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Hi Kariel!

I’m Fine, Only my new band ČAPAJEWS VAGONS <- split pup. We have ono demo too, if you like I send you in next time (~22 mins).

Thanx a lot for your letter and tape.

Sorry, but things what you want I send in next time, here is Latvian compilation – Sons of a Bitch. I hope you like.

Send me please your tape list (LP’s, EP’s).

I hope you ok, too! That’s all for now.

Retorn stamps!

Good luck!

Your friend,



Here’s another contact I made through that chain letter and Book Your Own Fuckin Life #2. Only found the paper, no date, no envelope, no address (though I think he was from Riga). The tape I sent him must have been that Nekhei Naatza/ Public Domain split. He, in return, sent me both Latvian bands and more important – introduced me to Finnish hardcore. One of the few tapes that were salvaged from my parents’ house last month was that Sons of a Bitch Māris mentions in this short note, for a Latvia-born Jeruselamite friend.