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Hi there!

I have read about your compilation “PARVEROTTI” in BRAINDEATH #1 (a SWITZ zine) and there is stated that it could be a big surprise!

So it made me want to write you. I don’t know what is the cost of this comp. so I’m sending you $5 and hope it’ll be enough. If it isn’t please let me know and I could send you some more.

O.K. I will wait for this so please hurry up with reply. I’m also interest if there is some more tapes/ comp. in Israel so please write me if you know for some issues (or zines in english). Here it is very strong scene nowdays Many bands/ zines/ gigs.

friendly/ best wishes

from Robert.

P.S. please send back a stamp.


Why didn’t I send him back the stamp? I knew all about postage scams by then. Weird. Cos I’m sure as hell sent a tape. I always did. Fair commerce was one thing, but Spreading The Word was even more important.



…I don’t know do you remember me; my name is Vedran, and you wrote me long time ago. I can’t say how sorry I am, but I couldn’t write you sooner, because I don’t live on my old address anymore, on the one on which you’ve sent me your letter (that it’s on my hometown called Sibenik). If you didn’t remember me until now, I think I have to say that this letter comes from Croatia. First I must explain why I moved from Sibenik. Well, first of all because at that time (in the summer of ’93) Sibenik was still in war area. Momentaly, the shootings have stopped, but no one knows is that really the final end. But that was not the main reason, because I lived in Sibenik all the 3 previous years while the war was still going on, and I’ve really seen a lot of killing and suffering (and sometimes I was also a part of it). The main reason for the leaving of my hometown is that I’m (only) 18 at the moment and I didn’t want to go in the army, but on the other hand, I had to go in the school. So, I went to Zagreb, where I’ve got some free education on the faculty of journalism and political sciencies, and on that way now I can save some money for living here.

I didn’t say how greatful I am on my letter, it’s very much appreciated that you’ve decided to write to me.

Ok, I see that you’re doing a ‘zine. As you probably know, I’m also doing a ‘zine, which is called “Glans Penissis”, and until now I’ve published 5 issues. All of them are gone, so I don’t have any of the copies left, but for a few days the new, 6th number of my ‘zine will be finished, and then I’ll send it to you, ok?! It will go together with the tape of my band “NULA” (translation for that word is: 0, zero, nothing…), and we play anarcho HC/punk/ thrash/ folk/ rock/funk… The ideas are the most important to us, and they are: anarchism, liberation, non-violence, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic…

Out tape which you’ll get with my zine (in separated letters) is about 87 minutes long, and it is consisted of 37 songs.

I’m momentaly very, very busy with the publishing of that stuff, so unfortunately I can’t write you any article, scene report or interview (sorry). I’ll send you something in the next letter, but you have to write me what do you exactly want (some band, non-music article, etc.).

This is why I’m sending you the lsat number of “Comunitas”, which is zine of “Z.A.P.O = Zagabrian Anarcho Pacifict Group”. That is the old number, the new one is also finished, but it is not printed yet. I’m sorry that this number is on Croatian language, so you won’t understand a lot, but please find included summary. The new number is written in two languages: Croatian and English.

OK, this is all for this time, until the next one take care, keep up the good work and receive many friendly greetings from VEDRANula.

Write as soon as you can.

P.S. If you want to know more about “ZAPO” write to me, because I’m also working in it.


In the end we had a Serbian scene report in the zine, the first issue of War of Words. I pasted  ZAPO’s flyer to the wall in my old bedroom. I had a few pen-pals from the area, mostly Serbs, but I don’t think I ever discussed politics and the war with any of them.

Here’s a relatively recent Croatian scene report and a download of Nula’s recording.