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Karen K,

We Found your ADDRESS IN MAX. ROCK-N-ROLL. How DO we Get A HOLD of tHAT HC/PUNK Comp? we’l be IN ISRAEL FROM JAN-MAY, 98. CAN you tell us WHere Any GOOD RecoRD stoRes ARe At, CoNceRts, etc?


CARlA and Hi-D


Ohhh, I so wish I’d known these ladies in 2007, when we sought after contacts on Route 66. San Bernardino, the last segment of the route, the last bit of (by then relative) solitude before the endless traffic of L.A and the southern coastal line. Route 66 is many things but it’s more Woodie Guthrie and Will Rogers than Steve Albini and Darby Crash and I’d like to consider this as a punk blog, so let’s turn left from the business route and enter the main memory lane again.

Nov 23. I was back in England then, the last days of the Honeymoon period when I still believed that I was in Bradford to stay. Some weeks after my return I asked my parents and brother to mail me a bunch of tapes by Israeli bands and Californian bands that the boyfriend despised and add the letters that had been accumulating since I flew back to the Kingdom. I was going to say that I wrote them back because the stamp was torn from the envelope, but nowhere in the letter is there a stamp-back request. Maybe Carla and Hi-D just used a pretty stamp and I removed it for my collection or for collage-making? Maybe the stamp wasn’t canceled and I removed it for future scams without writing these women back? I hope they enjoyed Israel and found records and shows. I think the scene was pretty much dead then, with 3/4 of the people abroad, but it was a time when you could still score good stuff that was overlooked by the ignorant salespeople at the record stores. Ebay killed that too.


Hi Kerem.

Greetings to you there. I hope these few lines find you happy and doing well.

I seen your ad in S+L #43 and decided to drop you a few lines. I am constantly reaching out through correspondence to make new friends all over the world. I write to people of all colors, races, young, old, male, female. all religion, I let no barrier stop me. I only want to know where their head and heart are. If they are somewhere near the same plain where I am then we can be friends. In your ad you said that you love to make new friends as well so do I. So Kerem if you want a new true friend and not a plastic friendship I would be very happy to correspond with you.

Let me tell you a little about my self. I am 5 foot 7 inchs tall, brown eyes + hair, 170 pounds, single, the father of one 12 year old son, a native of Florida, Some of my interests are reading, writing letters, I like to exercise, weight lifting (light) walking, Jogging, bicycling, canoeing, I like the beach, good friends, sunsets, nature, camping out and more.

Well Kerem I will close here for now I do hope to hear from you in the near future, but if you have enough correspondence already could you pass my name and address on to someone else there who would like a pen-friend here in the U.S. Thank you, have a nuce day, Take care, later


Perry A. (Wizard)


First letters are always awkward to write, but in order for there to be a second letter, there should be something that triggers the recipient to respond. Perry’s letter was written when I was in a small town near Providence, R.I, during a week off from my Grand Tour. My grandmother died when I was in Minneapolis. Lonely, sad, missing the British guy I hooked up with earlier that month, grieving her loss. I needed quiet time, away from the madding punk crowd and the remote house, filled with videos, old copies of MRR, cats, an old dog and my friend’s ex-girlfriend who was eying 18 y/o me was the best hideaway place.

I returned home to find this letter a couple of months later. There was nothing in it that drove me to write Perry back. His weight-lifting hobby? the 12 y/o son? He found my address in Slug and Lettuce, so how come he didn’t mention punk at all? I didn’t write him back and never forwarded his address to anyone.

Dear Keren,

How are you? I saw the ad in Slug + Lettuce and thought I’d write. I haven’t heard from Federico in quite a while – I wrote him and sent a record to the Kibbutz, but I was afraid he moved because I haven’t heard from him. Please tell him to write me when you next speak to him. I really think you should come to Texas on your U.S tour. I can help you out with shows in all the major cities here. Maybe you could start in the northeast (NY/CT/PA) and work your way down to TX. If not, you should at least tour to the south east coast. I would like to spend some time w/Federico and the rest of you kids. I will drive out to Florida or Georgia if that is the closest you come to Texas. What are you kids up to lately? My band broke up, but we have decided that we will get back together this summer to record and play shows. If you come to TX or the Southeast, we will definitely drive out and play with you. The scene in Austin is dead, no new bands have shown up and there isn’t a really good place left for shows. I would love to be able to tour with you, but I am going to be working. I am actually taking an eastcoast road trip this summer, but I will be gone May 17-June 14 and you will be leaving quite a bit later. I have quite other contacts, I will give you some that I can find right now. My band will record this summer, maybe we could do a split “7? That would be tons of fun. Here are some contacts:

Bill (Connecticut)___________

Robbie (Richmond, VA)_________

Neil (Tribal War, NYC, NE________________

Anyway, take care, Keren! I hope to hear from Federico and yourself very soon!


That kindness and urge to go out of one’s way to help out has always amazed me. It cannot be taken for granted, neither outside the scene nor within its borders. Anyway, the next time I spoke to Federico was in September 1997, when he returned from Nekhei Naatza/ USF US tour that only made it as far south as Kentucky, I think, and I was here on a much depressing visit, far away from my English boyfriend. So anyway, I guess I fucked up as Federico’s administrative assistant.

Hey Keren,

How’s life treating you? Well as you see I have finished #4 so have fun with it. Overall, I think it’s a hell of a lot better than #3. I, also, used your letter, if that’s okay. I kind of water the national feel – like we are all close  even though we live far away. About a month ago I had a talk w/my x/ After he totally dumped all over me (again) I went and saw a counselor. Well, I ended up being too fucked up for the counselor to deal with so they sent me to a psychologist so now I’m They diagnosed me with depression. Now I am taking Prozac. I am in this annoying good mood all the time. I no longer speak to my x. I heard from a couple of his friends that if my name is mentioned he flips out. I feel better w/him out of my life. I have a much better time at shows; life in general is alot better. Well, I guess I must be going. I’m at work and the phone is ringing off the hook. Write back and tell me what you think of #4.

❤ Carissa Screams.

P.S. I cut all my hair off. It used to go below my elbows, now it’s so short


Every now and then, when the drawers get filled, I packed a bunch of zines and posters and stuff and put them in a box outside a show, or contacted kids I thought might be interested and passed them the bounty. Regretfully, the issues of Screams from Inside were lost this way. I believe the information must be circulated and that everyone benefits from the flow of zines, but I wish I could now read that letter Carissa mentions.

Hey Keren,

Wll here we are on route to England. I’ve spent the last 24 hours trying to get connected to this flight & my brain feels like putty. I can barely think. Why am I even writing right now? It’s not like I can mail this to you from 75,000 feet, & though I love to ramble, I think I’ll wait till I make it to England so I have something interesting to say.

For now though, I’m sittin’ in the middle. The guy next to me is this grumpy old man who sneers whenever I get up to use the toilet. Somebody should start a punk airline. Maybe I’ve found my calling. I’d call it “Subhuman Air” or “Fossil Fuel Unlimited” or something like that. Anyway, I’m writing, and I already said I wouldn’t yet, so forgive me & I’ll get back to you.

Okay, it’s Monday morning & I’m doing my wash at a local laundromat. The underground scene here is (if in existance at all) very much underground. I’ve been to a few record stores that have the standard punk/HC stock, but nothing too interesting. Lots of stores cashing in on the “alternative” look. The only show I’ve seen advertised is The Dickies, who’ll be playin’ after I leave. Oh well. There’s still a week left.

Thenks for puttin’ me up & showing me around. It’s excellent to know that punkers span the globe. Keep practicing bass. It might be easier if you flip it (like Santiago) & then resetting it. (which is what I’ve done w/my guitar at home). Either way you’re left-handed which makes you just a little bit better than everyone else, so no matter what it should sound okay. Oh yeah, there’s a left-handed shop here in London. Kick ass!

I’ll send you all some Embargo Freak tapes as soon sa I get home. The plight of Nekkai Naatza inspired me to get my band in gear & to hop off our collective asses. I figure we’ll start playing out for real real soon or I’ll just disband the whole thing & start somethin’ new. Well see…

Outta space. Please send my book to me.

Until again,



I was surprised to see this pretty long and detailed letter, with a British stamp and a Chicago sender address. Jessee, who crashed at my place and also in the Upper Galillee with Federico and Santiago, and whose initial letter was already blogged here wrote me from his following leg. It was a heart-warming surprise. The first part reminded me of my own time-killing method when I get tired of reading on the bus or on the plane – writing in my journal, pretty much about nothing in particular, sometimes about my fellow-commuters,  if they happen to be too disturbing.

Then, the London underground being underground. I can understand this. It IS underground when you hang around Carnaby Street and Camden, but London had a lively scene in the 90’s; you just had to look around and ask around.

The bit about the record store got me thinking that when I lived in England, not even once did I buy my music at the shops  – it was always at shows. Oh, there was one occasion that I bought music in a record store – the Virgin or HMV in Bradford’s pedestrian mall. The Misfits’ American Psycho CD. Where else could I buy it? It cost like 2 or 3 vinyl pieces from a distro table and I had it duplicated on tape because my ex didn’t have a cd player. It wasn’t ideology, he was simply poor. His band-mate, now dead, made me a copy. I loved it then, but when I listen to the Misfits nowdays it’s almost always Static Age. As I’m writing this I’m craving Walk Among Us. Can’t believe I gave my (other) ex the copy I bought in Germany.

Ok, I’m drifting. Jesse’s motivation for writing this letter wasn’t (only) gratitude for the hospitality or (simply) innocent friendship.  The last sentence says it all: “Please send my book to me” (see my comment on his previous letter, linked above). I think I sent it. I also think he never wrote me again. A year later I was in Chicago – I didn’t stay at his place, but I got to know Chicago’s underground scene and east the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted.

Hello Friends! ~~~ Neil, Miko, B-Girl, Keith, Ray, Mirek, Keren

Please Forgive The Impersonal Format of This Letter, But I Want To Reach All my Friends. I Have An Idea. In The Months You + I Have been Writing We Have Exchange Ideas, Poems, Photos, Stories. Here’s My idea: Using My post Box As Base, You All Send Me Stuff – Like Those Things I Mentioned Above, Stuff on @, Squatting, Travel, Zen, whatever. I Will Then Photocopy It All, Staple it Together, + Send you All A Sort of “Newsletter”. You Can Feel Free To make More Copies + Send it To your other Pals. What Do You Thing? It Can Be Like A Collective `Zine; One That We All put Together. We’ll be A Network – Like When You Send Something, Put Yr Name + Address On it + before you Know it. You’ll Have Even More friends!

Please Tell Me What You Feel. Also if Anyone has An idea For A Name For This Thing, Please Send Yr Suggestions! I’ll Put out Another Letter like This + We Can Decide Together.

Thanx All,



Did it work out? Did I take part?

Hi Keren,

I was very happy to receive your letter. Sure I’ll give you a copy of my zine. Minneapolis is a big @ place. It’s supposed to be competitive with San Francisco. Punks move back to Minneapolis in the summer and back to San Francisco in the winter. There are few shows here during the winter time cause it is so damn cold. The sxe scene here is rather small and everyone in it is kind of dull. I’m having problems with it lately cause I’ve been avoiding some asshole ex-boyfriend so I’ve been skipping shows. Kind of a pity since I have been into this longer and I’m the one who can’t go to shows. I decided I can’t do this for anyboy so I decided fuck it. I’ll go no matter how much it hurts to see him. It’s bound to get easier every show. I know its pathetic but I talk about this crap + to everyone. Anyway, anyway. Where was I? Oh, yea. I came to Minneapolis from St. Louis, Mo. when I was 17, I came with my suitcase off the greyhound bus and I had the cab bring me to the dorms. I had no clue where anything was. I didn’t know anyone. I just attended this school cause I actually got accepted. It’s really tough moving somewhere totally different. I understand, so if you need anything (place to stay, person to talk to ect.) I’ll help you. It’s a good thing to know when you move somewhere all alone, when you are in trouble someone will help. I don’t have a phone # as of yet. I’m living w/ this 5 guys who got their phone disconnected. I have no address either. I guess if you write back I’ll have one by Sept 1

Are you originally from Israel? Just wondering. Anyway, I’m at work now and I’m totally looking bad next to Ms. Perfect Worker, so I better let you go.

Write soon.



Carissa… I remember writing her. I probably followed an ad or a review for her zine, Screams from Inside, which I think I reviewed for War of Words and  remember as an emotional, intense, feminist sXe zine.

Although I’m sure I would’ve  done the same (and have done the same), that generousity amazes me. Offering your friendship and help to a complete stranger cannot be taken for granted. I do wonder, however, what I wrote. In 1994 I was still in highschool. I might have already planned my grand US Punk tour but it would’ve happened only in 96.

On a different note, back then I didn’ have a boyfriend but in retrospect I can totally relate to her avoiding shows because of her ex. It happened to me a few years later.