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At work 11041996

Hello Keren!

Thanks for writing, I’m always thrilled to receive letter from abroad! Big bow to you also for sendin those stamps for my lady, Mari is her name. Israel ones are hard to come by in this part of the world. you made her smile, thanx/

Yah, finnish hc is cool as hell. Have you heard of the band called Hässäkkä. They’re brilliant! They have ep called “Totaalinen Vitun EP” out. It really kicks ass! If you have some extra dough, get it. No, I don’t play in, neither I do not know the players of Hässäkkä, I just like the hc they perform. Raw as fuck and faster than pussycat.

Since your the first person who from Israel who has ever written to me, I got ask you this. What’s the comic scene in Israel like? I’m a comic freak, real sucker for them, and I’m curious about these things. Maybe you can enlighten this thing.

If you can review my humble zine in some zine in Israel, that would be really cool! is there any chance of getting a copy of that review?

Aww, man, I just hate this work of mine… well, here are goor bits too, as this that I can write letters during working hours. Cool, eh? I get payd to write my personal letters.

Hey, news are on. Somebody can’t live in peace in your part of the world. Oh, well… do you see much war in there? My geographical knowledge is the worst. As far as I know, you could live middle of all that war shit., or then you can live somewhere in peace. Oh well, you know how it is…. It’s really peacefull to live here. Biggest action lately were these motorcycle gangs fighting. Pretty boring.

Ok, my consentration is pretty shaky right now, hope can forgive me and write me back. I should be doing those stupid signs for the car dealership next door. I’m tired as hell, weekend is two days away. Can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything prepely.



A letter from Finland! I was obsessed with Finnish Hardcore at that time. And obsession later followed by linguistic fascination that preceded passion for Finnish literature. I always loved getting letters from this place, the stamps were always so neat. Don’t recall receiving too many though, but I compensated during my time in the mail-art scene in the beginning of the decade. Traded art with lots of Finnish women then.