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Dear Keren,

please forgive me for being such a lazy sod with my correspondence. And I haven’t yet learned any Hebrew. Half of the Hebrew course would have been during my working hours, so I did not enlist. The summer wasn’t so great this time, car insurance always rips me off my travel budget and there was no enduring period of fine weathers. In the late summer I made my usual trip to London for only about 5 days. But it included an Avail show there. I was lucky for having met Paula, the organizer of the Avail tour, somewhere before in Stuttgart. There she was accompanying Citizen Fish (which I never liked). and I could ask her for addresses to stay in London. So I came to James’ Shake Some Action Rec. Store at Croydon, where I could sleep in the rehearsal room. And I met some nice young punksters. The gig happened to be on the same evening as the sold out NOFX/Vandals show, so I had space enough to dance, though the sound-mixing didn’t please me that much. Back in Stuttgart I too have done a hair cut (12 mm. max length) once again.

And the Avail-show here, organized by a friend of mine, was really what I would call p-u-n-k. O.K, I could praise this band (the people, their music & attitude) to no end. Los Crudos did tour in Germany but the South was excluded for reasons unknown, And Drop Dead played in a Youth Centre of Mannheim, about 60 km away and I had no tank filling.

In the mid of December I had a date at the welfare office and my monthly payment on my bank account was assured till July 97. This allows me to make travel plans. And I’m thinking of coming to Isra-Hell again: it ain’t a bad place to be. Around April, up to two months. Will there still be some kind of crash pad for me? But don’t feel obliged to do anything. I can only imagine about your or anybody else’s situation. And I can also only dream of having a flat in Israel. At the moment I’m sitting here alone in my two-room flat, and outside the cold winter night. You must tell me more about your US-stay and your experiences with a mohawk in Israel. Can I expect hearing from you soon?

Cheers, & greetings to all of the Isra-Hell collective,


P.S – And a special hug for your dog.


By the time this letter from Wolfgang arrived I must have been all high and adrenalin-rushed. I believe it was on January 14th that I received the letter from my to-be-boyfriend, telling me that he had broken up with his then-girlfriend, that he loved me and that I should come to be with him in Bradford.

Reading his letter now made me want to hug my dog. Linda, the dearest, kindest creature I’ve ever known, passed away in August 5th 2005.


Dear Isra-Hell Collective,

Greetings! I saw your letter in MRR, so I wanted to write and Find about punk rock and politics in Israel. What’s the scene like in Israel? Are there a lot of political (especially anarchist) bands? Are there many places to play/ have shows? How does the general public react to punks? I can’t speak for the whole U.$ ‘cos it’s a big country, but I can tell you about some of the places you about some of the places I’ve been. In Baltimore there’s a small D.I.Y. scene which is thriving despite the fucked  up attitudes of some people involved. There’s sort of a hierarchy in the scene in the scene which marginalizes certain active or cool people ‘cos they’re not punker-than-thou people. There’s a venue called the Loft, but it’s run by a racist, sexist, homophobic psychopath who Fucked the scene over big time. Unfortunately, it’s the only place that lets people do all ages shows; so certain people book shows there. I know that Baltimore sounds pretty bad, but that’s because I’m a bit jaded about it. There are cool people like Angel who does Thought Crime Tapes, Disorderly Conduct zine, and is in a couple of bands. His bands are Coexist which is a thrashy anarchist band with 4 vocalists and Apolitical who I haven’t heard yet, but I would assume  are a peace-punk band. My younger brother is in a band called Attica 9, and they play drunken thrash punk with anarchist lyrics. It’s strange because my brother is very anti-drunk punk (but obviously not very moralistic). There are other bands such as 13th Gen (thrash-punk), Dart 66 (Neurosis playing emo-core?) and Within (garage/ noise). There’s also a high school scene based scene  with ever changing bands, so I don’t know what’s up with them now. Food Not Bombs serves Food every Sunday, and there is an Anarchist Black Cross also. I go to college in Boston, and am part of the scene there also. I’ll have to tell you about Boston next time because there’s a lot I want to know about Israel. So, what is the Isra-Hell Collective like? Are you simply a punk collective or do you do political work too? What is the political situation in Israel? The only news we get here is very biased to one side or another. I tend to agree with the opinion of Culture Shock, “supporting one side or another/ is really nothing more/ than saying there’s no solution/ but continuing the war.” That’s from a song about Northern Ireland, but the sentiment is universal. I think too many anarchists wrongly support the Palestinian cause. It seems to me that a Palestinian state would be a right wing religious state. Just because the Israeli gov’t is racist and a puppet of the U.$. does not mean that people should support the cause of people who are authoritarians. Are there any Palestinian anarchist group who oppose both sides? There’s so much more I want to know, but it’s getting late. Write back soon.

Autonomy, Peace, Equality,



It wasn’t me who wrote a letter to MRR. It was Federico who wrote one in response to another letter or a book review and didn’t want the world to think that the Israeli scene is comprised or the  Upper Galilee Anarchist Brigade. As a result a number of interesting letters came my WAY, Stas’ letter is one of them. That’s not a typo: a few years down the road he re-russianed his nickname.

Isra-Hell Collective? Name’s taken from Public Domain’s  song about religious coercion. A bunch of us with great ideas and many plans. Most of which ended up nowhere, some personal projects (like the compilation tape Parverotti and a bunch of shows)  were done under Isra-Hell collective’s name and there was War of Words, מלחמת המילים, the zine.

Stan/ Stas and I corresponded for a couple of years. I stayed with him in Camebridge, Mass in 1996. My ex and I stayed with him at his parents’ house near Maryland in 1999. We emailed abit, and chatted in the mIRC chatrooms. I followed his Livejournal in the middle of the decade but a few years ago we lost touch. He has a PhD in political science, I think, and last I heard he lives in Salem, OR. If anyone recognizes and knows how to get in touch with him, please contact me.