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Hi there!

I have read about your compilation “PARVEROTTI” in BRAINDEATH #1 (a SWITZ zine) and there is stated that it could be a big surprise!

So it made me want to write you. I don’t know what is the cost of this comp. so I’m sending you $5 and hope it’ll be enough. If it isn’t please let me know and I could send you some more.

O.K. I will wait for this so please hurry up with reply. I’m also interest if there is some more tapes/ comp. in Israel so please write me if you know for some issues (or zines in english). Here it is very strong scene nowdays Many bands/ zines/ gigs.

friendly/ best wishes

from Robert.

P.S. please send back a stamp.


Why didn’t I send him back the stamp? I knew all about postage scams by then. Weird. Cos I’m sure as hell sent a tape. I always did. Fair commerce was one thing, but Spreading The Word was even more important.