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Hello Keren

well, Yann told me about your complain in his letter & when I wanted to write the day after I just get this letter… well, post offices are on strike here so maybe a letter from one of us did get lost even though it seems Not.

Anyway, you were talking about the army, well I just get a letter from it, for an apointment (medical stuff & tests & so on…) how boring!

also about school,  well, I still have 1 month left which means final exams are coming Quite Quickly & which means a lot of work to do… I don’t feel like it right now…

well, I’ll be on holidays after if all is allright… or then I’ll pass it again in September or even do it one more year if it’s bad (which I hope Not!)

well, on Sunday it’s the 1st election day for “our” new president… so we’re gonna vote for him… None have a majority now, all around 20% (3) & the others have 10 or 5% which include that our president will represent less than a quarter of the population – fuck this –

hey, Halfmast did split up… they should have their CD out still… (soon)

CIV is the name of the new GB formation (yeah, it’s the singer name), I don’t know what it’s like but I’m afraid it’s dissapointed after all those years & all Nowdays tendencies!!

Yeah, you did catch right, Shelter signed to Road- They are really stupid – same thing with Offspring, Green day, Bad religion… Rancid & pennywise should follow soon but also No use for a Name which are getting Much More Melodic than before, is on Fat Wreck & like MTV stuff you know (They May have a video on MTV!)

What else… well, Nothing great here, No shows ’til 3 Months or so, Quite no Mail… No order to put out my New distro list… etc-

Well, you’re right, theres still the band… No Nothing out yet, only a few hours of Rehearsal so… give us time, we already have 2-3 songs on their way with only 2 real rehearsal-

what’s it like… hum hard to say, hard to judge by Myself, fast HC maybe but still Melodic (??!) hey, you’re employed in the band if you want, you know I’d really like to get a female element (or more) in it unfortunately we’re one more full Male band…

Okay, it’s 7 Am (it’s always late hey?) & I don’t know what to write about don’t feel like it or… Anyway, I’ll tell you more Next… well try to.

Oh, send more (a couple) of those comp. tapes Thanx (& protect them well)

Take care

Pierre you change yours right?!)

see you soon in Europe!

>stamp… you know!


23-01-95 (the day of Army office no? AAAArgh!)

[sorry about the handwriting… I write for a long time! hope you can understand anyway!]

hello keren.

Thank a lot for the so long letters! + the tape. it’s really cool. I’ve enjoyed it even if I’ve listened it to it once because of all the recordings I had to do (including your tape)… so I just had No time for listening to it more… but it seems great. really.

I’ve been lucky to get this tape ‘cos the envelope was all scratched & the box damaged luckily the tape wasn’t broken. Just try to protect it more, post office sucks this way. My brother received 2 weeks ago 2 7″ well protected in a box & they were completely Broken!

Okay – I gave your letter to my brother, even though I’d rather not to for various reasons – just don’t pay attention. Anyway – Enclosed should be a few issues of his latest Newsletter, perhaps he’ll write later if he can. this year he has much more work & right now (these weeks he has exams)well you will understand by reading the Newsletter anyway!

So tons of events happened to you hey?

Did you finally start your ‘zine?

so did you buy all those stuff you wanted with your money??

Lately I had tons of New stuff.

CD’s, 10″, 7″, LP’s which I like alot. Old & new things. I get some with my distro which is cool cause I can se a bit of money!!

I’ve put some of the tape I’m sending to you (like: congress, Boot down the door…) about Spawn I’ve put you the 7″ (New) too as you’ve asked for it – I just get it in distro, I’m sorry last song is cut… it’s from my tape I didn’t have enough place for it & didn’t keep any for me (I cannot afford to keep copy of everything I get!)

I should get soon: Manliftingbanner & Brotherhood CD’s!!! in distro sure, I’ll keep one for me so if you want me to record it on tape or if you want original cd’s, we could work out something for sure!

Also on your tape is: Colt turkey, perhaps you already know it… if Not sure you’ll like it. it’s what Manliftingbanner has done (well one of the things before MLB (it’s against X-mas & the murder of turkey – sleeve is great! they’ve made it for gun)

oh, well happy birthday! I’ve forgotten. Okay, let’s say the tape is about it & also some other things I’ll try to enclosed.

it seems like you didn’t really enjoyed that time that much?

so hope your exams went well…

Did you went to the army office? I’ve heard about this event that happened 1-2 days ago with this ‘human bomb’ suicide & murders.

if I am right it happened on young people… too bad. I really can’t understand all this, okay it’s not the same thing in my country but religion sucks too. I don’t like fanaticism (I guess you don’t like either!)

The more things like this happen the more I hate Religious stuff for all its bullshit & Murders, I wonder how much death were & are still caused by religion

Murder, war… in name of God! tsss.

About your zine… well who know maybe sometime I could contribute (if I feel like it & just have time… I guess you know how it is!) if you could tell me a bit more like things you’ll like to get (subjects… etc) so I could see if I can help.

Also about your newsletter/ compilation tapes, if you want sure I could help you distributing some around here in my catalogue.

For Newsletter if they’re free send a few issues when it’s out & I’ll pass them on. For tapes (comp or whatever) well I don’t have much money left but you could send 2-3 (or more in the future if it works) & tell me your price & I’ll pay you if I sell them or then I’ll just return them.

So let me know if you’re interested!

About Zips & Chains… well we don’t distribute it, maybe we had a few issues but it’s gone… Anyway. I keep your $3 & I’m gonna find you an issue of it from a guy I know & send it to you as soon as I’ll get it.

Well, here we had 2 HC shows (it’s coming a bit more now) first one were with 3 French Bands

The 1st was mostly noisy which was bad, 2nd was a mix of Rock/ Ska/ HC melodic, it was cool but As there was too much [?] it was a but strange. The Third one was really great. Powerful HC Melodic really nice, they played two [?] set after the people were shouting after them. the atmosphere was cool except a lot of smoke inside (I hate this)

2nd show was with (initialy) NRA (from holland) & Apartment 36 (ex. poison idea), we’re already seen NRA in October or so & really wanted to see APT 36. Unfortunately for some problem they had to go back to USA…

instead there was another band from holland, they played first, it wasn’t really good, basic HC melodic. Only their son from GB and Beastie boys were cool. NRA were great again. faster than before & really nice kids. we’ve talk with them again after & they told us tons of stories (they knew Manliftingbanner, Seein’ Red… they’re friends!) & also told us about tour with NOFX & trouble they did get with them (they hate majors & on more than 20000FF they only get 1000 FF!!) & threw a brick on NOFX van, said fuck to Epitaph who wanted to sign with them… & more. it was cool!

Okay – about the distro now, well perhaps I could help you first I could distro some of your stuff if you want to, & I could also get you European stuff & US stuff if you’re interested (7″, LP’s, zines…)

7″s would be around $2 to $2.50, I don’t have uge stocks but I have friends who can get cheap stuff for me but it depends alot from time to time so I can’t really tell you what stuff now!

>EMO stuff (Driftwood, Bob tilton, Manumission…) $2 mostly

> SXE stuff (Blindfold, shortsight, Colt turkey(?), Manliftingbanner(?)…) $2-2.50

>Punk stuff (oi polloi stuff, french/ European stuff > Boot Down the Door, Disaffect, hiatus) > $2.50-2

it depends!!

[…. the list goes on – K]

Okay p I’m gonna quit –

oh yeah, about my plans: well I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to US this summer ‘cos I won’t have enough money… Next year sure!!

Instead I’ll try to find a job to earn money this summer + in August > go to the New SXE festival in Belgium! if you ever want to come to france, you won’t have to worry about a place to stay – Also I could show you around-

Let’s see, if you’re interested by france we could then organize something with the Belgian fest too! (should be again bands like: Blindfold, spawn, Feeding the fire + US/ European bands + the Jedi (ex. N.O. Fire – Shortsight & more)…

Well we’ll see.

Take care, write soon.

pls return stamps.




Hi Keren,

Thanx for the letter – and Happy Birthday! Thanx for the tattoo sticker – that is great. Christmas was good – my first with my boyfriend Kenny. We had a Christmas party (for his kids, mostly), where Ken’s nephew dressed up like Santa + we had gifts + food (+BEER!) – I got a great camera from Ken, some money (suprise!) from my mom + dad.  New Year’s Eve Ken + I went for dinner + had a nice, quiet night. No big parties, but alot of fun.

It’s funny you like The Germs because I do too + I just go the GI tape. Also I’ve been a Circle Jerks fan forever – like when I was 11 years old + nobody else had even heard of ’em!

My care is giving me lots of troubles + I’m getting tempted to leave it on the side of the road somewhere! I hope you get to go to a kibbutz when school is done. That would be really excellent, I think.

Oh I got a job last week – a new restaurant just opened 5 miles from where I live + so I start there later this month. I’ll be a cook.

I’ve pretty much moved all my stuff out of Kenny’s house, as his Not-Yet Ex Wife (who left him for a WOMAN a year + 1/2 ago) is giving us BIG troubles.  I stay here mostly, but when his kids are here (Wednesdays + every other weekend), I leave. (Long story.) ~ It sucks, because I feel a bit homeless, but it’s OK because now I feel a little less MARRIED. It’s such a long, disgusting story. I love Ken but the situation with this woman is hideous. At least now I’ve got a job so as to keep my mind off it all.

Ok well it’s late now + I’ve got to go.

Write again soon!




Wouldn’t I want to live in a place where an 11 y/o can be familiar with Circle Jerks?

I usually pick the letters randomly from the bags. When it comes to long-terms correspondents I try to transcribe chronologically, but in both case I seldom read the letter before typing. The divorce story is a weird coincidence. As I was typing I got a phone call from my father. Tomorrow the 4 of us: My husband, my brother, his girlfriend and me are meeting The Girlfriend, with whom he’s been sharing his life for I dunno how long – depends whether you ask him my mother.

So yeah, January 1995:  Shitty 17th birthday. The guy I was in love with didn’t call me and I wanted to die. A few days earlier, in the army office, a reunion with old classmates who shared a birthday week but didn’t share my lack of enthusiasm. Skipped the medical examination and messed up the exams, what ended up getting me out.

The Kibbutz thing: a thought that crossed my mind on the 12th grade. I considered the option of an individual service in a kibbutz, working in a daycare or in the fields, but then realized that I’d have to go through boot camp, shoot and wear uniform and pretty much be a part of the establishment anyway, so I gave up on this.

Hi Keren,

Wow, you wrote back! Cool! Hey, I have a brother exactly your age; his name is Ed. Actually no he’s 17. Jesus I’m so sorry to hear that military service is mandatory for you! That sucks bad. I joined the Army when I was 20 but went AWOL often 7 or 8 weeks. I fucking hate the military. Ah well. Minor Threat, Subhumans are my favourites also. I really like Bad Religion as well.

I live 70 miles Northwest of New York City. I live out in the woods, which sucks at time, but is excellent, too, because I love to be outdoors. I have not lived here all my life; I’ve been travelling round the States. At this point I’ve got a boyfriend, Kenny, who wants me to marry him, oooh boy, I’m scared! We’ll see. Anyway, I’ve put travelling aside for awhile to be with him. He’s very easy-going; you know, he doesn’t easily anger with my wierdnes. (Sometimes I can be very insecure… it’s a low self-esteem problem.) I play drums, I don’t know if I mentioned that; I’m sort of looking for a band to jam with. Problem is, up where I live, the “scene” is like a bunch of bandwagon-esque types, who din’t know a f—-ing thing about the D.I.Y @ ethics, etc. That’s one thing I miss about travelling; in Minneapolis, NYC, Seattle –> there’s a real @ movement, like, and up here in the woods it’s a bunch of KKK-ers (THE REAL SHIT) and fake skinheads. It can suck. My bro. and I would like to start a `zine, etc. Let me know how your collective comes along; of course I’ll want to be involved on this end if I could. Well well I suppose I’ll go now; write back, if you don’t find me too ugly or boring, and we’ll keep in touch? Allright?

Peace, Love, Anarchy,


P.S. I could salvage only 2 of your stamps. The others got mangled. SORRY!


So I had been doing the mail-fraud thingy for longer than I can recall. Not anymore though.

I’d be surprised to find letters from other people who served in the army. There were European guys who did civil service, but women? I wish I had asked Ckristine more about her experience in the army, but back then, fall 1994, a month after my appointment at the recruit base, I probably thought that even writing back to someone who served in the army is somewhat reactionary, so I’d better ignore it.