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Hello Keren,

Well it seems as if things are going pretty well for you. I play bass too, but recently have become discouraged. I kind of just want to sell my bass. I had the most miserable year and I’m really looking forward to going back home. My roomate had just moved out and stole some of my records in the process – really rare ones too. Now I’ll never get  them back. These recrods were not only expensive, but had sentimental value. It kills me that they are gone. It is like another crushing defeat. I work all the time as well, but all my $ (especially now since my roomate moved) goes to pay rent. So if you need a place to stay it’ll have to be in St. Louis (Mousouri – s?!) at 314-_______. Otherwise I’m really sick of MPLS, and find people not too nice here. I will finish school soon and call will be happiness.

god – Im miserable.

I’m sorry. I’ll try to write back when I’m in a better mood.



Carissa moved away from Minneapolis before I made it there. It took 11 more years for me to make it to St. Louis, but by then we were no longer in touch, of course. I didn’t even remember her when we drove from East St. Louis, IL to Real St. Louis, the one with the Arch and the Louis and Clark fame.


Hi Kariel!

I’m Fine, Only my new band ČAPAJEWS VAGONS <- split pup. We have ono demo too, if you like I send you in next time (~22 mins).

Thanx a lot for your letter and tape.

Sorry, but things what you want I send in next time, here is Latvian compilation – Sons of a Bitch. I hope you like.

Send me please your tape list (LP’s, EP’s).

I hope you ok, too! That’s all for now.

Retorn stamps!

Good luck!

Your friend,



Here’s another contact I made through that chain letter and Book Your Own Fuckin Life #2. Only found the paper, no date, no envelope, no address (though I think he was from Riga). The tape I sent him must have been that Nekhei Naatza/ Public Domain split. He, in return, sent me both Latvian bands and more important – introduced me to Finnish hardcore. One of the few tapes that were salvaged from my parents’ house last month was that Sons of a Bitch Māris mentions in this short note, for a Latvia-born Jeruselamite friend.

Keren, servus

this is Klaus writing all the way from Germany!!  – What’s up and how is life over there in your spot of this planet?! Federico of Nekhei Naatza sent me a copy of your Israeli comp. tape, by the way. So, just give me some infos on the Isra-Hell collective and more useful news…

I am actually pleased to get your address because i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands throughout the globe from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.

Just have a look at my flyers enclosed so you may get a slight idea of what I want to figure out. Please spread them to those who you suppose may need any! Thanx a lit in advance.

Just feel free to send a band bio or a photo if you can afford. And let me know if you have some stuff available – like demos, live/ rehearsal tapes, vinyl records, whatever. I am always interested to feature some stuff for future issues of BREAKDOWN – the zine that I co-write for. Our forthcoming edition will include a whole lot of national and also foreign reviews, interviews, articles and such.

I am open-minded for infos and news, any stuff is really more than welcome. I like to read especially what’s going on with your label and the local Hod Ha’sharon scene. I guess Betrayer is from your area and Yishai promised to send me their demos…

If possible send me some scene-report. We could exchange any stuff. You probably know some more addresses of bands, by the way, which you know around your area. Just pass them my flyers.

I’d appreciate if you could send me the original cover because Federico forgot to do and i’d like to dub 2 or more copies of the comp for some mates world-wide (possible review).

I look forward to reading from you…

Take care, mach’s gut & shalom,


1995 All animal and human rights reserved….


It’s embarrassing to write it, but typing this letter got me quite peeved. First, that sentence: “[…] i am always trying to contact traders, collectors, zine editors and bands […]  from less known, obscure countries but, of course, better known countries, as well.” How does he categorize Israel? It’s a famous (or rather, infamous) country on one hand, but music/ punk-wise it’s quite obscure. One would think that Israel belongs to the latter, but Israel isn’t mentioned in the flyer that is enclosed in the envelope that lists the “less known or ever obscure countries” that he’s after (e.g. Greenland, El Salvador, Samoa, Laos, Gozo and many others that are known either for genocide or rum, but not for punk.

Second – all those requests! I haven’t found another letter from Klaus yet and I don’t remember if I wrote him back or not. There’s a good chance I did. There’s a good chance I wrote a detailed scene report/ review of the local scene (and by local I mean Israel, not Hod HaSharon, then a population 20,000 town with yours truly as a single punk within its municipal limits, mind you) and sent him friends’ addresses and Parverotti’s cover etc. etc. I’m reading this and thinking that’s too much to ask! But that’s the present me, the married 32 y/o who works full time and then some, takes courses in the evening, exercises twice a week and tries to have some social life/ be politically involved when possible. In June 1995, however, I was a fresh (highschool (un)graduate, worked part-time doing telemarketing at my uncle’s business, saving shekels for my Grand Tour in the USA and hitchhiking to shows and record stores. I probably wasn’t (THAT) peeved then.

Third – Israel is a small country. Why writing Federico AND me AND that Metal Dude from Betrayer? We all had the same tapes (Yishai must have had metal too).

Of course, these comments say more about my current bitchy mood. I guess that love letters would’ve received the same commentaries had I uploaded them now. Klaus was just a collector trying to spread the word about music scenes in less-privileged countries; 17 y/o me was happy to help so fuck me.

Yo Keren,

Yeah. I wanted to write to ya for some time now… Thanks for the “Parverotti” V/A tape. It was reviewed in Flipside some time ago… Flipside #96. I also reviewed the Nekhei Na’atza 7″ on Beer City Records. I hope you got some responses from my review. A buddie of mine in Sweden is interested in hearing more… I gave him your address. If there are comps. and demos of bands there want to be reviewed on Flipside, just have them send me their release. I’ll review punk, thrash, oi!, etc.

Well, I am just about the only one over at Flipside that actually do care about music from as many places in the world… So far, I’ve got punk rock from 52 countries! So far, I am waiting for stuff from even more. I have a collection of over 6000 punk records. I am also trading + taping stuff from all eras. Well, if you are interested in trades, please send me your want/ trade list. If there’s stuff you would like a tape of, please send me a list + I’ll see if I have it.

Well, that’s about it for now. Write back soon. Take care. Later,



I was soooo excited when I received Katz’ postcard and when I saw his review on Flipside. Like, an old-school collector who writes for FLIPSIDE actually gave me, a provincial teenager from a tiny, remote dot on the globe,  the time of the day. I found a whole bunch of letters from Katz – more later.


you are not forgotten! I am sorry for my slow reply, of course I actually have a good excuse. I just returned from Mexico two weeks ago… my great friend Andria and I hitchhiked to San Diego, then took 2nd class trains all over the country. We avoided the tourist shit + white people. We saw alot of natural beauty, and also met tons of cool punks too! We saw two shows, but missed most of the bands. We most namely saw a cool band called SABOTAJE. We also went to an Anarchist library in Mexico city – very amazing! The whole trip was very cheap, I only spent around $300 (us) in 5 weeks total! And that was eating lots of yummy food! I traded many tapes for Mexico punks too! More stupid stuff about life: T.W.P has done alot of tours in late ’96, and I did alot of travelling too. So yes, life is good!

It’s cool that you enjoyed Portland. I’ve got alot of cool friends there – yes, DETESTATION and many others. Kelly + Saira are great people. L.A is total shit! In Mexico city many punks are like total poseur Sid Vicious shit. They all sniff glue. Of course the people we met were cool and did not sniff glue. Hey, you’ll tour U.S.A?! T.W.P will tour Canada (all) in July + August so we should play together! Or tell me your dates and I’ll find you people! Maybe I can travel with you people?! Please send those reviews to me! I actually do not want a copy of the ‘zine, only the reviews. The reason is because I have tons of ‘zines, and soon I’ll move so I try to get rid of stuff! I’ve said hello to people you met here, and they say hello to you! 🙂 Is the new N.N 10″ ready? Or the new tape? Soon the new T.W.P is ready. Also soon the M.P.A double LP. As of today, I actually have no new stuff out… but in some weeks I will. “Sabat” has a new place now in a youth centre. We will move in soon and re-open in March. I’ve sent to you some raw punk that I hope you’ll enjoy… I was originally only wanting to include the Canadian stuff on it, but I decided to put on some other countries too. Thanks for the cool photo of you + N.N. too! Say hello to Federico! The lazy bastard hasn’t replied! Okay, sorry but this is all for now! Reply when you can!

Love from Jason.


Return Stamps!



T.W.P – Third World Planet, Jason’s band.

M.P.A – Mexican Power Authority, Jason’s band too, still alive and kicking.

N.N – Nekhei Naatza. The guy who was going to release the 10″ bailed out on us and the material got released as an LP by Beer City Records (but I cannot find any information about the record on the website).

A wonderful example of punk pre-internet network. I stayed in Vancouver with Andy, one of my first pen-pals. While I was there Jason called from Victoria and when he heard about me he invited me to hang out with him for the weekend. At the time he was corresponding and trading with Federico, my friend, inspiration (and back then bandmate too). Jason also referred me to his friends Kelly and Saira with whom I stayed in Portland, also friends of Federico.

It was a weekend to remember, hanging out with the local anarchists, sneaking to the city’s fanciest hotel and eating leftovers from the room service while viewing the sea and the cityscape from the roof, hanging out in a Christmas ornament shop and getting the eye from the owner and seeing Black Kronstadt live in a basement show (I *THINK* my memory does not deceive me here… anyway, they have me their “7ep then). Also, I took my first ferry ride and loved it.

The tour did happen, only I had quit the band in the winter of 97 and moved to England to be with the guy I loved.

The zine reviews he mentioned? the reviews? I guess It was another of my attempts to pull together a personal fanzine, another one that didn’t happen.

Hello Keren,

how are you doing? Can you remember me? You wrote me as a reply of a chain letter back in November ’93/ Beside the other mail you were the only one writing from Israel. I was gladly surprised, I never expected mail from there. How can this be? I would like to thank you for the cassette of Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza, I can tell you this tape is in good hand at me, because I love HC/Punk from the various countries.

Meanwhiel I got a 7″ record of Nekhei Naatza. It’s released in US. Can you tell me if this is the only Israeli Punk record? And what was the first tape? Do you kno when the first (real) Punk band played in your country?

If you got sometapes and/or sometime I would be interested in getting some moremusic. I have a small tape list (to record) but more some records which I can consider for trade or record from.

I trade records for a couple of years with many people. If you are interested too, or if you know some friends who are interested you can tell them if you want.

Best Wishes.

P.S.: Please return my stamps. Thank you.


now this is what got me corresponding in the first place: when I just got into punk Federico handed me a chain letter. I had to cross the name on the top of the list, add my name to the bottom, send something punk to the crossed address and send copies of the letter to 10 people, hoping they do the same and eventually I’ll get stuff. On my brother’s Bar Mitzva trip in summer 1993 I bought a copy of Maximum Rock’n’roll and another copy of what I thought as MRR with chromo cover. The latter turned out to be the second edition of Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life.  I had addresses, wrote to people, some even wrote me back and the result can be found here and in the lousy grades I got in high school (because when I wasn’t shopping for records or hitchhiking around the country I sat in class and wrote letters).

Of course I sent Nekehi Na’atza/ Public Domain’s split; what else there was to share?

When did I get Horst’s reply?!?!? No date on the letter and the cancellation stamp is faded. He added a trade-list dated 9/96, so let’s say I got it in 1996. There is an e-mail address in his contact details. What a novelty!

I think I didn’t write back. The stamps are still attached to the envelope, but I wrote on the envelope “to reply in late 1999″/