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Hi Keren!

How are you?

It was great to hear from you.

I make copies and send the chain letter to my friends.

Tell you something about Lithuanian punk/ HC-scene.

There are many good bands in Lithuania. All they excist in real underground. I’m a manager of a few Vilnius punk-bands. There are ERKĖ MAIŠE, SCAT, PILK, C.Q.A, HOMO GEBBELSUS, SMALKES.

All these bands played in our punk-club but now punk club is not excist.

I made the compilation tape of our punk/HC-bands “VILNIUS UNDERGROUND-93” If you are interested I can send this tape to you.

I’m really interested in your punk/HC-scene. Can you tell me more about your bands, clubs, gigs, alternative labels etc.? If you can send me your records from Israel bands I have heard “Salem” only and OFRA HAZA/ joke//

Is it difficult for your bands to make records, gigs in Israel?

To make gigs is a biggest problem in Lithuania. To make records is problem too because it is very expansive. This summer I’m plan to make a big punk/HC-festival in Vilnius. The bands from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Czech will come to the festival.

I’m plan this action on June.

It would be great!

And now bye!

Write more!

Keep in touch!



While typing this letter I was thinking about how obscure our scene was and the similarities between the Israeli and the Lithuanian scenes back then, but towards the end I just wished I could attend that festival Oleg had organized.