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Hello Keren,

Well it seems as if things are going pretty well for you. I play bass too, but recently have become discouraged. I kind of just want to sell my bass. I had the most miserable year and I’m really looking forward to going back home. My roomate had just moved out and stole some of my records in the process – really rare ones too. Now I’ll never get  them back. These recrods were not only expensive, but had sentimental value. It kills me that they are gone. It is like another crushing defeat. I work all the time as well, but all my $ (especially now since my roomate moved) goes to pay rent. So if you need a place to stay it’ll have to be in St. Louis (Mousouri – s?!) at 314-_______. Otherwise I’m really sick of MPLS, and find people not too nice here. I will finish school soon and call will be happiness.

god – Im miserable.

I’m sorry. I’ll try to write back when I’m in a better mood.



Carissa moved away from Minneapolis before I made it there. It took 11 more years for me to make it to St. Louis, but by then we were no longer in touch, of course. I didn’t even remember her when we drove from East St. Louis, IL to Real St. Louis, the one with the Arch and the Louis and Clark fame.


Hey Keren,

How’s life treating you? Well as you see I have finished #4 so have fun with it. Overall, I think it’s a hell of a lot better than #3. I, also, used your letter, if that’s okay. I kind of water the national feel – like we are all close  even though we live far away. About a month ago I had a talk w/my x/ After he totally dumped all over me (again) I went and saw a counselor. Well, I ended up being too fucked up for the counselor to deal with so they sent me to a psychologist so now I’m They diagnosed me with depression. Now I am taking Prozac. I am in this annoying good mood all the time. I no longer speak to my x. I heard from a couple of his friends that if my name is mentioned he flips out. I feel better w/him out of my life. I have a much better time at shows; life in general is alot better. Well, I guess I must be going. I’m at work and the phone is ringing off the hook. Write back and tell me what you think of #4.

❤ Carissa Screams.

P.S. I cut all my hair off. It used to go below my elbows, now it’s so short


Every now and then, when the drawers get filled, I packed a bunch of zines and posters and stuff and put them in a box outside a show, or contacted kids I thought might be interested and passed them the bounty. Regretfully, the issues of Screams from Inside were lost this way. I believe the information must be circulated and that everyone benefits from the flow of zines, but I wish I could now read that letter Carissa mentions.

Hello Keren

My name is Eliana from Switzerland. Through Resistance Productions i came to a copy of the Paverotti – compilation. So here I write you. I would like to order a few more copies, money included, just send me as many copies as possible for the amount of money included. It’s great fun that I got hold of your compilation since it’s very rare to get such stuff from Israel. I was interestet into it since my mother is Israel as well. I myself work at a ganon in Zürich, wich actually is a bit strange because of that thing religion since I don’t give a fuck about religion. I earn a good wage and most of all I like to work with children. Beside of this it’s good to relearn Ivrit again (when I was a child I was used to it but most of it I forgot since I wasn’t much interestet neither because I was forced o go to israhell, i don’t like the political situation over there at all) at the ganon We have some israeli children who came from the kibbutzims.

Do you write german or french? I hardly can write english… I needed a translator to write this letter (we have a small distribution service selling/ trading zine’s, records, tapes, buttons, patches) and this person writes english very well. We play also in a band in Zürich (“An naon du” is bretonian – old french celtic language which means “the dark hunger”). We have amongst other social-political and funny songs one Womens-rights-song sung in Ivrit “Nashim Bubot”. That song deals about females who have in their childhood been “introduced” to play with dolls/ puppets wich teaches them to accept their role as a woman.

Once we should have a demo-tape, I shall send you some recordings… In about 10 days we make a small germany-tour with two other german bands, if possible we should record a few songs live.

Alright, I think thats all for now, please write back soon

much love,

ps – greetings from the translator, the tape is great!!!!



Eliana was so eager to write and order the tapes that she did not let the language barrier to stand in between us and found an intermediate who translated her words into the Universal Language of Punk. That’s pretty amazing.

For some reason Parverotti was very popular in the Land of Swatch, dada and triangular chocolate bars (and The Young Gods!). It got a raving review in a local zine which I hope I’ll find. Well, these are the people who put out Bullshit Detector Vol. 4, so it isn’t THAT surprising.

Oh, an a glossary:

Ivrit – Hebrew

Ganon – Kindergarten/ Preschool

Nashim Bubot – Doll Women. Natürlich, the title reminds me of Vaadat Kishut’s Hardcore Puppet:

Hello Friends! ~~~ Neil, Miko, B-Girl, Keith, Ray, Mirek, Keren

Please Forgive The Impersonal Format of This Letter, But I Want To Reach All my Friends. I Have An Idea. In The Months You + I Have been Writing We Have Exchange Ideas, Poems, Photos, Stories. Here’s My idea: Using My post Box As Base, You All Send Me Stuff – Like Those Things I Mentioned Above, Stuff on @, Squatting, Travel, Zen, whatever. I Will Then Photocopy It All, Staple it Together, + Send you All A Sort of “Newsletter”. You Can Feel Free To make More Copies + Send it To your other Pals. What Do You Thing? It Can Be Like A Collective `Zine; One That We All put Together. We’ll be A Network – Like When You Send Something, Put Yr Name + Address On it + before you Know it. You’ll Have Even More friends!

Please Tell Me What You Feel. Also if Anyone has An idea For A Name For This Thing, Please Send Yr Suggestions! I’ll Put out Another Letter like This + We Can Decide Together.

Thanx All,



Did it work out? Did I take part?

Hi Keren,

I was very happy to receive your letter. Sure I’ll give you a copy of my zine. Minneapolis is a big @ place. It’s supposed to be competitive with San Francisco. Punks move back to Minneapolis in the summer and back to San Francisco in the winter. There are few shows here during the winter time cause it is so damn cold. The sxe scene here is rather small and everyone in it is kind of dull. I’m having problems with it lately cause I’ve been avoiding some asshole ex-boyfriend so I’ve been skipping shows. Kind of a pity since I have been into this longer and I’m the one who can’t go to shows. I decided I can’t do this for anyboy so I decided fuck it. I’ll go no matter how much it hurts to see him. It’s bound to get easier every show. I know its pathetic but I talk about this crap + to everyone. Anyway, anyway. Where was I? Oh, yea. I came to Minneapolis from St. Louis, Mo. when I was 17, I came with my suitcase off the greyhound bus and I had the cab bring me to the dorms. I had no clue where anything was. I didn’t know anyone. I just attended this school cause I actually got accepted. It’s really tough moving somewhere totally different. I understand, so if you need anything (place to stay, person to talk to ect.) I’ll help you. It’s a good thing to know when you move somewhere all alone, when you are in trouble someone will help. I don’t have a phone # as of yet. I’m living w/ this 5 guys who got their phone disconnected. I have no address either. I guess if you write back I’ll have one by Sept 1

Are you originally from Israel? Just wondering. Anyway, I’m at work now and I’m totally looking bad next to Ms. Perfect Worker, so I better let you go.

Write soon.



Carissa… I remember writing her. I probably followed an ad or a review for her zine, Screams from Inside, which I think I reviewed for War of Words and  remember as an emotional, intense, feminist sXe zine.

Although I’m sure I would’ve  done the same (and have done the same), that generousity amazes me. Offering your friendship and help to a complete stranger cannot be taken for granted. I do wonder, however, what I wrote. In 1994 I was still in highschool. I might have already planned my grand US Punk tour but it would’ve happened only in 96.

On a different note, back then I didn’ have a boyfriend but in retrospect I can totally relate to her avoiding shows because of her ex. It happened to me a few years later.


Hi Keren,

Thanx for the letter – and Happy Birthday! Thanx for the tattoo sticker – that is great. Christmas was good – my first with my boyfriend Kenny. We had a Christmas party (for his kids, mostly), where Ken’s nephew dressed up like Santa + we had gifts + food (+BEER!) – I got a great camera from Ken, some money (suprise!) from my mom + dad.  New Year’s Eve Ken + I went for dinner + had a nice, quiet night. No big parties, but alot of fun.

It’s funny you like The Germs because I do too + I just go the GI tape. Also I’ve been a Circle Jerks fan forever – like when I was 11 years old + nobody else had even heard of ’em!

My care is giving me lots of troubles + I’m getting tempted to leave it on the side of the road somewhere! I hope you get to go to a kibbutz when school is done. That would be really excellent, I think.

Oh I got a job last week – a new restaurant just opened 5 miles from where I live + so I start there later this month. I’ll be a cook.

I’ve pretty much moved all my stuff out of Kenny’s house, as his Not-Yet Ex Wife (who left him for a WOMAN a year + 1/2 ago) is giving us BIG troubles.  I stay here mostly, but when his kids are here (Wednesdays + every other weekend), I leave. (Long story.) ~ It sucks, because I feel a bit homeless, but it’s OK because now I feel a little less MARRIED. It’s such a long, disgusting story. I love Ken but the situation with this woman is hideous. At least now I’ve got a job so as to keep my mind off it all.

Ok well it’s late now + I’ve got to go.

Write again soon!




Wouldn’t I want to live in a place where an 11 y/o can be familiar with Circle Jerks?

I usually pick the letters randomly from the bags. When it comes to long-terms correspondents I try to transcribe chronologically, but in both case I seldom read the letter before typing. The divorce story is a weird coincidence. As I was typing I got a phone call from my father. Tomorrow the 4 of us: My husband, my brother, his girlfriend and me are meeting The Girlfriend, with whom he’s been sharing his life for I dunno how long – depends whether you ask him my mother.

So yeah, January 1995:  Shitty 17th birthday. The guy I was in love with didn’t call me and I wanted to die. A few days earlier, in the army office, a reunion with old classmates who shared a birthday week but didn’t share my lack of enthusiasm. Skipped the medical examination and messed up the exams, what ended up getting me out.

The Kibbutz thing: a thought that crossed my mind on the 12th grade. I considered the option of an individual service in a kibbutz, working in a daycare or in the fields, but then realized that I’d have to go through boot camp, shoot and wear uniform and pretty much be a part of the establishment anyway, so I gave up on this.

(found in the same envelope as the letter in the previous post)

Hi Keren! ~

I’ve been pretty busy lately, which is why I’m just getting to returning a letter to you. Recently I’ve been looking for a job. I seems I’m busier when I’m not working, than when I am. My other job was so bad – I was working in a bug mall – lots of kids pretending to be skinheads – God, I live in such a backwoods shithole. Anyway my boss was totally taking advantage of me + one day it just got to me + I left. Just walked right off the job. Not the most mature, well-thought-out course of action, but… FUCK IT so now I drive round trying to find work. I hate Korporate Amerikkka… !

Your trip to Poland sounds great, in terms of the punk shop + all. However the tour of Maydannek – well, something you’ll never forget, eh? MOVING.

Two weeks ago I saw Nine Inch Nails in New York City (about 70 miles south east of me.) Excellent! Then the next night my brother + I went to a show of local bands. I was dead that weekend – zero sleep!

(P.S. my brother saw the photo of you + said OH MAN! WHO IS THAT!? He’s 18 in January.) Hey, you ought to write him: Ed S., same address as me. (The 2 of us have a post office box together.) My bro thinks you are beautiful. So no you are not ugly!

My boyfriend, Kenny, wants to marry me. Oh God. Christmas is in 4 days + I hope there is no engagement ring under the Christmas tree.

Take care, write soon, stay punk,



Oh, the school trip to Poland. When I turned 16 my grandfather asked me what I want more: a new bass guitar or to join the school trip to Poland. Since I knew I could get a hold on a 2nd hand bass for cheap I chose the latter. Many middle-class, Jewish Israeli high school students go on a 1-week trip to Poland on the 11th or 12th grade. They visit sites of concentration camps, ignore any WWII issue that are not Jewish-centered, wave the flag, learn that the Poles hate “us” and return home all motivated to defend the Holy Land and prevent a second holocaust.

I jumped at the opportunity to travel abroad, have a week away from school and the parents and, most important of all, buy punk cassettes. My friend and comrade Moshe hooked me up with a girl, the teenage daughter of his grandparents’ friends who lived in Warsaw. She met me at the hotel in our free evening in Warsaw, when my group-mates went to the nearby market, under the supervision of the shin bet security guy. We skipped, took the tram to the wrong side of the Vistula River, to a shop in a grim communist-era housing project. This was the coolest and the largest concentration of punk I’ve seen up to that day. Old issues of Profane Existence, cassette releases of local and international punk and metal bands, lots and lots and lots of merch – patches, badges, shirts (bought 6! 2 t and one hooded anti-nazi shirts, an Oi Polloi shirt and 2-sided Discharge and MDC t-shirts; 2 years later Al Schvitz of MDC stopped me in Chinatown in San Francisco when he spotted that shirt! then I gave it to my ex boyfriend) and even Dead Kennedys thongs that I forgot buying out of excitement.

I hated the way I looked. Too big, to awkward, eyebrows too thick and hair too curly. But a girl from my group, then a settler, now a famous artist, took a good picture of me sitting on a grave in Warsaw’s Jewish cemetery. I duplicated that photo and sent it whenever anyone asked for my pic. 16 years later, I like my look but it’s still nice to read. Don’t think I wrote the brother, though. What for?