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Dear Keren,

please forgive me for being such a lazy sod with my correspondence. And I haven’t yet learned any Hebrew. Half of the Hebrew course would have been during my working hours, so I did not enlist. The summer wasn’t so great this time, car insurance always rips me off my travel budget and there was no enduring period of fine weathers. In the late summer I made my usual trip to London for only about 5 days. But it included an Avail show there. I was lucky for having met Paula, the organizer of the Avail tour, somewhere before in Stuttgart. There she was accompanying Citizen Fish (which I never liked). and I could ask her for addresses to stay in London. So I came to James’ Shake Some Action Rec. Store at Croydon, where I could sleep in the rehearsal room. And I met some nice young punksters. The gig happened to be on the same evening as the sold out NOFX/Vandals show, so I had space enough to dance, though the sound-mixing didn’t please me that much. Back in Stuttgart I too have done a hair cut (12 mm. max length) once again.

And the Avail-show here, organized by a friend of mine, was really what I would call p-u-n-k. O.K, I could praise this band (the people, their music & attitude) to no end. Los Crudos did tour in Germany but the South was excluded for reasons unknown, And Drop Dead played in a Youth Centre of Mannheim, about 60 km away and I had no tank filling.

In the mid of December I had a date at the welfare office and my monthly payment on my bank account was assured till July 97. This allows me to make travel plans. And I’m thinking of coming to Isra-Hell again: it ain’t a bad place to be. Around April, up to two months. Will there still be some kind of crash pad for me? But don’t feel obliged to do anything. I can only imagine about your or anybody else’s situation. And I can also only dream of having a flat in Israel. At the moment I’m sitting here alone in my two-room flat, and outside the cold winter night. You must tell me more about your US-stay and your experiences with a mohawk in Israel. Can I expect hearing from you soon?

Cheers, & greetings to all of the Isra-Hell collective,


P.S – And a special hug for your dog.


By the time this letter from Wolfgang arrived I must have been all high and adrenalin-rushed. I believe it was on January 14th that I received the letter from my to-be-boyfriend, telling me that he had broken up with his then-girlfriend, that he loved me and that I should come to be with him in Bradford.

Reading his letter now made me want to hug my dog. Linda, the dearest, kindest creature I’ve ever known, passed away in August 5th 2005.


Dear People of ISRA-HELL!

This letter is mainly concerning the ISRA-HELL CRASH PAD, mentioned in the Book-your-own…  -book. Without having had these informations on the local scenesters, I hardly got off the common tourist/ backpackers track and circles during a forthnight stay in Israel two years ago. This time, with the help of yours, I will make it total different.

But because it is the cheapest, I will take the same charter flight to Ben-Gurion with arrival on April 13th and departure on 27th of the same month. Is it true that there is really no bus or sherut trafficking between the airport and Tel Aviv because it’s Shabat? Here is the same brief information, as where to put me: I don’t eat flesh, fish and fowl, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. Soundwise, I don’t like metal/ mosh-dominated stuff. I’m not that much on record-collecting anymore but if I buy or trade something it should be completely DIY/ A friend of mine told me recently that he has ordered the NEKHEI NAATZA via Profane Existence for his small distro (Skuld). Will there be any good HC–punk-Gig somewhere during the period of my stay? What’s up with the territories? Having some kind of base camp from where I can make excursions and day/ 2 days-trips to other places would be great. Let me know what you think. Having a lot of other questions yet, I’m waiting for a reply…


-eternal punk-


I posted an ad in Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life, offering traveling punks a place to stay. I put him for a night or two in my room at my parents’ suburban house (the one that’s about to be evicted in less than a month). He stayed in Haifa with Ishai who plays bass in Useless ID and in the Galillee, in Federico’s kibbutz. He was a cool guy, OLD (32 or 34, I think. There weren’t any punks over 30 around back then!), a very considerate guest. When he saw my dad’s fax machine he promised to send us funny faxes from X-Mist, but those faxes never arrived… Another note by him will be posted in the (near?) future.


I hope you get this lettre, & I hope you read English.


My name’s Jesse. I from Chicago, U.S.A, & I’m in Israel for a month ending 8/31. I read the interview w/Nekhei Naatza in Maximumrocknroll a few months ago & was geeked to find there’s a scene here.

I’m doing a program in Jerusalem (or Tzfat, or wherever the #@%&! they decide to send us( until 8/24 & then I wanna travel the country some.

It’d be great if there were shows or record stores you could clue me in on. Even if not, just to know what it’s like to do stuff here really interests me.

Plus I just got here & found out I’m the youngest person on this program (22) & it’s buggin’ me out & I need some sorta release.

Find me.

Jessee C.




I wrote Jessee back, hooked him up with Federico in the Kibbutz, then had him at my parents’ place for a night or two. He looked bored most of the time and wrote me a nice letter when he returned home to Chicago, to ask that I mail him his agenda. I did, and he never wrote back (though I’m sure I had told him about my plans to travel in the US the following summer and my need for places to stay).

To answer his question – yes, I read English (hell, that MRR interview was in English, what kind of question was that?!?)

Who is Ben? I wondered myself when I shelled this letter out of the bag. After giving the envelope a second look I realized who he is, or rather, was:  “Ben” is Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion.  The street where we lived used to named after him until further development led to a name-change in our block. He messed around with the address but luckily the letter arrived. Punks from across the sea were a true novelty in those days.


My name is Andrew B, I’m 16, people think I’m a mix between punk, a hippie and satan. I’m into peace, heavily into occult science like Quabalah, Taoism and everything else. I’m a poet, artist, i use drugs occasionally but that’s because it’s too expensive in winter.

What’s Israel like? The media made everything in Gaza & the heightsnot hit the news because of the peace treaty they signed. Some people have never heard of Yitzsak Rabin much less that he was killed. How do you feel about politics? What’s really going on in Israel?

What’re you into? What books have you read? I read mostly about the occult, revolution, reality, morality, and like subjects. I also am forming a group called the “school of life” and by summer we’ll have connections with everyone in our area (northern Ohio, same size as your country) so you could meet anyone in ohio you want. School of life is a group of deviants from about 10+21 in age and we mostly talk about anything to be discussed, we also will have orgies and hope someday imalgamate into a community in a central location. There’s already a school of life type thing of shooting in other areas but have haven’t yet got in contact with them. We’d love for you to hang, stay, live, or crash in Sandusky for a while. Jeremy  J. should write to you, and you can crash at both our houses, because he lives near me and we hang around, we know each other well.

That’s all I can write. Write back, send a picture to.


In 1996 I traveled in the US and Canada for 4.5 months (the .5 was VERY important, you know…) Prior to leaving I posted an ad in the legendary Slug ‘n’ Lettuce zine. I must have the issue somewhere and if I find it I’ll scan the ad, but anyway, it said something in the lines of “18 y/o anarchist straight edge girl from Israel is looking for places to crash and people to hang out with in North America”. By the time I started planning my trip I already had a basic network but needed to further expend it. A good number of responses landed in the mailbox following the publications. Generous, curious, inviting. I met and stayed with a few people, others I regretfully missed. Some letters were too hideous to reply to but were worth keeping. Like 16 y/o Satan’s, who invited me to orgies in Ohio. Ohio wasn’t even in my very flexible itinerary. Yup, I chose to skip More Than Music festival in Columbus.

I believe I never replied this letter.