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Mihajlo from Smederevo here. THANX a lot for youre cool letter and informations!!! How things are going on at youre side? How are you?

I am practice a lot these days (10-12 hours a day) cuz the day of the contest is near! Besides these time I write some stuffs for zines, write letters + all the finishing jobs for the tape (comp.). We have done cover + masters (2) + flyers. Now we have to do the copies. Firs seria will be around 100-200 pieces, maybe more!!! How youre zines work on??? I will write you some articles, but really not now, I cannot afford it I really dont have enough time for lots of stuffs…. I think you know \how it is?!? “Now” when we finish comp. tape I’ll have more time and than Ill write you a good article about our situation but of my point of watching. I’ll give you more info about comp tape! It contains 15 bands from 10 countries. It last for 60 min 19 songs. Bands are: Burning Hands (French/ Melodic HC), Stand Point (Jugoslavija/ Metal-HC), Crivits (Holland/ SXE European legends/ HC), Respect (SXE/HC – Poland), Heatfarm (some rock-funny stuffs Denmark), Stone walkk (Jugoslavija/ SXE/HC), The Neighbors (USA/ PUNKS), Non Plus Ultra  (Jugoslavija/ punk), Hard Resistance (Belgium/ NY/HC), Permanent Scar/ Point of View (Italia/ Melodic HC/Punk/ Rock stuffs), Near Death Experience (France/ Industrial + some crazy parts. COOL!!!) President Fetch (Denmark/ Hard rock/ HC), Only Attitude Counts (Austria/ SXE HC/ stuffs) Ill send you flyers next time. If its possible to do some distribution works in Izrael, let me know ok?

I think the price will be about 7-8 DM (5 US $ post paid) but we (me and my friend) should deal!!! For distro – let me know what do you have from SXE/HC stuffs??? I am interested what sound do you prefer??? I mean old school, new school, metal, emo, melodic…. or WHAT???

We don’t have good conditions and we can not afford new stuffs. Sometimes we get stuffs even 1-2 year later (HA, HA, HA. Maybe its not so funny, but SAD?!!!) How is situation at youre country/ town???

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have finished my school once and for all. I have 17 years and I” drive sk8 while I dont get some jobs. I mean, when I find job, Ill drive sk8 but less for shure, cuz…

OK. Keren thats all for now. Ill write you more next time! See you around

(HA, HA, HA)




Another letter from Mihajlo. Don’t think we traded those comp tape.


Hello Keren!

Thing going on well (I hope!)??? I’ve got youre letter and I decided to answer you the same day cuz later the number of letters when I recive is biger and biger and than I must have delay, this way is much easyer, nicer and this is the way we will know what’s going on!!! We (I mean my friend and me!) have lot’s of “job” to do, coz people ordering lots of tapes (we have all ready sell 200 copies!!!) and we’re into quick answering without much delay, cuz they send us big money (50-150 DM = 100 US$!) it’s not so nice when you don’t know what’s going on???!!!??? OK. Now (I mean these days!!!) it’s snowing and snow is 20-30 cm bug and there’s no hope that will melt soon, so my sk8ing is=0!!! Now these days I have more time for letters, reading, cooking, having fun at home (when the weather is nice I am not 2-3 hours at home (per day!)) and stuffs like that!!!

How are you??? What’s up with bands you play in??? Hope every thing is ok?!?! Hey, why don’t you buy some older deck of some guys who are into sk8boarding??? Then it would be much cheaper + if you put slaydars on it… it will be very strong deck!!! That’s the same way I do!!! It’s cheaper cuz we don’t have any sk8 shops or sk8 parks (in YU!!!), so if someone wants some new equipment, he have to go to BUDAPEST (HUNGARY!!!) an in one way it’s 300 km! It’s very long trip + the price of the ticket is too big for our conditions!!! How is the situation at Israel about sk8ing??? Hope it’s not bad as it’s here!!!

Oh Keren, that’s all for now!

Write back whenever you can!!!

Take care!!!


Playlist: cro-mugs, no for an answer, ratos de porao, youth of today, crivitis [???], minor threat, negative approach, strife, process, mouthpiece, refuse, abhinanda, integrity, judge, iron maiden, born against, spitboy…


i devoured Thrasher magazine and loved the aesthetics. a few months after receiving Mihajlo’s letter i bought a pair of roller blades. never managed to stand straight. sometime later the neurological problem that causes my lack of coordination was discovered by chance. last night when i finished cleaning my old bedroom i threw away the roller blades and the knee protectors.