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08-09 yeah, big liar, it was 5.09 (oops) so now it’s 6.09


Are you sure you’re well-known enough for the post-office to send back the letter c/o keren – ISRAEL??

hum?? oh sure you are, you and the Eurovision stuff!

(just kidding, you know, try & make […]… did you smile? or are you mad at me?) please no bomb, no bomb,,,

well keren, we write to often to each other lately we’ve got to stop, my parents are getting curious… & I’ve got nothing new to say (that’s it) No, that’s totally great! go on, go on!! this is awesome 1 letter a week isn’t it? first point-

2nd point, it seems like we like (like-like, yeah!) to write early in the morning hey?? , it’s 12.15 (pm, or 0.15 am)… isn’t that strange?? Do you get inspiration at those times?? (it might be the moon then? influencing us, yeah, good mood, are you in a good mood too) (say this when catching a cold) oh anyway –

I’ve finished my exams today (all this morning, well, last morning, I mean, it’s 0.15!! eh eh…) & I’m doing all my mail (late, late, late, except with you…) you’re sure the last person I’ll write to today – well I mean this early morning, sure I’ll write others today!! (9-6-09 in fact!)

what did I want to say?! come on help me keren –

so… in a few days I should be going to the crust festival in Belgium… I’m on holidays again (after this last awful morning of exams) for about 3 weeks or so. Did the festival helped me & improved my mood??? hum no, absolutely not it’s done nothing to me (liar, read top page again) Okay, okay… maybe a bit, I met those cool people from siren & this pen pal from belgium (you know the girl) – mainly these 3 persons cheer me up. Bands too… well as some were violent it ruined a bit all this but anyway – Mainstrike, Chokehold… were great –

I’m glad you feel better, so you work hard on music hey… when will you be on tour in Europe?? so met some new friend too (Itay) – too bad for Ira (it’s the fault of the Germans – since 2nd world war they’re champions into brain-washing) <- things you could heard from a local Nationalist well apart from all those letters & records I’ve got to deal with life pretty sucks too (come on keren, let’s suicide together!) <- stuff you’d heard from a 15 y.o Nirvana fan (ex-of course)… well, I can’t wait the day when we’ll start rehearsing again… I guess I need it a bit-

So generation x is out or not? let me know I’ll take you a few. Maybe we could trade for Sanjam or better: I love you fanzine done by a sxe pen pals from Sweden. cool artworks – well I’ll give you some info if you want. Okay let’s end this page saying goodnight keren: ‘good night keren’


end of page 1: 0.45 – 1st eye opened: 10.00 AM. 1st fight with my consciosness ‘pierre get up’ ‘No don’t want to’ ‘you have to write to keren’ ‘I’ll do it in my bed’ ‘come on get up’ ‘leave me alone’ ‘pierre…’ ‘GRRRR…’ ‘okay…’ hum, I’m sorry about all this, you are so serious, I mean go on, I really like what you say, telling me what happened and what’s on your mind – that’s cool. I just have nothing serious to say now for nothing happened… so I try to make jokes –

let’s see what happened in the last few days?? I stayed home, working my Grammar & stuff I met nothing for a very long time (1 month, or so, ok except the V’N’V), listened to music & write letters (yesterday), went to RENNES to pass my exams, we bought some soya stuff & now we’re going to pick up some blackberries to make jams. great hey??

…I wn I won!! Just came back from the berries: Yann 1 kg 530 pierre 1 kg 800 hey hey… Anyway, thanx for the idea about my ‘lost pen pals’, I thought about it but  don’t know.  I guess if something wrong happened, they would have opened the letter or… well some of them didn’t live with the parents anymore so… I’ve sent an ad to S&Lettuce… I’ll see.

I prefer Rawness too. Yann was abit diappointed with the review he got in MRR &HaC… he printed 1100 cd’s, sold around 700 but a lot are distros unpaid (sort of consignment) so… it costed him around 16,000-17,000FF but with all the other expenses & stuff about 20,000F 21,000 (a cd cost him 21-23F a piece. I don’t remember) so that’s about 3’700$ or so –

About the tapes… let’s say 3 more tapes – hope you did get the $, so it makes one paid one in trade of the comp tape (I’ll try & send it along with this) so I owe you $2.50  right?? if your zine’s out can you send 5 of it (usually I take a couple but well!) oh is it in English??if not I’m afraid I can’t take it…

Well that’s all for now I guess…

Take care, write soon,





Hello Keren!

Pierre here,

I received your letter today, it was really cool, thanx for writing.

Don’t worry. When I write for the first time to someone it’s also always Banalic…

So, let’s begin with more things about myself…

As you already know it I’m a 20 years old boy (since april), against racism, sexism, homophobia, vivisection… and also Atheist.

I’m listening to HC/ punk/ SXE for 5-6 years now, bands as: GB, Nations on fire, screeching weasel, Oi Polloi, M.Threat, op.ivy, Citizen Fish, conflict, spitboy,…. and much more (with no particular order!)

I’m still going at high school, this maybe my last year,… I have exams in 1 week! after I think, well I’m sure, I’m gonna learn English at University. I’m living near Rennes (in Brittany) it’s a town without a real punk/HC scene (even if it’s coming) so it’s sometimes Boring.

about your letter now: so you know Ludwig von 88….  see I’ve grown up with this before I was listening to HC/SXE, so I cannot say I don’t like them even if I’m not listening to them anymore. If you’re interested I can record some of the French Band I was listening before (mostly punk-rock)…

About french stuff sure I could get you some music, flyers…

Also zine but they’re mostly in…. French…

Hey, apparently things are moving where you live…

about the record stores it’s the same thing here… there’s no alternative stores so records are quite expansive and it’s often cheaper to by them in other countries or in distro in france…

Yes, I’m starting a small non profit distro (tapes/ 7″/ flyers/ zines, punk/ HC/ SXE) and I’ll be more than happy to distribute your comp.tape when it’ll be done!

(sorry but I have really no contact with EMI or sony…)

I guess you won’t find La Chapelle Thouarault on your map… it’s alittle village, 15 km away from Rennes (you can find this one) wich is 400 km from PARIS.

No I’m not a squatter and I have never been one. I just know some.Okay, I’m sorry about this so short and boring letter but as I’ve told you I’ve exams next week and have a lot of work to do, so this was mostky a small letter to let you know I receive yours and that I’m interested in corresponding with you.

hope you can read/ understand me easily…

if you’re interested in trading recording tapes let me know (send a list…)

have to go now, take care. hope to hear from you very soon.


> pls send stamp back and do the same

> send picture??

> see address on flyer or in MRR is better… it’s typed!

> I’ll send you more stuff next time (list, flyers…)

Karen K,

We Found your ADDRESS IN MAX. ROCK-N-ROLL. How DO we Get A HOLD of tHAT HC/PUNK Comp? we’l be IN ISRAEL FROM JAN-MAY, 98. CAN you tell us WHere Any GOOD RecoRD stoRes ARe At, CoNceRts, etc?


CARlA and Hi-D


Ohhh, I so wish I’d known these ladies in 2007, when we sought after contacts on Route 66. San Bernardino, the last segment of the route, the last bit of (by then relative) solitude before the endless traffic of L.A and the southern coastal line. Route 66 is many things but it’s more Woodie Guthrie and Will Rogers than Steve Albini and Darby Crash and I’d like to consider this as a punk blog, so let’s turn left from the business route and enter the main memory lane again.

Nov 23. I was back in England then, the last days of the Honeymoon period when I still believed that I was in Bradford to stay. Some weeks after my return I asked my parents and brother to mail me a bunch of tapes by Israeli bands and Californian bands that the boyfriend despised and add the letters that had been accumulating since I flew back to the Kingdom. I was going to say that I wrote them back because the stamp was torn from the envelope, but nowhere in the letter is there a stamp-back request. Maybe Carla and Hi-D just used a pretty stamp and I removed it for my collection or for collage-making? Maybe the stamp wasn’t canceled and I removed it for future scams without writing these women back? I hope they enjoyed Israel and found records and shows. I think the scene was pretty much dead then, with 3/4 of the people abroad, but it was a time when you could still score good stuff that was overlooked by the ignorant salespeople at the record stores. Ebay killed that too.

English follows.

מצטער שעבר הרבה זמן פשוט המכתב שכתבתי הלך לאיבוד

לקרן שלום

מצטער שעבר הרבה זמן מהמכתב שלך גם לי יש את נקרופיליה לנוער 2 וזה באמת פאנזין די טוב אך גם יש בו מספר דברים די קיצוניים.

בקשר למה שאמרת (כתבת) על לגרום נזקים לחנויות גם אני מסכים [ צנזורה] אך לרסס מעילי פרוות זה לא אפקטיבי אולי לא ישתמשו בפרווה הספציפית הזו אבל יבואו אחרת וכך לא הסגנו כלום.

בקשר למקסימום רוק’נ’רול אני מכיר אותו ואנחנו היינו אמורים גם להופיע ברשימה מישראל דבר שלא יצא.

הקסטה תצא אני מקווה מאוד בזמן המאוד קרוב (אני אכתוב לך מתי) והיא תכיל כמובן מילים. בקשר לשאלה שלך בעניין הכסף. אף פעם לא הזמנת חומר מחו”ל? (מוזיקה, אגודות וכו’…) את המוזיקה שאת שומעת את קונה בארץ (איזה מוזיקה את שומעת דרך אגב תכתבי לי גם איזה להקות) במחירים מפוצצים? (אני לא מתכוון ללגלג) להזמין דרך החברה זה הרבה הרבה… יותר זול חוץ מבעית הדולרים שהיא שולית. כן תוכלי לשלוח כסף בדואר וזו לא שאלה דבילית. ברגע שהקסטה תצא אני אודיע לך את המחיר שלה + דמי מישלוח (המחיר יגיע אולי ל15 ש”ח) תודה רבה שוב ואני מצפה לתשובה.



נ.ב זו תהיה הקסטה הראשונה והאחרונה שלנו כי הסולן טס לחו”ל (עוד חודש) והמתופף תקוע עמוק עמוק בצבא ואם לא תהיה הופעה בחודש הקרוב אז…

Sorry it’s taken so long, it’s just that I lost the first letter I wrote.
Hello Keren
Sorry it’s taken so long since your last letter. I also have Young Necrophilia #2 and indeed it’s a pretty good fanzine but it also contains some pretty extreme stuff.
Regarding what you said (wrote) about damaging shops I agree too [censored by me – kmk] but spraypainting fur coats is ineffective. Maybe that specific fur coat wouldn’t be used but there will be others and thus we haven’t reached anything by doing so.
Regarding Maximum Rock’n’roll – I know this zine and we were supposed to be listed in the Israeli scene report but eventually it didn’t work out.
The tape will be released really soon, I hope (I’ll write you when) and it’ll come with lyrics of course. Regarding your question about the money. Have you never mail ordered stuff from abroad? (music, associations, etc…) Do you buy your music in Israel for a ridiculously high price? (By the way, what do you listen to?  What bands?) I do not mean to laugh at you, but buying directly from the label is way, way cheaper, though there’s the currency exchange issue, but it’s minor. Yes, you can send money in the mail and it’s not a dumb question. Once the tape’s out I’ll let you know its price + shipping costs (it might reach 15nis.) Thanks a lot again and I’m waiting to your reply.
Bye, Adi.
P.S – this is going to be our first and last cassette, cause the singer’s flying abroad (in a month) and our drummer is stuck in the army and if we don’t have a show in the coming month then….


It was a brave new world that Adi and Federico opened for me. One of fast music, well-concealed $$$ in envelopes addressed to record labels, t-shirt printers and distros. I placed my first mail-order in the end of that year. Bought Feeding The Fire‘s debut 7″ after contacting them via that famous Book Your Own Fuckin Life. What a smart first purchase. Sometime in the late 1990’s the banks lost their monopoly over trading foreign currency and change spots opened in every corner, but when I wanted to buy records in 1993 I asked my grandfather to go to the Black Market in Lilinblum st. in South Tel Aviv, where old, golden teethed Polish men offered those desired dollars, often fake, always without the huge commission the banks took.

What bands did I listen to? Nick Cave, The Gun Club, Neubauten… I don’t think Adi appreciated it, but shortly after MDC and Minor Threat entered the playlist.

The Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza tape came out in October 1993. It cost 4nis.(it was less than $1) and came with a lyrics booklet. I bought my copy from Federico, and eventually bought like 15 more copies that I distributed and traded all over.

Dear Isra-Hell Collective,

Greetings! I saw your letter in MRR, so I wanted to write and Find about punk rock and politics in Israel. What’s the scene like in Israel? Are there a lot of political (especially anarchist) bands? Are there many places to play/ have shows? How does the general public react to punks? I can’t speak for the whole U.$ ‘cos it’s a big country, but I can tell you about some of the places you about some of the places I’ve been. In Baltimore there’s a small D.I.Y. scene which is thriving despite the fucked  up attitudes of some people involved. There’s sort of a hierarchy in the scene in the scene which marginalizes certain active or cool people ‘cos they’re not punker-than-thou people. There’s a venue called the Loft, but it’s run by a racist, sexist, homophobic psychopath who Fucked the scene over big time. Unfortunately, it’s the only place that lets people do all ages shows; so certain people book shows there. I know that Baltimore sounds pretty bad, but that’s because I’m a bit jaded about it. There are cool people like Angel who does Thought Crime Tapes, Disorderly Conduct zine, and is in a couple of bands. His bands are Coexist which is a thrashy anarchist band with 4 vocalists and Apolitical who I haven’t heard yet, but I would assume  are a peace-punk band. My younger brother is in a band called Attica 9, and they play drunken thrash punk with anarchist lyrics. It’s strange because my brother is very anti-drunk punk (but obviously not very moralistic). There are other bands such as 13th Gen (thrash-punk), Dart 66 (Neurosis playing emo-core?) and Within (garage/ noise). There’s also a high school scene based scene  with ever changing bands, so I don’t know what’s up with them now. Food Not Bombs serves Food every Sunday, and there is an Anarchist Black Cross also. I go to college in Boston, and am part of the scene there also. I’ll have to tell you about Boston next time because there’s a lot I want to know about Israel. So, what is the Isra-Hell Collective like? Are you simply a punk collective or do you do political work too? What is the political situation in Israel? The only news we get here is very biased to one side or another. I tend to agree with the opinion of Culture Shock, “supporting one side or another/ is really nothing more/ than saying there’s no solution/ but continuing the war.” That’s from a song about Northern Ireland, but the sentiment is universal. I think too many anarchists wrongly support the Palestinian cause. It seems to me that a Palestinian state would be a right wing religious state. Just because the Israeli gov’t is racist and a puppet of the U.$. does not mean that people should support the cause of people who are authoritarians. Are there any Palestinian anarchist group who oppose both sides? There’s so much more I want to know, but it’s getting late. Write back soon.

Autonomy, Peace, Equality,



It wasn’t me who wrote a letter to MRR. It was Federico who wrote one in response to another letter or a book review and didn’t want the world to think that the Israeli scene is comprised or the  Upper Galilee Anarchist Brigade. As a result a number of interesting letters came my WAY, Stas’ letter is one of them. That’s not a typo: a few years down the road he re-russianed his nickname.

Isra-Hell Collective? Name’s taken from Public Domain’s  song about religious coercion. A bunch of us with great ideas and many plans. Most of which ended up nowhere, some personal projects (like the compilation tape Parverotti and a bunch of shows)  were done under Isra-Hell collective’s name and there was War of Words, מלחמת המילים, the zine.

Stan/ Stas and I corresponded for a couple of years. I stayed with him in Camebridge, Mass in 1996. My ex and I stayed with him at his parents’ house near Maryland in 1999. We emailed abit, and chatted in the mIRC chatrooms. I followed his Livejournal in the middle of the decade but a few years ago we lost touch. He has a PhD in political science, I think, and last I heard he lives in Salem, OR. If anyone recognizes and knows how to get in touch with him, please contact me.

Dear People of ISRA-HELL!

This letter is mainly concerning the ISRA-HELL CRASH PAD, mentioned in the Book-your-own…  -book. Without having had these informations on the local scenesters, I hardly got off the common tourist/ backpackers track and circles during a forthnight stay in Israel two years ago. This time, with the help of yours, I will make it total different.

But because it is the cheapest, I will take the same charter flight to Ben-Gurion with arrival on April 13th and departure on 27th of the same month. Is it true that there is really no bus or sherut trafficking between the airport and Tel Aviv because it’s Shabat? Here is the same brief information, as where to put me: I don’t eat flesh, fish and fowl, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. Soundwise, I don’t like metal/ mosh-dominated stuff. I’m not that much on record-collecting anymore but if I buy or trade something it should be completely DIY/ A friend of mine told me recently that he has ordered the NEKHEI NAATZA via Profane Existence for his small distro (Skuld). Will there be any good HC–punk-Gig somewhere during the period of my stay? What’s up with the territories? Having some kind of base camp from where I can make excursions and day/ 2 days-trips to other places would be great. Let me know what you think. Having a lot of other questions yet, I’m waiting for a reply…


-eternal punk-


I posted an ad in Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life, offering traveling punks a place to stay. I put him for a night or two in my room at my parents’ suburban house (the one that’s about to be evicted in less than a month). He stayed in Haifa with Ishai who plays bass in Useless ID and in the Galillee, in Federico’s kibbutz. He was a cool guy, OLD (32 or 34, I think. There weren’t any punks over 30 around back then!), a very considerate guest. When he saw my dad’s fax machine he promised to send us funny faxes from X-Mist, but those faxes never arrived… Another note by him will be posted in the (near?) future.

Dear Keren,

I am very interested in Punk Rock and Hardcore records from Israel. Through MRR I have had news that your publication cover the Israeli Independent scene. Hence I decided to write to you.

I would like if is possible that you could send me any material (magazine, Demo, Record) with general information about your bands and the Development of Punk and HC style in your country.

An issue of Isra-Hell Collective newsletter will be welcome here too (of course.)

Well, thank you very much for your attention and Interest and pealse, don’t hesitate to write me. I’ll be waiting your letter.

With […]:



Oh wow, I don’t even recall receiving any mail from Cuba. I hope I wrote back, although sadly I cannot be sure: in 2000 I was too busy with school and boyfriend and that zine we were making. Also, the reference to the Isra-Hell collective newsletter: that’s something we thought about in 1994 or 1995. From this, as well as from the address (in the late 1990’s the name and the zipcode of my parents’ street changed) I gather that he found my contact details either from a mid-90’s MRR scene report or from 1995 edition of Book Your Own Fuckin Life. Crazy how those zines last (or used to last?) forever.