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13/09/96, ever get an anonymous letter???

okay, okay, you have several clues… the photos!!

this was a test 1.CHOKEHOLD 2.END IN SIGHT,

i’m typing this cos’ i have just finished my report on the hec fest i’m gonna photocopy it tomorrow & luckily it’ll be enclosed in this letter, feel free to reprint it, if you need a better quality to do it let me know…

okay i guess our letters will cross each other again as you’ll certainly write one during this time… hope you received the tape & hope you didn’t smash too much things while jumping everywhere (did you really do that??!), okay we’ve hired a car for the crusty fest in not even two days now (15/16/17) so yeah if everything’s fine i’ll be there , probably it’ll be finished when you’ll get this as you can see it it was mailed from Belgium… yeah i’ve typed it in advance…why? ‘cos i’ve been there already twice, this will be the third time and each time i wanted to write to a few people but Keren, time is flying too fast when you’re there…! so, it’s done before, sorry about this, hope you can understand, i hate this as much as you do!! anyway i’m sure you had doubt when i told you i took Mainstrike photos thinking ’bout you, if not when writing it when mailing it!!!

one more time i wish you would be there… be sure i’ll be there to make a few shots!

here’s the program: oi polloi, rawness, uutus, ex-1by1, undone, seein’ red?, ex-health hazard*, & many many more, hope it won’t be too violent, it should be funny though!

idoubt if i’ll see this girl here again…oh well!

please if you get it, let me know very honestly what you think of my report, maybe the few reactions i’ll get from it will make me want to do some more… so that’s about it, tale care


oh Keren this is the same story, don’t want to end but this time i must, i have NO idea of postage rates in bel. so i’ll keep it for sure under 20g so it’s okay!! yeah you think i feel better, well i must say this report kept me busy for a couple of days, looking at it i’m proud of its presentation but i guess i’ll be disap. with the way it’ll look after photocopy!! maybe it’ll be awful!! who knows…

16.09 oh oh oh… yeap it’s sunday evening 12.15 pm, 2 days i’ve been here, oi polloi just finished playing… punx pic Nic oi oi oi, Sacques Chirac fuck off! etc… so great!, DDI (italy) played there too, are one of my favourite bands… so cool on stage (i must say it: cyril has cold – they told me to) so, very funny & so – hey i met two israelian people from your collective (Aurelie, Orrlie, orlie, whatever & a guy [why, those must’ve been Orly and Kutner]) okay, Not a lot of place left. send you photos no if I can tale care & have fun too!



*I don’t think I knew who health hazard were. 10 months later I got to see ex-hh, aka suffer, in a life-changing encounter. more of this in future letters/ entries.


Hi Keren,

thanks for the tape! Actually, I nearly bought the Crucifix LP Reissue, due to lack of money I didn’t, now I don’t have to. Well, I like Amebix (!!) and Crucifix(!) best, but I’ll spare you the details of why I like what.

I’m at home now, just came back from the University, thought I’m going back there in about two hours. We wrote a multiple-choice test on sociology today which was kind of, well, hard, in a stupid way, the wording was really “vague”. Last Monday we had a sociology socio-psychology test, and next Monday the shittiest one, statistics.

On Saturday, there’s the supposedly biggest neo-nazi/ fascist protest in Germany “democratic” Germany ever, against the crimes commit an exhibition on the crimes commited by the regular army on innocent civilians, participation in the killing of Jews, leftists, partisans etc. Of course I’ll go to the counter-demonstration, I guess it’ll be in the news in Israel, too, so…

Anyway, I haven’t seen the exhibition yet, the atmosphere is very heated, and of course it had to be Munich, once called “Haupstadt der Bewegung” “capital of the movement”, by the nazis.

The different demonstrations have been hunting each other, or the anti-fascists the nazis to be more precise. I guess they’ll clash somewhere, or, which is more likely, the cops will protect the rightwing-demo, cause it’s totally legal, of course, and everyone disturbing or blocking it will be “disturbing the peace”.

Well, now to something completely different, besides that I guess this letter won’t be that long cause it’s more to keep in touch, on top of it I’m tired and in a hurry cause I “want” to do some shit for statistics too.

At the beginning of my university life I met a girl I got along with very well for a short while, opposites attract, but we didn’t find any common ground, except a few negative characteristics. As she won’t talk face to face about her emotions at all, we and I didn’t care anymore, we started to go out of each other’s way mostly, and after a few days she started to do her best to ignore me. Very immature, I think. Anyway, in her way of thinking women can’t drive (except her), girls who have sex w/lots of men are bitches, etc… You can figure out for herself what she expected of a man. The guy she was together with the longest was a cop who called everything he didn’t like gay or queer, “cool”. “Surprising” that that story didn’t work out, though she thinks she’s “alternative”.

Couple of days ago I met an (ex?) punk girl who is with me in sociology. I had noticed her earlier, but we never really talked with each other. So we met at a show, which was kinda inevitable in the long run. She’s been to the Chaos Days 95 and 96, been to various squats, she’ll be 1-2 months on holiday in Berlin in a squat or a “wagon center”, I don’t know what the right term for those is in english.

Taking into account that we’ve only known for two weeks or so, we get along quite well. Her friends, at least those I’ve met, are, well, I don’t think they “qualify” as fashion punks, but they are very styled, bondage trousers, one guy had a bowler had (a “melon” in german) worth 300 DM(!) on, so…

Anyway, as you might guess, she gets fucked up (drunk) on most weekends, like at the Lurkers show last saturday, which is kind a boring for me. The usual problem. Actually, I played with the thought of drinking something, then I didn’t cause I thought I’d just do it to fit into their group or be liked by her. which isn’t a very good reason.

Might be that the main reason why I don’t drink is that I had the wrong attitude towards it, instead of enjoying it, I only wanted to get flat out drunk. We’ll see if I ever change my attitude.

I’m just listening to “Blind Destruction” by Crucifix, which reminds me of the fact that it’s kinda pathetic on what grounds the punk and hc scenes, in all their various branches, can’t stand each other. It’s about style and fashion to such degree, though the majority of the various scenes probably don’t have a clue about the others.

The girl I mentioned, she listens, among others, to Braindance, One Way System, Oxymoron, etc…, lots of stuff among it I’ve never heard about. On the other hand, none of her friends neither she nor most of her friends would know Amebix, Crucifix, Disaffect, etc.

Next month there’s an Oi-show, there’s a group of fascist “skinheads” who have announced that they’ll come, you can guess what happens. Well, though the music might be good, I don’t care ’bout Oi! shows that much, because even the attitude of most “inpolitical” skinheads ain’t isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

My zine is on the freezer, cause I have to rewrite some stuff, especially something on religion, cause I gained some insights into it through two different courses on religion by two different “sociologists”.

Allright, I want to read for an hour before going back to the University, I hope to hear from you after you’ve arrived in Bradford, when you can find the time to answer. I guess it’s the Flat Earth/ 1-in-12 club Bradford, probably better to livethere w/your friend than in H-H. So, try and be a public nuisance, or maybe not,

Take Care

Jani X.

Playlist: Scatha/ “The Tape” (yours), “The other tape” w/one way system, etc./ Turning Point/ Uniform Choice/ NFAA/ Ebola

Reading list: The Last of the hippies…/ The Free/

but mostly I’ve had to study.

“The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”, so my father bought a scanner, which maybe I’ll send you one two nice photographs, today I’m too stressed out.


Living with the boyfriend anywhere not in Bradford was out of question. There was his dole office over there and the council flat he had got  just before my arrival. Plus, Israel would’ve been too sunny for him. It would’ve eased his general glum.

I wanted to live in Bradford. Knew fuck all about that miserable place before arriving there – got into the brilliant music that emerged from the smog and curry smells when I was there.

Jani’s first letter is here