able to… my tape deck just Broke up… I hope I could buy a new one very quickly…)

Yes, YANN is my Brother (the older one). the message was transmitted!

Don’t worry about your “small” knowledge about the french scene… you seem to know much more than me about Israelian(?) scene

My holidays were really cool but also busy & tiring… always out & on the road – The Belgian festival was REALLY great… yes I saw Feeding the fire, it wasn’t my favourite band (sorry) but they were not that bad.

There was also Backdraft (with members from F.T.F) & a bunch of European Bands + 1 US Band (ICONOCLAST) > 17 bands playing there… Blindfold, Shortsight, REFUDES were my favourite (All SXE Bands) I’ll record stuff for you if you want. They were all really nice. We also met a lot of friends/ pen-pals/ cool people there & just made new friends (were were 10 from RENNES) – There was also Kosterd, ACME, Fabric, CONGRESS, SPAWN…

I have picture of F.T.F but it’s not developed now… hope it’ll be good. This band REFUSED played a song from MANLIFTINGBANNER. it sounds exactly the same – really great (with F.T.F singer!!)

I Agree with you Bands like seeinw red, MLB, are cool SE Band. Also Chokehold (sounds different but really cool loud/slow SXE & Political) if you don’t know them, I have some cool stuff (CD’s…) & Nations on Fire (from Belgium) they stopped in 94 (January) it was really cool SXE (Political, Positive, Powerful!) and they’re my friends.

I know that GERMAN labels have very good stuff (like x-mist, Lost&Found, We Bite) But they’re very expensive one’s… Too bad you didn’t get your stuff… you should write again & if you order anything there send registered letter only… We already had trouble with p.o… they stole our money!

So you go to Poland this year… I hope the dates will be okay ’cause I think it’s in KRAKOV, once a month there’s a big market organized by lots of distributors and you can find lots of cheap stuff (@, PK, HC, SXE…) I also have a friend there (he was with us at the festival!) he lives near KRAKOV I’ll write to him & ask him for more info about the market + other addresses of stores, people… and send them to you then… okay?

I’m starting in October my first year in the “English Section” at university so I now have my apartment in RENNES along with YANN (our house is near Rennes in the country side). I’ll give you my address then. The one you have is my permanent address (don’t worry) so I’ll also be travelling in US-England… one of these years (1-2). It’ll mostly depends on my financial situation…

I already have to buy a new tape deck + other Hi-Fi/ Stereo Equipments… Shit!

Okay I’ll finish my film with some picture of me so I’ll be able to send you some & get the last pictures of the festival (with F.T.F).

Okay I’m off.

Here’s your stamp (hey you didn’t put glue on it?) please send mine back.

Here are some “scalp” stuff. try to get more next time.

Take care,

Write back soon,


– peace – equality – fuck the army! (not really straight, I know)

Les Hautes Alpes Pittoresques... La Chapelle St Michelle

Hello Keren,

Pierre here.

School is over now & I finished all my exams well so I’m very happy

Okay so you seem to know a lot about what’s up in France (more than I know about Israël = nothing…)

I don’t remember what I’ve told you last time but if you want I can send you some stickers from SCALP zines, music, flyers… I guess you want zines in English? (it’s gonna be a little choice then, but there is some cool one)

Also contacts of organization….

Since I’ve written things have change here… scene is moving a bit more… we had a Down By Law show + French Band, a NOFX + USA show + other french Bands shows + in September perhaps other cool shows SXE-HC from USA… I hope so & hope it’ll go on that way… as for your scene ‘cos I know how it can sometimes be boring when you don’t have scene or stuff like that…

I’ve probably already told you about this but I was surprised when you told me you had to go to the Army…

Here in France girls don’t have to (they’re lucky even if it shows we more time the ideology of all those stupid Bastards it means that they’re just machos & that they think it’s not for women…) so I’ll have to do another thing to do insted or just be “reformed” (??)… I just knew that in Israël there were more girl women to do military service But I ignored you have to do it…

Next year (in October, so I have a few more months of holidays…) I’ll be studying English at University as I get my exams… and then perhaps travel next summer through USA… if you go there or if you come to France let me know… perhaps we could work something to meet each others…

I’m also going to Belgium in August to the 3 days festival (HC-SXE!!!!) along with my brother + friends + perhaps a correspondents of mine from Poland…

It should be really cool… I’ll tell you more then + picture if I can-

Well I’m gonna quit now as wind is growing I’m gonna windsurf (it’s holidays!)

> let me know when your tape is ready sure I could distro some

> I’ll send you my new catalogue when it is out!

Well, take care –

I hope to hear from you soon…

> pls send stamps Back… +Picture(s)??

From now to 10 of August you can write me at

[Vacance address]

(not after ‘cos I’ll leaving and mail will be ost or returned…)

Bye – Pierre




Hello Keren!

Pierre here,

I received your letter today, it was really cool, thanx for writing.

Don’t worry. When I write for the first time to someone it’s also always Banalic…

So, let’s begin with more things about myself…

As you already know it I’m a 20 years old boy (since april), against racism, sexism, homophobia, vivisection… and also Atheist.

I’m listening to HC/ punk/ SXE for 5-6 years now, bands as: GB, Nations on fire, screeching weasel, Oi Polloi, M.Threat, op.ivy, Citizen Fish, conflict, spitboy,…. and much more (with no particular order!)

I’m still going at high school, this maybe my last year,… I have exams in 1 week! after I think, well I’m sure, I’m gonna learn English at University. I’m living near Rennes (in Brittany) it’s a town without a real punk/HC scene (even if it’s coming) so it’s sometimes Boring.

about your letter now: so you know Ludwig von 88….  see I’ve grown up with this before I was listening to HC/SXE, so I cannot say I don’t like them even if I’m not listening to them anymore. If you’re interested I can record some of the French Band I was listening before (mostly punk-rock)…

About french stuff sure I could get you some music, flyers…

Also zine but they’re mostly in…. French…

Hey, apparently things are moving where you live…

about the record stores it’s the same thing here… there’s no alternative stores so records are quite expansive and it’s often cheaper to by them in other countries or in distro in france…

Yes, I’m starting a small non profit distro (tapes/ 7″/ flyers/ zines, punk/ HC/ SXE) and I’ll be more than happy to distribute your comp.tape when it’ll be done!

(sorry but I have really no contact with EMI or sony…)

I guess you won’t find La Chapelle Thouarault on your map… it’s alittle village, 15 km away from Rennes (you can find this one) wich is 400 km from PARIS.

No I’m not a squatter and I have never been one. I just know some.Okay, I’m sorry about this so short and boring letter but as I’ve told you I’ve exams next week and have a lot of work to do, so this was mostky a small letter to let you know I receive yours and that I’m interested in corresponding with you.

hope you can read/ understand me easily…

if you’re interested in trading recording tapes let me know (send a list…)

have to go now, take care. hope to hear from you very soon.


> pls send stamp back and do the same

> send picture??

> see address on flyer or in MRR is better… it’s typed!

> I’ll send you more stuff next time (list, flyers…)

Hi Keren,

thanks for the tape! Actually, I nearly bought the Crucifix LP Reissue, due to lack of money I didn’t, now I don’t have to. Well, I like Amebix (!!) and Crucifix(!) best, but I’ll spare you the details of why I like what.

I’m at home now, just came back from the University, thought I’m going back there in about two hours. We wrote a multiple-choice test on sociology today which was kind of, well, hard, in a stupid way, the wording was really “vague”. Last Monday we had a sociology socio-psychology test, and next Monday the shittiest one, statistics.

On Saturday, there’s the supposedly biggest neo-nazi/ fascist protest in Germany “democratic” Germany ever, against the crimes commit an exhibition on the crimes commited by the regular army on innocent civilians, participation in the killing of Jews, leftists, partisans etc. Of course I’ll go to the counter-demonstration, I guess it’ll be in the news in Israel, too, so…

Anyway, I haven’t seen the exhibition yet, the atmosphere is very heated, and of course it had to be Munich, once called “Haupstadt der Bewegung” “capital of the movement”, by the nazis.

The different demonstrations have been hunting each other, or the anti-fascists the nazis to be more precise. I guess they’ll clash somewhere, or, which is more likely, the cops will protect the rightwing-demo, cause it’s totally legal, of course, and everyone disturbing or blocking it will be “disturbing the peace”.

Well, now to something completely different, besides that I guess this letter won’t be that long cause it’s more to keep in touch, on top of it I’m tired and in a hurry cause I “want” to do some shit for statistics too.

At the beginning of my university life I met a girl I got along with very well for a short while, opposites attract, but we didn’t find any common ground, except a few negative characteristics. As she won’t talk face to face about her emotions at all, we and I didn’t care anymore, we started to go out of each other’s way mostly, and after a few days she started to do her best to ignore me. Very immature, I think. Anyway, in her way of thinking women can’t drive (except her), girls who have sex w/lots of men are bitches, etc… You can figure out for herself what she expected of a man. The guy she was together with the longest was a cop who called everything he didn’t like gay or queer, “cool”. “Surprising” that that story didn’t work out, though she thinks she’s “alternative”.

Couple of days ago I met an (ex?) punk girl who is with me in sociology. I had noticed her earlier, but we never really talked with each other. So we met at a show, which was kinda inevitable in the long run. She’s been to the Chaos Days 95 and 96, been to various squats, she’ll be 1-2 months on holiday in Berlin in a squat or a “wagon center”, I don’t know what the right term for those is in english.

Taking into account that we’ve only known for two weeks or so, we get along quite well. Her friends, at least those I’ve met, are, well, I don’t think they “qualify” as fashion punks, but they are very styled, bondage trousers, one guy had a bowler had (a “melon” in german) worth 300 DM(!) on, so…

Anyway, as you might guess, she gets fucked up (drunk) on most weekends, like at the Lurkers show last saturday, which is kind a boring for me. The usual problem. Actually, I played with the thought of drinking something, then I didn’t cause I thought I’d just do it to fit into their group or be liked by her. which isn’t a very good reason.

Might be that the main reason why I don’t drink is that I had the wrong attitude towards it, instead of enjoying it, I only wanted to get flat out drunk. We’ll see if I ever change my attitude.

I’m just listening to “Blind Destruction” by Crucifix, which reminds me of the fact that it’s kinda pathetic on what grounds the punk and hc scenes, in all their various branches, can’t stand each other. It’s about style and fashion to such degree, though the majority of the various scenes probably don’t have a clue about the others.

The girl I mentioned, she listens, among others, to Braindance, One Way System, Oxymoron, etc…, lots of stuff among it I’ve never heard about. On the other hand, none of her friends neither she nor most of her friends would know Amebix, Crucifix, Disaffect, etc.

Next month there’s an Oi-show, there’s a group of fascist “skinheads” who have announced that they’ll come, you can guess what happens. Well, though the music might be good, I don’t care ’bout Oi! shows that much, because even the attitude of most “inpolitical” skinheads ain’t isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

My zine is on the freezer, cause I have to rewrite some stuff, especially something on religion, cause I gained some insights into it through two different courses on religion by two different “sociologists”.

Allright, I want to read for an hour before going back to the University, I hope to hear from you after you’ve arrived in Bradford, when you can find the time to answer. I guess it’s the Flat Earth/ 1-in-12 club Bradford, probably better to livethere w/your friend than in H-H. So, try and be a public nuisance, or maybe not,

Take Care

Jani X.

Playlist: Scatha/ “The Tape” (yours), “The other tape” w/one way system, etc./ Turning Point/ Uniform Choice/ NFAA/ Ebola

Reading list: The Last of the hippies…/ The Free/

but mostly I’ve had to study.

“The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”, so my father bought a scanner, which maybe I’ll send you one two nice photographs, today I’m too stressed out.


Living with the boyfriend anywhere not in Bradford was out of question. There was his dole office over there and the council flat he had got  just before my arrival. Plus, Israel would’ve been too sunny for him. It would’ve eased his general glum.

I wanted to live in Bradford. Knew fuck all about that miserable place before arriving there – got into the brilliant music that emerged from the smog and curry smells when I was there.

Jani’s first letter is here

Hello Keren,

How are you? Fine I hope. Thanx a lot for your letter, I was very happy to hear from you. I thought as much that you wouldn’t write me back before your departure.

Yeah, I know what you want to say about pop PUNK bands. I’m totally agree with you, a lot of pop PUNK bands have fuckin’ commercial attitude and have nothing to do with PUNK. As you can see I sent you a tape with some french CRUST GRIND NOISE bands. Hope you’ll like it. I’d like to have in exchange a tape with some songs of PUBLIC DOMAIN (their “7 for example), MEFAGERET, ETHOS and some other good israeli bands. (if you can of course!). Oh, MADAMSKI QUI FAIT DU SKI is the nickname that the daughter of PABLO (RESISTANCE production, Switzerland) give it to me. In french it’s funny but it have no sense in english.

I saw DROPDEAD on stage on the 22th of November…. ARRRGH! It was fuckin’ EXCELLENT!!!

Thanx a lot but I’m not looking for something in particular. Oh if you want to listen more french bands no problem. I have the split LP ENOLA GAY/ COCHE BOMBA, the split EP ENOLA GAY/ VIVISECTION, the demo tape of ÖPSTAND…

Do you know SHAY NASSI [here comes an address, a northern town]? I saw his address in a french zine.

OK, I think that’s all. Sorry for the short letter but I have a lot of work at the moment and I prefer send you the tape now.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.




Apparently this correspondence wasn’t as short as I had initially thought when I started this blog; it lasted after my return from the US, judging from Adam’s response to stuff I had probably wrote about the new pop-punk apprehension and the enthusiasm from grind and crust in general and Dropdead in particular (this band will be mentioned in the future; once I find the relevant letters). The envelope is missing so from filling-in the gaps our correspondence lasted until my departure to England; when I returned to Israel a year later my mailing-rate drastically dropped and then came email. I hope I fulfilled my part of the trade.

Hello Keren

My name is Eliana from Switzerland. Through Resistance Productions i came to a copy of the Paverotti – compilation. So here I write you. I would like to order a few more copies, money included, just send me as many copies as possible for the amount of money included. It’s great fun that I got hold of your compilation since it’s very rare to get such stuff from Israel. I was interestet into it since my mother is Israel as well. I myself work at a ganon in Zürich, wich actually is a bit strange because of that thing religion since I don’t give a fuck about religion. I earn a good wage and most of all I like to work with children. Beside of this it’s good to relearn Ivrit again (when I was a child I was used to it but most of it I forgot since I wasn’t much interestet neither because I was forced o go to israhell, i don’t like the political situation over there at all) at the ganon We have some israeli children who came from the kibbutzims.

Do you write german or french? I hardly can write english… I needed a translator to write this letter (we have a small distribution service selling/ trading zine’s, records, tapes, buttons, patches) and this person writes english very well. We play also in a band in Zürich (“An naon du” is bretonian – old french celtic language which means “the dark hunger”). We have amongst other social-political and funny songs one Womens-rights-song sung in Ivrit “Nashim Bubot”. That song deals about females who have in their childhood been “introduced” to play with dolls/ puppets wich teaches them to accept their role as a woman.

Once we should have a demo-tape, I shall send you some recordings… In about 10 days we make a small germany-tour with two other german bands, if possible we should record a few songs live.

Alright, I think thats all for now, please write back soon

much love,

ps – greetings from the translator, the tape is great!!!!



Eliana was so eager to write and order the tapes that she did not let the language barrier to stand in between us and found an intermediate who translated her words into the Universal Language of Punk. That’s pretty amazing.

For some reason Parverotti was very popular in the Land of Swatch, dada and triangular chocolate bars (and The Young Gods!). It got a raving review in a local zine which I hope I’ll find. Well, these are the people who put out Bullshit Detector Vol. 4, so it isn’t THAT surprising.

Oh, an a glossary:

Ivrit – Hebrew

Ganon – Kindergarten/ Preschool

Nashim Bubot – Doll Women. Natürlich, the title reminds me of Vaadat Kishut’s Hardcore Puppet: