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Hello Heren!

Thanx for writing, it’s nice to know someone so far away like you shares the same interest in music like we do out here!

Tell you what, if you send me a copy of “Book your own Fuckin Life” (in w/c we are featured) Ill send you “Screams from the Underground” (A local compilation of Filipino bands from my country) in which we are also featured. & yes, RMD Records is ran by the Phil. Violators. It’s our own indie label. Lots of people write to me, saying they got my address thru that issue (Book your…) but I myself haven’t seen it, so pls. if you can send me a copy of it, it would be very much appretiated!


P.S. I think you’re the first letter (ever) I got coming from “Israel” (I didn’t know there’s an underground scene there)

PS. Can you send me a photo? (of you & your friends)


This is one of the first letters I received from abroad, following the copies of the chain letter I had sent and wrote about here. On the same day I also got one from Andy in Vancouver which I’d transcribe soon, I guess.

Perspective is a funny thing. I mean, what is more remote, random and obscure than Filipino punk? If you asked the guy from the Phillipine Violators  his answer would’ve probably been Israel. I only had one copy of BYOFL (bought 2, gave the other copy to Federico) and I probably didn’t send him a pic. I thought I was ugly and I was just starting making new friends then. There was a pic attached to his letter, but I haven’t found it. The stamp is really nice though – national costumes.