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Dear Keren,

I am very interested in Punk Rock and Hardcore records from Israel. Through MRR I have had news that your publication cover the Israeli Independent scene. Hence I decided to write to you.

I would like if is possible that you could send me any material (magazine, Demo, Record) with general information about your bands and the Development of Punk and HC style in your country.

An issue of Isra-Hell Collective newsletter will be welcome here too (of course.)

Well, thank you very much for your attention and Interest and pealse, don’t hesitate to write me. I’ll be waiting your letter.

With […]:



Oh wow, I don’t even recall receiving any mail from Cuba. I hope I wrote back, although sadly I cannot be sure: in 2000 I was too busy with school and boyfriend and that zine we were making. Also, the reference to the Isra-Hell collective newsletter: that’s something we thought about in 1994 or 1995. From this, as well as from the address (in the late 1990’s the name and the zipcode of my parents’ street changed) I gather that he found my contact details either from a mid-90’s MRR scene report or from 1995 edition of Book Your Own Fuckin Life. Crazy how those zines last (or used to last?) forever.