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1.15 AM

01.01.95 (yeepi!)

Hello Keren,

Pierre here. So it’s 95 now, woaw, I don’t know if it’ll make any change in this country but well… Anyway, happy new year.

So, I hope you did have a great time for X-Mas & New year. What have you done? did you get any great stuff??

For X-mas I went in the East of France with my parents/ Brothers to see some family so I wasn’t able to see any good shows but it was a nice time anyway.

Now, I’m home with my Brothers (great!) – it’s the first time I’m not doing anything for New year – I’ve just been eating (a lot of vegan food… AArgh), watching TV & writing to a few people.

About your tape… I’m afraid it’s been stolen by post office… don’t worry, just let me know if I’ve sent you a tape (don’t think so), then tell me what kind of stuff you’d like to get & I’ll record some for you (SXE – HC – pk – crust – European/ USA…) tell me and I’ll see! I received quite a lot of stuff lately: Latching Mindset (SXE) comp 7″ with Unbroken, Struggle, groundwork… Downset 7″, Congress (SXE) 7″, Boot down the door (crust-HC) 7″, Halfmast 7″ (SXE USA), Guilt 10″ (ex-Endpoint), Ricochet DC (Mostly HC), Act of Faith CD (HC US), Grade/ Believe CD split (SXE melodic & powerful) & lots more (unbroken CD’s… etc)

Also in Distro (even though I’ve lost $ 100 with post office, wich is a lot for me) a lot of new stuff & a lot I’m waiting for! :spawn, congress, Rail, Boot down the door, vanilla, Nothing New, Scraps, outspoken, world collides, citizens Arrest, Blindfold… & in the future: MANLIFTINGBANNER & BROTHERHOOD in CD!!

What about your collective? is it working the way you want? I hope so.

If you’re interested in distributing Emo stuff & sometimes SXE-pk stuff let me know if it can help you I could get some cheap 7″/ 12″ for $2-$2.50/ $3-4 ppd, I have friends who can get some cheap stuff for me, it depends of stocks & times, so just see if you want too.

Holidays are over in a few days & I have exams then… phonetics, Grammar… etc. so I have quite a lot of work to do & I don’t really feel like working!

What else can I say…

In April Scraps will tour Europe with Man is a bastard & in April they should turn in France… I hope I could see them!

Do you have any bands touring in Israel soon or now?

Can you organize shows easily?

Okay, I have to go now

& it’s late.

So hope to hear from you soon –

happy new year & Best wishes

take care,




Dear Keren.

hey hey thanx for the nice letter. It was cool to hear from you again.

So you seemed to have some trouble with post office… strange stuff happened. (>they crossed your stamps with a pen so not sure you can re-use them)

Also I’m very sorry but I didn’t received any tape from you (except I get it the last 3 days while I was at my apartment…)

Anyway it’s too sad and I’m gonna make you a tape with some European stuff I just get + stuff from the festival…

Oh yeah also my Brother didn’t get any news from this man you know & he’s still waiting… could you check it out?

So everything seems to be nice for you… well here too! You’ve got some Revelation’s CD’s (which are great > I know/ have them!) I received some cool stuff like Remain CD (SXE band), Lifetime CD, 24 ideas shirt + some 7″ + waiting for more (propagandhi 10″‘ Naked Agg. CD… etc)

Your idea of Association seems really cool, that’s a good thing. I’m sure that’s exactly what the scene needs (collective, Asso, etc… support!)

As you I’m also gonna put out some compilation tapes…

Well here we finally won’t have a Shelter show so I hope your will be perfect! Let me know if you’re starting a distro ‘cos I could get you some cheap stuff (zines, 7″s, tapes, some cd’s…) lots of SXE in your collective… cool. About your trip to Poland, my friend still didn’t write so I’m gonna ask him some contacts/ addresses + if there’ll be shows or ‘Records Market’ and tell you then. Yeah I know the band ‘Terminus’ > HC “melodic” right? & no I don’t have any tattoo.

I started university this week (well really started) it is kinda cool right now- I’m gonna learn lots of things!

We had here in RENNES some HC shows which is unbelieviable! We had a BONESAW & BLACK TRAIN JACK show & last week a NRA show. BONESAW sounded really cool HC-SXE, slow, heavy, powerful but melodic & BTJ sounded like fugazi, cool, melodic with 2 members from Token entry (well ex-memb.) SXE Band. Only the atmosphere was bad ’cause if 2-3 punks macho& violent, they were trying to make everybody ‘dance’ by pushing & running all around but it just didn’t work!

After we had this NRA show (HC melodic, from holland) it was really cool, nice people, funny speech but quite nobody understood ’cause they were playing at the last minute in another place with a R’N’R french Band, so it was a R’N’R public… bad atmosphere again. They were only there for the R’N’R Band we were 3 for NRA me + A friend + my Brother! So as you can see it we still have a lot of work to do in our ‘scene’ & to change some people minds too… I just don’t know if it’ll be possible… Anyway

I have to go now… have to cook and work…

hope to hear from you very soon.

I’ll try to write + send the tape soon.

So take care ’til then.


> pls stamp Back as always – send flyers if you want. Also thanx for the sticker!