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Hi Kariel!

I’m Fine, Only my new band ČAPAJEWS VAGONS <- split pup. We have ono demo too, if you like I send you in next time (~22 mins).

Thanx a lot for your letter and tape.

Sorry, but things what you want I send in next time, here is Latvian compilation – Sons of a Bitch. I hope you like.

Send me please your tape list (LP’s, EP’s).

I hope you ok, too! That’s all for now.

Retorn stamps!

Good luck!

Your friend,



Here’s another contact I made through that chain letter and Book Your Own Fuckin Life #2. Only found the paper, no date, no envelope, no address (though I think he was from Riga). The tape I sent him must have been that Nekhei Naatza/ Public Domain split. He, in return, sent me both Latvian bands and more important – introduced me to Finnish hardcore. One of the few tapes that were salvaged from my parents’ house last month was that Sons of a Bitch Māris mentions in this short note, for a Latvia-born Jeruselamite friend.


Hi Keren!

How are you?

It was great to hear from you.

I make copies and send the chain letter to my friends.

Tell you something about Lithuanian punk/ HC-scene.

There are many good bands in Lithuania. All they excist in real underground. I’m a manager of a few Vilnius punk-bands. There are ERKĖ MAIŠE, SCAT, PILK, C.Q.A, HOMO GEBBELSUS, SMALKES.

All these bands played in our punk-club but now punk club is not excist.

I made the compilation tape of our punk/HC-bands “VILNIUS UNDERGROUND-93” If you are interested I can send this tape to you.

I’m really interested in your punk/HC-scene. Can you tell me more about your bands, clubs, gigs, alternative labels etc.? If you can send me your records from Israel bands I have heard “Salem” only and OFRA HAZA/ joke//

Is it difficult for your bands to make records, gigs in Israel?

To make gigs is a biggest problem in Lithuania. To make records is problem too because it is very expansive. This summer I’m plan to make a big punk/HC-festival in Vilnius. The bands from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Czech will come to the festival.

I’m plan this action on June.

It would be great!

And now bye!

Write more!

Keep in touch!



While typing this letter I was thinking about how obscure our scene was and the similarities between the Israeli and the Lithuanian scenes back then, but towards the end I just wished I could attend that festival Oleg had organized.

Hello Heren!

Thanx for writing, it’s nice to know someone so far away like you shares the same interest in music like we do out here!

Tell you what, if you send me a copy of “Book your own Fuckin Life” (in w/c we are featured) Ill send you “Screams from the Underground” (A local compilation of Filipino bands from my country) in which we are also featured. & yes, RMD Records is ran by the Phil. Violators. It’s our own indie label. Lots of people write to me, saying they got my address thru that issue (Book your…) but I myself haven’t seen it, so pls. if you can send me a copy of it, it would be very much appretiated!


P.S. I think you’re the first letter (ever) I got coming from “Israel” (I didn’t know there’s an underground scene there)

PS. Can you send me a photo? (of you & your friends)


This is one of the first letters I received from abroad, following the copies of the chain letter I had sent and wrote about here. On the same day I also got one from Andy in Vancouver which I’d transcribe soon, I guess.

Perspective is a funny thing. I mean, what is more remote, random and obscure than Filipino punk? If you asked the guy from the Phillipine Violators  his answer would’ve probably been Israel. I only had one copy of BYOFL (bought 2, gave the other copy to Federico) and I probably didn’t send him a pic. I thought I was ugly and I was just starting making new friends then. There was a pic attached to his letter, but I haven’t found it. The stamp is really nice though – national costumes.

Dear Keren~

Hello! I got your name off a chain-letter that my pen friend Keith sent me. Thought I’d drop you a note & introduce myself: I’m 24, I’m a writer, a drummer, I’m seriously into mountain-biking, running, + soccer. I spent 1988-’93 travelling all over the States; (I was AWOL from the Army  for a while in 1990-91.) I’m an anarchist + I don’t much like cops.

I live in the “backwoods” of New York – the KKK is big here, + some Hitler-types. Unfortunately for me, I’ve got blonde hair + blue eyes and I have had people approach me, wanting me to be a skinhead, etc. etc. I guess I do look the part, what with my cloths (jeans, boots, flight jacket sometimes)but oh well. If anything, I’d hook up with the SHARPS (SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) Yeah, it isn’t easy living in the red neck lands.

I’ve been athlete all my life + I guess one could call my hair “short”, so the brainless wonders oftentimes think I’m a lesbian. Not that that’s a BAD thing – what’s bad is the assumption that someone is “Gay” or whatever; based upon appearance alone.

Well I’ve rambled on long enough. I hope you’ll write me back, maybe send a photo (I haven’t got one right now to give you).

Peace, love, anarchy,



That’s the first chapter of a correspondence that lasted about 2 years. Not as hardcore/ music based as most of them.

Hello Keren,

how are you doing? Can you remember me? You wrote me as a reply of a chain letter back in November ’93/ Beside the other mail you were the only one writing from Israel. I was gladly surprised, I never expected mail from there. How can this be? I would like to thank you for the cassette of Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza, I can tell you this tape is in good hand at me, because I love HC/Punk from the various countries.

Meanwhiel I got a 7″ record of Nekhei Naatza. It’s released in US. Can you tell me if this is the only Israeli Punk record? And what was the first tape? Do you kno when the first (real) Punk band played in your country?

If you got sometapes and/or sometime I would be interested in getting some moremusic. I have a small tape list (to record) but more some records which I can consider for trade or record from.

I trade records for a couple of years with many people. If you are interested too, or if you know some friends who are interested you can tell them if you want.

Best Wishes.

P.S.: Please return my stamps. Thank you.


now this is what got me corresponding in the first place: when I just got into punk Federico handed me a chain letter. I had to cross the name on the top of the list, add my name to the bottom, send something punk to the crossed address and send copies of the letter to 10 people, hoping they do the same and eventually I’ll get stuff. On my brother’s Bar Mitzva trip in summer 1993 I bought a copy of Maximum Rock’n’roll and another copy of what I thought as MRR with chromo cover. The latter turned out to be the second edition of Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life.  I had addresses, wrote to people, some even wrote me back and the result can be found here and in the lousy grades I got in high school (because when I wasn’t shopping for records or hitchhiking around the country I sat in class and wrote letters).

Of course I sent Nekehi Na’atza/ Public Domain’s split; what else there was to share?

When did I get Horst’s reply?!?!? No date on the letter and the cancellation stamp is faded. He added a trade-list dated 9/96, so let’s say I got it in 1996. There is an e-mail address in his contact details. What a novelty!

I think I didn’t write back. The stamps are still attached to the envelope, but I wrote on the envelope “to reply in late 1999″/