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Dear Keren,

please forgive me for being such a lazy sod with my correspondence. And I haven’t yet learned any Hebrew. Half of the Hebrew course would have been during my working hours, so I did not enlist. The summer wasn’t so great this time, car insurance always rips me off my travel budget and there was no enduring period of fine weathers. In the late summer I made my usual trip to London for only about 5 days. But it included an Avail show there. I was lucky for having met Paula, the organizer of the Avail tour, somewhere before in Stuttgart. There she was accompanying Citizen Fish (which I never liked). and I could ask her for addresses to stay in London. So I came to James’ Shake Some Action Rec. Store at Croydon, where I could sleep in the rehearsal room. And I met some nice young punksters. The gig happened to be on the same evening as the sold out NOFX/Vandals show, so I had space enough to dance, though the sound-mixing didn’t please me that much. Back in Stuttgart I too have done a hair cut (12 mm. max length) once again.

And the Avail-show here, organized by a friend of mine, was really what I would call p-u-n-k. O.K, I could praise this band (the people, their music & attitude) to no end. Los Crudos did tour in Germany but the South was excluded for reasons unknown, And Drop Dead played in a Youth Centre of Mannheim, about 60 km away and I had no tank filling.

In the mid of December I had a date at the welfare office and my monthly payment on my bank account was assured till July 97. This allows me to make travel plans. And I’m thinking of coming to Isra-Hell again: it ain’t a bad place to be. Around April, up to two months. Will there still be some kind of crash pad for me? But don’t feel obliged to do anything. I can only imagine about your or anybody else’s situation. And I can also only dream of having a flat in Israel. At the moment I’m sitting here alone in my two-room flat, and outside the cold winter night. You must tell me more about your US-stay and your experiences with a mohawk in Israel. Can I expect hearing from you soon?

Cheers, & greetings to all of the Isra-Hell collective,


P.S – And a special hug for your dog.


By the time this letter from Wolfgang arrived I must have been all high and adrenalin-rushed. I believe it was on January 14th that I received the letter from my to-be-boyfriend, telling me that he had broken up with his then-girlfriend, that he loved me and that I should come to be with him in Bradford.

Reading his letter now made me want to hug my dog. Linda, the dearest, kindest creature I’ve ever known, passed away in August 5th 2005.


Hi Keren,

thanks for the tape! Actually, I nearly bought the Crucifix LP Reissue, due to lack of money I didn’t, now I don’t have to. Well, I like Amebix (!!) and Crucifix(!) best, but I’ll spare you the details of why I like what.

I’m at home now, just came back from the University, thought I’m going back there in about two hours. We wrote a multiple-choice test on sociology today which was kind of, well, hard, in a stupid way, the wording was really “vague”. Last Monday we had a sociology socio-psychology test, and next Monday the shittiest one, statistics.

On Saturday, there’s the supposedly biggest neo-nazi/ fascist protest in Germany “democratic” Germany ever, against the crimes commit an exhibition on the crimes commited by the regular army on innocent civilians, participation in the killing of Jews, leftists, partisans etc. Of course I’ll go to the counter-demonstration, I guess it’ll be in the news in Israel, too, so…

Anyway, I haven’t seen the exhibition yet, the atmosphere is very heated, and of course it had to be Munich, once called “Haupstadt der Bewegung” “capital of the movement”, by the nazis.

The different demonstrations have been hunting each other, or the anti-fascists the nazis to be more precise. I guess they’ll clash somewhere, or, which is more likely, the cops will protect the rightwing-demo, cause it’s totally legal, of course, and everyone disturbing or blocking it will be “disturbing the peace”.

Well, now to something completely different, besides that I guess this letter won’t be that long cause it’s more to keep in touch, on top of it I’m tired and in a hurry cause I “want” to do some shit for statistics too.

At the beginning of my university life I met a girl I got along with very well for a short while, opposites attract, but we didn’t find any common ground, except a few negative characteristics. As she won’t talk face to face about her emotions at all, we and I didn’t care anymore, we started to go out of each other’s way mostly, and after a few days she started to do her best to ignore me. Very immature, I think. Anyway, in her way of thinking women can’t drive (except her), girls who have sex w/lots of men are bitches, etc… You can figure out for herself what she expected of a man. The guy she was together with the longest was a cop who called everything he didn’t like gay or queer, “cool”. “Surprising” that that story didn’t work out, though she thinks she’s “alternative”.

Couple of days ago I met an (ex?) punk girl who is with me in sociology. I had noticed her earlier, but we never really talked with each other. So we met at a show, which was kinda inevitable in the long run. She’s been to the Chaos Days 95 and 96, been to various squats, she’ll be 1-2 months on holiday in Berlin in a squat or a “wagon center”, I don’t know what the right term for those is in english.

Taking into account that we’ve only known for two weeks or so, we get along quite well. Her friends, at least those I’ve met, are, well, I don’t think they “qualify” as fashion punks, but they are very styled, bondage trousers, one guy had a bowler had (a “melon” in german) worth 300 DM(!) on, so…

Anyway, as you might guess, she gets fucked up (drunk) on most weekends, like at the Lurkers show last saturday, which is kind a boring for me. The usual problem. Actually, I played with the thought of drinking something, then I didn’t cause I thought I’d just do it to fit into their group or be liked by her. which isn’t a very good reason.

Might be that the main reason why I don’t drink is that I had the wrong attitude towards it, instead of enjoying it, I only wanted to get flat out drunk. We’ll see if I ever change my attitude.

I’m just listening to “Blind Destruction” by Crucifix, which reminds me of the fact that it’s kinda pathetic on what grounds the punk and hc scenes, in all their various branches, can’t stand each other. It’s about style and fashion to such degree, though the majority of the various scenes probably don’t have a clue about the others.

The girl I mentioned, she listens, among others, to Braindance, One Way System, Oxymoron, etc…, lots of stuff among it I’ve never heard about. On the other hand, none of her friends neither she nor most of her friends would know Amebix, Crucifix, Disaffect, etc.

Next month there’s an Oi-show, there’s a group of fascist “skinheads” who have announced that they’ll come, you can guess what happens. Well, though the music might be good, I don’t care ’bout Oi! shows that much, because even the attitude of most “inpolitical” skinheads ain’t isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

My zine is on the freezer, cause I have to rewrite some stuff, especially something on religion, cause I gained some insights into it through two different courses on religion by two different “sociologists”.

Allright, I want to read for an hour before going back to the University, I hope to hear from you after you’ve arrived in Bradford, when you can find the time to answer. I guess it’s the Flat Earth/ 1-in-12 club Bradford, probably better to livethere w/your friend than in H-H. So, try and be a public nuisance, or maybe not,

Take Care

Jani X.

Playlist: Scatha/ “The Tape” (yours), “The other tape” w/one way system, etc./ Turning Point/ Uniform Choice/ NFAA/ Ebola

Reading list: The Last of the hippies…/ The Free/

but mostly I’ve had to study.

“The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”, so my father bought a scanner, which maybe I’ll send you one two nice photographs, today I’m too stressed out.


Living with the boyfriend anywhere not in Bradford was out of question. There was his dole office over there and the council flat he had got  just before my arrival. Plus, Israel would’ve been too sunny for him. It would’ve eased his general glum.

I wanted to live in Bradford. Knew fuck all about that miserable place before arriving there – got into the brilliant music that emerged from the smog and curry smells when I was there.

Jani’s first letter is here

Keren, servus

this is Klaus writing all the way from Germany!!  – What’s up and how is life over there in your spot of this planet?! Federico of Nekhei Naatza sent me a copy of your Israeli comp. tape, by the way. So, just give me some infos on the Isra-Hell collective and more useful news…

I am actually pleased to get your address because i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands throughout the globe from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.

Just have a look at my flyers enclosed so you may get a slight idea of what I want to figure out. Please spread them to those who you suppose may need any! Thanx a lit in advance.

Just feel free to send a band bio or a photo if you can afford. And let me know if you have some stuff available – like demos, live/ rehearsal tapes, vinyl records, whatever. I am always interested to feature some stuff for future issues of BREAKDOWN – the zine that I co-write for. Our forthcoming edition will include a whole lot of national and also foreign reviews, interviews, articles and such.

I am open-minded for infos and news, any stuff is really more than welcome. I like to read especially what’s going on with your label and the local Hod Ha’sharon scene. I guess Betrayer is from your area and Yishai promised to send me their demos…

If possible send me some scene-report. We could exchange any stuff. You probably know some more addresses of bands, by the way, which you know around your area. Just pass them my flyers.

I’d appreciate if you could send me the original cover because Federico forgot to do and i’d like to dub 2 or more copies of the comp for some mates world-wide (possible review).

I look forward to reading from you…

Take care, mach’s gut & shalom,


1995 All animal and human rights reserved….


It’s embarrassing to write it, but typing this letter got me quite peeved. First, that sentence: “[…] i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands […]  from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.” How does he categorize Israel? It’s a famous (or rather, infamous) country on one hand, but music/ punk-wise it’s quite obscure. One would think that Israel belongs to the latter, but Israel isn’t mentioned in the flyer that is enclosed in the envelope that lists the “less known or ever obscure countries” that he’s after (e.g. Greenland, El Salvador, Samoa, Laos, Gozo and many others that are known either for genocide or rum, but not for punk.

Second – all those requests! I haven’t found another letter from Klaus yet and I don’t remember if I wrote him back or not. There’s a good chance I did. There’s a good chance I wrote a detailed scene report/ review of the local scene (and by local I mean Israel, not Hod HaSharon, then a population 20,000 town with yours truly as a single punk within its municipal limits, mind you) and sent him friends’ addresses and Parverotti’s cover etc. etc. I’m reading this and thinking that’s too much to ask! But that’s the present me, the married 32 y/o who works full time and then some, takes courses in the evening, exercises twice a week and tries to have some social life/ be politically involved when possible. In June 1995, however, I was a fresh (highschool (un)graduate, worked part-time doing telemarketing at my uncle’s business, saving shekels for my Grand Tour in the USA and hitchhiking to shows and record stores. I probably wasn’t (THAT) peeved then.

Third – Israel is a small country. Why writing Federico AND me AND that Metal Dude from Betrayer? We all had the same tapes (Yishai must have had metal too).

Of course, these comments say more about my current bitchy mood. I guess that love letters would’ve received the same commentaries had I uploaded them now. Klaus was just a collector trying to spread the word about music scenes in less-privileged countries; 17 y/o me was happy to help so fuck me.

Dear People of ISRA-HELL!

This letter is mainly concerning the ISRA-HELL CRASH PAD, mentioned in the Book-your-own…  -book. Without having had these informations on the local scenesters, I hardly got off the common tourist/ backpackers track and circles during a forthnight stay in Israel two years ago. This time, with the help of yours, I will make it total different.

But because it is the cheapest, I will take the same charter flight to Ben-Gurion with arrival on April 13th and departure on 27th of the same month. Is it true that there is really no bus or sherut trafficking between the airport and Tel Aviv because it’s Shabat? Here is the same brief information, as where to put me: I don’t eat flesh, fish and fowl, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. Soundwise, I don’t like metal/ mosh-dominated stuff. I’m not that much on record-collecting anymore but if I buy or trade something it should be completely DIY/ A friend of mine told me recently that he has ordered the NEKHEI NAATZA via Profane Existence for his small distro (Skuld). Will there be any good HC–punk-Gig somewhere during the period of my stay? What’s up with the territories? Having some kind of base camp from where I can make excursions and day/ 2 days-trips to other places would be great. Let me know what you think. Having a lot of other questions yet, I’m waiting for a reply…


-eternal punk-


I posted an ad in Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life, offering traveling punks a place to stay. I put him for a night or two in my room at my parents’ suburban house (the one that’s about to be evicted in less than a month). He stayed in Haifa with Ishai who plays bass in Useless ID and in the Galillee, in Federico’s kibbutz. He was a cool guy, OLD (32 or 34, I think. There weren’t any punks over 30 around back then!), a very considerate guest. When he saw my dad’s fax machine he promised to send us funny faxes from X-Mist, but those faxes never arrived… Another note by him will be posted in the (near?) future.

Hi Kerem,

or is it Keren? What’s up? I got your address from an issue of S & L awhile back, as you might guess. Well, as I didn’t know when you would (or will) get back from the U.S., I wasn’t in too much of a hurry any way. How was it by the way? I was really amazed that there’s sxe – people in Israel so I thought it would be quite interesting to write to you!

Damn, I’m stupid. Living drug-free doesn’t necessarily bring about a good long term memory. I think you wrote something in Monkey #1 or #2? I can’t find it right now, so I can’t look it up. The problem w/”first letters” is I can never think of anything to ask or something reasonably intelligent to write/ say. As I don’t want to get too serious or political right away, I’ll start w/something “original” Is there scene in Israel or you “Alone in a Crowd”? If my drug-free memory hasn’t left me altogether, what you wrote was on the army, well, Finland, where I was from and where citizen I still am, has “forced” armed service too, for ♂ that is. It’s considered to be the thing for a young man to go through. 90% go ‘n’ serve, 5% get sorted out for psychological or physical reasons and 5% do civil service. Of those, 60% were in the army for a while. I went, for curious reasons, and quit after 6 months. During that period a couple of people actually went crazy, lost it, whatever you wanna call it. They even get people who are only half-finnish like one guy from South Africa and one from Hong Kong! Can you believe that? Well, what did or will you do?

Last but not least, some “very” informing and disclosing facts about me. I’m 21, ♂, XXX, into various forms of drawing, live in a village near “sxe scenelon [?] “Munich, ovo-lacto-vegetarian and I’ll stop cause listing facts doesn’t say much anyway, and I’m dead tired thanks for a munch of mosquitoes in my room. I hope you’ll write back, x brother/ sisterhood x.

Take Care,

Jani X

Playlist: turning Point, Despair (who are great live), Unbroken, XRectifyX, Chokehold, Threadbone 7″, Constraint – damn, Enrage – “advance tape”, Resist and some weird stull like South American Union songs and English Rebel Songs…

Cool books: Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks, A Graphic Guide to Anarchy…

Cool films: China Swordsman II, Tai Chi, Once Upon a Time in China


When Jani sent me the letter I was in Minneapolis, waiting for my grandmother to pass away on the other side of the world. I don’t remember whether I wrote him back or not, I believe I did.

Hi Karen,

This is Tu from Germany. Mybe you’re surprised to get my letter but in fact this is the first one going to a abroad country. I’ve just discovered the SXE-scene report by this guy  Yann from Belgium (with the Respect-interview). My friend gave it to me some month ago, but it just disappeared.

You wrote that you’d like to know the topic situations of girls in the HC scene/ SXE. Well, first I introduce myself. I’m a 17-years old vietnamese girl living in Neuss. I got to know this so-called scene by my boy-friend (typical, he?) two years ago. But I do really listen to SXE-music just for 1 year.

My first big SXE-festival was the one in Belgium. The most greatest 3 days in my life. I was amazed by this great feeling of being a part of that scene, but I don’t want to call myself SXE although I’m vegetarian, don’t smoke etc. But these things are just per chance.

Well, infact there are less girls in our sceneand more less who are really interested in the music and the message of political opinion of a band. Only a bunch of maybe 5 girls are seen on all the concerts around NordRhein-Westfaleu. There are always the same faces. I try hard to be on every concert in my neighbourhood and it seems to me that most of the girls just go to concerts because of these stylish cute boys. Boys are a majority in our scene.

It’s a pitty. I’m the only “SXE”-girl in Neuss, some of my friends don’t understand my way of life and some are quite intolerant and make fun of it. It hurts me when they call me a “Körnerfresser” (same meaning as devour seeds ect) by the time they stopp it. But it’s difficul to go along with this non-sober, narrow minded guys especially when you are a foreigner. Most German say that they are not facists and tolerant. But I made so much bad experiences. The only time to feel comfortable is on weekends and the time in concert. (By the way my boy-friend is a German, hope that you don’t get a wrong impression of Germany) Another thing that gets on my nerves is the great disrespect of krishna’s and Hardline, Pro-life and pro-choice ect.

Where is this “Brotherhood” gone? I’m fed up of these guys who preach up of being against abortion. They are men, how do they know about the feeling of a woman being raped or something else.

Last gig with “Dharma” Auestfaleu and some other two bands (forgot their names) the singer of Dharma says that SEX sshould be abolished and would be perverted by our lust ect. I don’t know what he also says, because I went out. I’m not weird or in any kind gay, infact I’m still virgin but I’m stir up by these […] comments.

There are not much, no there are There’s no SXE girl band in my neighbourhood maybe that’s why most of the “rules” in our “scene” are made by boys. I know this fanzine called “Simba” and “SXE girl” but  “SXE Girls” is too militant I think (=> SXE girls kick ass ect.)

Well, that is not much about our “scene” and I had some difficulties to express my opinion in english words (there must be thousands of misstakes, sorry!) and it’s hard to write much to a person I have never seen, heard or wrote his/ her letter before. So, better you write me back!



P.S.: Please return stamps back, ok? I’m really looking forward to receive your answer.


I received this letter between 94-96, Tu mentions the Vort’n’Vis HC fest in Ieper, Belgium. Yann is French and will make more appearances here in the future. I was always on the lookout for more sXe girls, being the only one in my scene, a status I must admit I enjoyed. No stamps on the envelope so I wrote her back. Don’t remember her though.

Hello Keren,

how are you doing? Can you remember me? You wrote me as a reply of a chain letter back in November ’93/ Beside the other mail you were the only one writing from Israel. I was gladly surprised, I never expected mail from there. How can this be? I would like to thank you for the cassette of Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza, I can tell you this tape is in good hand at me, because I love HC/Punk from the various countries.

Meanwhiel I got a 7″ record of Nekhei Naatza. It’s released in US. Can you tell me if this is the only Israeli Punk record? And what was the first tape? Do you kno when the first (real) Punk band played in your country?

If you got sometapes and/or sometime I would be interested in getting some moremusic. I have a small tape list (to record) but more some records which I can consider for trade or record from.

I trade records for a couple of years with many people. If you are interested too, or if you know some friends who are interested you can tell them if you want.

Best Wishes.

P.S.: Please return my stamps. Thank you.


now this is what got me corresponding in the first place: when I just got into punk Federico handed me a chain letter. I had to cross the name on the top of the list, add my name to the bottom, send something punk to the crossed address and send copies of the letter to 10 people, hoping they do the same and eventually I’ll get stuff. On my brother’s Bar Mitzva trip in summer 1993 I bought a copy of Maximum Rock’n’roll and another copy of what I thought as MRR with chromo cover. The latter turned out to be the second edition of Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life.  I had addresses, wrote to people, some even wrote me back and the result can be found here and in the lousy grades I got in high school (because when I wasn’t shopping for records or hitchhiking around the country I sat in class and wrote letters).

Of course I sent Nekehi Na’atza/ Public Domain’s split; what else there was to share?

When did I get Horst’s reply?!?!? No date on the letter and the cancellation stamp is faded. He added a trade-list dated 9/96, so let’s say I got it in 1996. There is an e-mail address in his contact details. What a novelty!

I think I didn’t write back. The stamps are still attached to the envelope, but I wrote on the envelope “to reply in late 1999″/