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Hi I Rubisel and I hope to understand my english.

“Sin Dios” (witout god) is my fanzin, I play in a band it’s “Desobediencia Civil” or civil disobedience, we are anarcho-punx, vegetarians and some vegans, I have some ep”7 if you want exchange, for other material as “photos on actions, squats, concerts, mitings, revolt, this is because I like very much the movements of others places, others fights, others culturs, I can send you photos from mexico to exchange, in my city have some punks, collectives, actions, mitings, concerts, journeys punks, the police is very bastards, the repression is hard, and the young pepple die por the police, the popular groups (workers, farmers, indigenous) are to persecute the leaders and are disappear for the police secret or “guardias blancas” all here is very much expensive and the poors to have which to rob for survival.

Well already not to you bore, I hope to you want exchange some photos and other stuffs.

Health and freedom to all.

Fight back!

I like very much the tape “Parverotti”. well done.


We definitely traded photos and music, but the photos were gone when I had to cut my collection before the old drawer would collapse under the weight.