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Hello Keren.

Maybe not 28th, it’s saturday (27?) – Anyway – Received your letter today & just felt like writing

I don’t know how much it will long & you know why… I’ve written 2-3 letter in 1-2 week so have I only something to say… well, it’s late now (1.15 AM) -> sonday! & I should be sleeping &/or working for my exams in september… Gosh. I just don’t feel like doing it. you know holidays… if I miss it I can only blame myself so hope I’ll get it…

okay, you wanted the money ($7.5). I’ve sent $10 on friday. isn’t that cool! I hope you get it. Hey, maybe I can distro this new tape when it’s out. let mek now.

hope to get photos from the fest soon so I could send it to you along with the report… you could use it for your zine if you want –

why can’t you go to the upper Galillee & walk through the forests? isn’t there any other cool place you could go to? come on! I mean try & do your best. I guess I know what’s it like – see I just live in the countryside (my parents’ house) but I never do it when I feel down… duh! oh well, you’re still in a depressive mood aren’t you?? hope you’ll feel better soon. As I told you, I saw Chokehold too finally here!! (well in Belgium) some friends went to see snapcase & refused the 1st day. we stayed at the V’N’V, it was about 160 km & I don’t like snapcase so… I’d better stayed there & I had fun so…

Yeah, you were right. I was there & had fun you know, the more I think about it I wish so bad you were there it would’ve been cool & you wouldn’t be depressive by now (Just kidding) -> just don’t know about it –

Now it’s the […] again here except I have to work + tons of mail do do as I’ve been out for so long… bu after this, it’ll all start again – hope it’ll work out with the band!  oh yeah, I’ll also try & go vegan soon, well I was nearly one you know – the biggest problem is with my parents cooking (eggs, milk…) it’ll be the hardest point as I’m home during the weekend & holidays mostly but I’ll try my best – if this was only by me… it would be easy!!

hmmm… I have to order tapes (blank) & if I can I’ll make you one with various stuff you should like – hope you won’t know it already…

what I’ve done lately (today) clean & mess ed up my room (actually clean!) watched stupid stuff on TV – didn’t work!… oh yeah wrote a letter very late at night to one of my rare and favourite pals (more exactly)

& is it so late that I can’t write properly??

Can you only read me??

Well, my pals/ friends from CA don’t write me anymore (I told you before) so I don’t know where I’m gonna stay when going to the USA next summer I hope I can contact them again. Otherwise I have to find places to stay… you know about this girl I met in Belgium, well I feel so close to her, I’m not in love (or am I?) you know – I only know her from her letter & I just saw her at the previous fest – but well it was mainly like… I wanted to get to know her more personally. like ‘Best friends’ or so. you know she was sharing some of my points of view & feelings so I’d like I needed (& still need) to talk to her – it was kinda hard because maybe we were both “shy” or afraid, Why am I saying all this to you? well don’t know I just didn’t explain it well in the previous letter & you tell me so much about your personal stuff – so…

Does it sounds stupid? sorry then.

Okay – did I told you we were going to have tons of ‘big shows’ (NYHC style) here in RENNES this year?? It’s a friend of us who deals with this (mainly big stuff) Slapshot, Earth Crisis… maybe strife,… etc- I don’t know if I’ll go to all these shows. Some bands I don’t like (quite all, when it’s not the music it’s the attitude I hate!) + money… well he’s a friend so… it’s hard, I’ll see.

okay stop here for now

(& maybe stop it at all!) 2AM (nearly)

take care – good night!

sorry for the bad handwritting 😦 woaw I’m just not sure you can read it…

xPierre (says: have a cool day)

ok repeat it 33 times while smiling in the […]… you can keave!)


Monday. it’ll be mailed tomorrow. still nothing except tons of records to record




Hi Keren…

how are you?? hope you did get my letter. so, I’m back from the V’N’V (just yesterday evening) & well I have to work for september but I thought (as I said) that I would write to you before ‘cos then it would take more time if I wait…

okay, I should send you a report on this event ‘cos I’ve plan to do one, so if you want you can use it. I’ll try to make it as fast as I can before I could think to something else but well with those exams stuff I hope I’ll be able to! If dates are okay (after the exams) I should go too to the lead festival (crust V’N’V fest) in mid-sept.

okay – let’s start – I won’t talk to you too much about bands as I should do a small stuff on it but well, a few would’ve pleased you I guess, like: Mainstrike, ex-manliftingbanner. they ruled so much, they have a demo out now & if ever I can get it (all were sold out there) I’ll record it for you. it was just like MLB + cool old songs from GB, Bold, chain of strength… etc. Other cool bands were the italian ones: By all means (my fave!) Timebobm… Blindfold were cool  too so were kosjerd and… the big surprise that no one were waiting for: CHOKEHOLD! They were in tour in Europe & finally came around , we learned in on the 2nd day! Some other bands weren’t that cool & was even kinda violent (surprising hey?!) anyway, you’ll know more about bands when I’ll send my ‘report’ (I hope)

The other point I’d like to talk about is a bit more personal (but I just feel like doing it). I was a bit disappointed by some people’s attitude – A few guys (& girls) I’m in touch with just didn’t come along to see me. They just […] me & this made me crazy!!

I met (at last) a couple of cool people whom I just didn’t know before, they were from USA, playing for siren (ex-engage) & they were really friendly. They should come over  to france (No that sure yet)

I also met a girl I was in touch with. I which we would have time talk a little more together on first meeting (this) was a bit “shy”. I like her a lot, her letters were really cool & so was she when we exchange them for words…

oh well..

what else could I say.. no new stuff since I don’t really want to talk about this festival (I mean, the bands) here are $10 as I told you – you can send me like 2 more tapes of it (well protected) & I’ll send you one of mu comp. if you like it & can sell it then I can send you more. I still ave one of yours left so I can only take 2 more…

sorry about this..

okay keren, I wanted to make a longest letter but I just can’t find what to talk about so I’ll end it there hoping things are better for you… & go back to work

Take care, expect more news soon,