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Dear Keren,

Here’s Tamás from Chaos Int. zine, Hungary.

Well, I’ve always been interested in Israel and now I’m happy to find your address. I’ve found your opinion very interesting. You don’t feel like a jew? Then what nationality are you? What is life like there? We hear a lot about the Israel – Palestina conflict. What do you think of this? How does it influence your daily-life?

Some years ago my father visited your country and he brought a lot of postcards, photos. I think that your country and culture is very interesting. Please tell me something about it!

And how’s the scene? How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture?

Well, you can see that I’ve got a lot of questions. I hope you will answer them & my letter. Please write soon.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t you know anyone that could sell some copies of my zine?


Seriously, there’s no symbolic value here. This letter has been waiting on my desktop since the beginning of September, patiently waiting to be transcribed. It’s coincidence that I found this empty slot of homework procrastination  in Yom Kippur eve. Gonna get dressed soon and walk. Hopefully we’ll make it to Jaffa, hopefully our Arab neighbours won’t disappoint us and keep Pizza Roma open for us.

As a postcard collector I find it odd that Tamás was impressed by postcards from Israel. The souvenir industry here has always been weak compared to other countries and postcards were kinky at best and badly photographed and printed in most cases. I assume that his father visited in the 80’s-90’s, the Dark Ages of Postcard Production. Even the Jubilee 2000 series that’s still circulating around Tiberias and Nazareth are better than the ones Tamás’ dad must have picked.

To answer the question How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture, click here

I think it’s the only time I received any mail from Hungary. Never found any contacts there although I do remember looking for it.  I can’t tell where he found my address.



Mihajlo from Smederevo here. THANX a lot for youre cool letter and informations!!! How things are going on at youre side? How are you?

I am practice a lot these days (10-12 hours a day) cuz the day of the contest is near! Besides these time I write some stuffs for zines, write letters + all the finishing jobs for the tape (comp.). We have done cover + masters (2) + flyers. Now we have to do the copies. Firs seria will be around 100-200 pieces, maybe more!!! How youre zines work on??? I will write you some articles, but really not now, I cannot afford it I really dont have enough time for lots of stuffs…. I think you know \how it is?!? “Now” when we finish comp. tape I’ll have more time and than Ill write you a good article about our situation but of my point of watching. I’ll give you more info about comp tape! It contains 15 bands from 10 countries. It last for 60 min 19 songs. Bands are: Burning Hands (French/ Melodic HC), Stand Point (Jugoslavija/ Metal-HC), Crivits (Holland/ SXE European legends/ HC), Respect (SXE/HC – Poland), Heatfarm (some rock-funny stuffs Denmark), Stone walkk (Jugoslavija/ SXE/HC), The Neighbors (USA/ PUNKS), Non Plus Ultra  (Jugoslavija/ punk), Hard Resistance (Belgium/ NY/HC), Permanent Scar/ Point of View (Italia/ Melodic HC/Punk/ Rock stuffs), Near Death Experience (France/ Industrial + some crazy parts. COOL!!!) President Fetch (Denmark/ Hard rock/ HC), Only Attitude Counts (Austria/ SXE HC/ stuffs) Ill send you flyers next time. If its possible to do some distribution works in Izrael, let me know ok?

I think the price will be about 7-8 DM (5 US $ post paid) but we (me and my friend) should deal!!! For distro – let me know what do you have from SXE/HC stuffs??? I am interested what sound do you prefer??? I mean old school, new school, metal, emo, melodic…. or WHAT???

We don’t have good conditions and we can not afford new stuffs. Sometimes we get stuffs even 1-2 year later (HA, HA, HA. Maybe its not so funny, but SAD?!!!) How is situation at youre country/ town???

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have finished my school once and for all. I have 17 years and I” drive sk8 while I dont get some jobs. I mean, when I find job, Ill drive sk8 but less for shure, cuz…

OK. Keren thats all for now. Ill write you more next time! See you around

(HA, HA, HA)




Another letter from Mihajlo. Don’t think we traded those comp tape.

dir yassin
Found in one of the bags, circa 1998.

Info about the band in this old Angelfire website.

Dir Yassin’s music in Giora’s blog

Deir Yassin Remembered

I found this Israeli HC scene report, from April 2010, written by a kid from Rehovot, in South-central Israel. I noticed the comments, indicating which present and past bands the kid forgot to cover. I think that it’s pretty cool that bands are forgotten, or unmentioned or even unknown by someone who claims to be into the local scene for 3-4 years. “Back in the days” a column and a half in MRR would be enough to mention all punk bands past and present and there would even be enough room to mention a metal or a noise band as well.

Hi Keren!

How are you?

It was great to hear from you.

I make copies and send the chain letter to my friends.

Tell you something about Lithuanian punk/ HC-scene.

There are many good bands in Lithuania. All they excist in real underground. I’m a manager of a few Vilnius punk-bands. There are ERKĖ MAIŠE, SCAT, PILK, C.Q.A, HOMO GEBBELSUS, SMALKES.

All these bands played in our punk-club but now punk club is not excist.

I made the compilation tape of our punk/HC-bands “VILNIUS UNDERGROUND-93” If you are interested I can send this tape to you.

I’m really interested in your punk/HC-scene. Can you tell me more about your bands, clubs, gigs, alternative labels etc.? If you can send me your records from Israel bands I have heard “Salem” only and OFRA HAZA/ joke//

Is it difficult for your bands to make records, gigs in Israel?

To make gigs is a biggest problem in Lithuania. To make records is problem too because it is very expansive. This summer I’m plan to make a big punk/HC-festival in Vilnius. The bands from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Czech will come to the festival.

I’m plan this action on June.

It would be great!

And now bye!

Write more!

Keep in touch!



While typing this letter I was thinking about how obscure our scene was and the similarities between the Israeli and the Lithuanian scenes back then, but towards the end I just wished I could attend that festival Oleg had organized.


…I don’t know do you remember me; my name is Vedran, and you wrote me long time ago. I can’t say how sorry I am, but I couldn’t write you sooner, because I don’t live on my old address anymore, on the one on which you’ve sent me your letter (that it’s on my hometown called Sibenik). If you didn’t remember me until now, I think I have to say that this letter comes from Croatia. First I must explain why I moved from Sibenik. Well, first of all because at that time (in the summer of ’93) Sibenik was still in war area. Momentaly, the shootings have stopped, but no one knows is that really the final end. But that was not the main reason, because I lived in Sibenik all the 3 previous years while the war was still going on, and I’ve really seen a lot of killing and suffering (and sometimes I was also a part of it). The main reason for the leaving of my hometown is that I’m (only) 18 at the moment and I didn’t want to go in the army, but on the other hand, I had to go in the school. So, I went to Zagreb, where I’ve got some free education on the faculty of journalism and political sciencies, and on that way now I can save some money for living here.

I didn’t say how greatful I am on my letter, it’s very much appreciated that you’ve decided to write to me.

Ok, I see that you’re doing a ‘zine. As you probably know, I’m also doing a ‘zine, which is called “Glans Penissis”, and until now I’ve published 5 issues. All of them are gone, so I don’t have any of the copies left, but for a few days the new, 6th number of my ‘zine will be finished, and then I’ll send it to you, ok?! It will go together with the tape of my band “NULA” (translation for that word is: 0, zero, nothing…), and we play anarcho HC/punk/ thrash/ folk/ rock/funk… The ideas are the most important to us, and they are: anarchism, liberation, non-violence, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic…

Out tape which you’ll get with my zine (in separated letters) is about 87 minutes long, and it is consisted of 37 songs.

I’m momentaly very, very busy with the publishing of that stuff, so unfortunately I can’t write you any article, scene report or interview (sorry). I’ll send you something in the next letter, but you have to write me what do you exactly want (some band, non-music article, etc.).

This is why I’m sending you the lsat number of “Comunitas”, which is zine of “Z.A.P.O = Zagabrian Anarcho Pacifict Group”. That is the old number, the new one is also finished, but it is not printed yet. I’m sorry that this number is on Croatian language, so you won’t understand a lot, but please find included summary. The new number is written in two languages: Croatian and English.

OK, this is all for this time, until the next one take care, keep up the good work and receive many friendly greetings from VEDRANula.

Write as soon as you can.

P.S. If you want to know more about “ZAPO” write to me, because I’m also working in it.


In the end we had a Serbian scene report in the zine, the first issue of War of Words. I pasted  ZAPO’s flyer to the wall in my old bedroom. I had a few pen-pals from the area, mostly Serbs, but I don’t think I ever discussed politics and the war with any of them.

Here’s a relatively recent Croatian scene report and a download of Nula’s recording.

Hello Heren!

Thanx for writing, it’s nice to know someone so far away like you shares the same interest in music like we do out here!

Tell you what, if you send me a copy of “Book your own Fuckin Life” (in w/c we are featured) Ill send you “Screams from the Underground” (A local compilation of Filipino bands from my country) in which we are also featured. & yes, RMD Records is ran by the Phil. Violators. It’s our own indie label. Lots of people write to me, saying they got my address thru that issue (Book your…) but I myself haven’t seen it, so pls. if you can send me a copy of it, it would be very much appretiated!


P.S. I think you’re the first letter (ever) I got coming from “Israel” (I didn’t know there’s an underground scene there)

PS. Can you send me a photo? (of you & your friends)


This is one of the first letters I received from abroad, following the copies of the chain letter I had sent and wrote about here. On the same day I also got one from Andy in Vancouver which I’d transcribe soon, I guess.

Perspective is a funny thing. I mean, what is more remote, random and obscure than Filipino punk? If you asked the guy from the Phillipine Violators  his answer would’ve probably been Israel. I only had one copy of BYOFL (bought 2, gave the other copy to Federico) and I probably didn’t send him a pic. I thought I was ugly and I was just starting making new friends then. There was a pic attached to his letter, but I haven’t found it. The stamp is really nice though – national costumes.