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Hi Keren,

thanks for the tape! Actually, I nearly bought the Crucifix LP Reissue, due to lack of money I didn’t, now I don’t have to. Well, I like Amebix (!!) and Crucifix(!) best, but I’ll spare you the details of why I like what.

I’m at home now, just came back from the University, thought I’m going back there in about two hours. We wrote a multiple-choice test on sociology today which was kind of, well, hard, in a stupid way, the wording was really “vague”. Last Monday we had a sociology socio-psychology test, and next Monday the shittiest one, statistics.

On Saturday, there’s the supposedly biggest neo-nazi/ fascist protest in Germany “democratic” Germany ever, against the crimes commit an exhibition on the crimes commited by the regular army on innocent civilians, participation in the killing of Jews, leftists, partisans etc. Of course I’ll go to the counter-demonstration, I guess it’ll be in the news in Israel, too, so…

Anyway, I haven’t seen the exhibition yet, the atmosphere is very heated, and of course it had to be Munich, once called “Haupstadt der Bewegung” “capital of the movement”, by the nazis.

The different demonstrations have been hunting each other, or the anti-fascists the nazis to be more precise. I guess they’ll clash somewhere, or, which is more likely, the cops will protect the rightwing-demo, cause it’s totally legal, of course, and everyone disturbing or blocking it will be “disturbing the peace”.

Well, now to something completely different, besides that I guess this letter won’t be that long cause it’s more to keep in touch, on top of it I’m tired and in a hurry cause I “want” to do some shit for statistics too.

At the beginning of my university life I met a girl I got along with very well for a short while, opposites attract, but we didn’t find any common ground, except a few negative characteristics. As she won’t talk face to face about her emotions at all, we and I didn’t care anymore, we started to go out of each other’s way mostly, and after a few days she started to do her best to ignore me. Very immature, I think. Anyway, in her way of thinking women can’t drive (except her), girls who have sex w/lots of men are bitches, etc… You can figure out for herself what she expected of a man. The guy she was together with the longest was a cop who called everything he didn’t like gay or queer, “cool”. “Surprising” that that story didn’t work out, though she thinks she’s “alternative”.

Couple of days ago I met an (ex?) punk girl who is with me in sociology. I had noticed her earlier, but we never really talked with each other. So we met at a show, which was kinda inevitable in the long run. She’s been to the Chaos Days 95 and 96, been to various squats, she’ll be 1-2 months on holiday in Berlin in a squat or a “wagon center”, I don’t know what the right term for those is in english.

Taking into account that we’ve only known for two weeks or so, we get along quite well. Her friends, at least those I’ve met, are, well, I don’t think they “qualify” as fashion punks, but they are very styled, bondage trousers, one guy had a bowler had (a “melon” in german) worth 300 DM(!) on, so…

Anyway, as you might guess, she gets fucked up (drunk) on most weekends, like at the Lurkers show last saturday, which is kind a boring for me. The usual problem. Actually, I played with the thought of drinking something, then I didn’t cause I thought I’d just do it to fit into their group or be liked by her. which isn’t a very good reason.

Might be that the main reason why I don’t drink is that I had the wrong attitude towards it, instead of enjoying it, I only wanted to get flat out drunk. We’ll see if I ever change my attitude.

I’m just listening to “Blind Destruction” by Crucifix, which reminds me of the fact that it’s kinda pathetic on what grounds the punk and hc scenes, in all their various branches, can’t stand each other. It’s about style and fashion to such degree, though the majority of the various scenes probably don’t have a clue about the others.

The girl I mentioned, she listens, among others, to Braindance, One Way System, Oxymoron, etc…, lots of stuff among it I’ve never heard about. On the other hand, none of her friends neither she nor most of her friends would know Amebix, Crucifix, Disaffect, etc.

Next month there’s an Oi-show, there’s a group of fascist “skinheads” who have announced that they’ll come, you can guess what happens. Well, though the music might be good, I don’t care ’bout Oi! shows that much, because even the attitude of most “inpolitical” skinheads ain’t isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

My zine is on the freezer, cause I have to rewrite some stuff, especially something on religion, cause I gained some insights into it through two different courses on religion by two different “sociologists”.

Allright, I want to read for an hour before going back to the University, I hope to hear from you after you’ve arrived in Bradford, when you can find the time to answer. I guess it’s the Flat Earth/ 1-in-12 club Bradford, probably better to livethere w/your friend than in H-H. So, try and be a public nuisance, or maybe not,

Take Care

Jani X.

Playlist: Scatha/ “The Tape” (yours), “The other tape” w/one way system, etc./ Turning Point/ Uniform Choice/ NFAA/ Ebola

Reading list: The Last of the hippies…/ The Free/

but mostly I’ve had to study.

“The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”, so my father bought a scanner, which maybe I’ll send you one two nice photographs, today I’m too stressed out.


Living with the boyfriend anywhere not in Bradford was out of question. There was his dole office over there and the council flat he had got  just before my arrival. Plus, Israel would’ve been too sunny for him. It would’ve eased his general glum.

I wanted to live in Bradford. Knew fuck all about that miserable place before arriving there – got into the brilliant music that emerged from the smog and curry smells when I was there.

Jani’s first letter is here


Hello Keren,

How are you? Fine I hope. Thanx a lot for your letter, I was very happy to hear from you. I thought as much that you wouldn’t write me back before your departure.

Yeah, I know what you want to say about pop PUNK bands. I’m totally agree with you, a lot of pop PUNK bands have fuckin’ commercial attitude and have nothing to do with PUNK. As you can see I sent you a tape with some french CRUST GRIND NOISE bands. Hope you’ll like it. I’d like to have in exchange a tape with some songs of PUBLIC DOMAIN (their “7 for example), MEFAGERET, ETHOS and some other good israeli bands. (if you can of course!). Oh, MADAMSKI QUI FAIT DU SKI is the nickname that the daughter of PABLO (RESISTANCE production, Switzerland) give it to me. In french it’s funny but it have no sense in english.

I saw DROPDEAD on stage on the 22th of November…. ARRRGH! It was fuckin’ EXCELLENT!!!

Thanx a lot but I’m not looking for something in particular. Oh if you want to listen more french bands no problem. I have the split LP ENOLA GAY/ COCHE BOMBA, the split EP ENOLA GAY/ VIVISECTION, the demo tape of ÖPSTAND…

Do you know SHAY NASSI [here comes an address, a northern town]? I saw his address in a french zine.

OK, I think that’s all. Sorry for the short letter but I have a lot of work at the moment and I prefer send you the tape now.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.




Apparently this correspondence wasn’t as short as I had initially thought when I started this blog; it lasted after my return from the US, judging from Adam’s response to stuff I had probably wrote about the new pop-punk apprehension and the enthusiasm from grind and crust in general and Dropdead in particular (this band will be mentioned in the future; once I find the relevant letters). The envelope is missing so from filling-in the gaps our correspondence lasted until my departure to England; when I returned to Israel a year later my mailing-rate drastically dropped and then came email. I hope I fulfilled my part of the trade.

Dear Keren,

Here’s Tamás from Chaos Int. zine, Hungary.

Well, I’ve always been interested in Israel and now I’m happy to find your address. I’ve found your opinion very interesting. You don’t feel like a jew? Then what nationality are you? What is life like there? We hear a lot about the Israel – Palestina conflict. What do you think of this? How does it influence your daily-life?

Some years ago my father visited your country and he brought a lot of postcards, photos. I think that your country and culture is very interesting. Please tell me something about it!

And how’s the scene? How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture?

Well, you can see that I’ve got a lot of questions. I hope you will answer them & my letter. Please write soon.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t you know anyone that could sell some copies of my zine?


Seriously, there’s no symbolic value here. This letter has been waiting on my desktop since the beginning of September, patiently waiting to be transcribed. It’s coincidence that I found this empty slot of homework procrastination  in Yom Kippur eve. Gonna get dressed soon and walk. Hopefully we’ll make it to Jaffa, hopefully our Arab neighbours won’t disappoint us and keep Pizza Roma open for us.

As a postcard collector I find it odd that Tamás was impressed by postcards from Israel. The souvenir industry here has always been weak compared to other countries and postcards were kinky at best and badly photographed and printed in most cases. I assume that his father visited in the 80’s-90’s, the Dark Ages of Postcard Production. Even the Jubilee 2000 series that’s still circulating around Tiberias and Nazareth are better than the ones Tamás’ dad must have picked.

To answer the question How can punk/ HC/ SxE exist in the Jewish culture, click here

I think it’s the only time I received any mail from Hungary. Never found any contacts there although I do remember looking for it.  I can’t tell where he found my address.

English follows.

מצטער שעבר הרבה זמן פשוט המכתב שכתבתי הלך לאיבוד

לקרן שלום

מצטער שעבר הרבה זמן מהמכתב שלך גם לי יש את נקרופיליה לנוער 2 וזה באמת פאנזין די טוב אך גם יש בו מספר דברים די קיצוניים.

בקשר למה שאמרת (כתבת) על לגרום נזקים לחנויות גם אני מסכים [ צנזורה] אך לרסס מעילי פרוות זה לא אפקטיבי אולי לא ישתמשו בפרווה הספציפית הזו אבל יבואו אחרת וכך לא הסגנו כלום.

בקשר למקסימום רוק’נ’רול אני מכיר אותו ואנחנו היינו אמורים גם להופיע ברשימה מישראל דבר שלא יצא.

הקסטה תצא אני מקווה מאוד בזמן המאוד קרוב (אני אכתוב לך מתי) והיא תכיל כמובן מילים. בקשר לשאלה שלך בעניין הכסף. אף פעם לא הזמנת חומר מחו”ל? (מוזיקה, אגודות וכו’…) את המוזיקה שאת שומעת את קונה בארץ (איזה מוזיקה את שומעת דרך אגב תכתבי לי גם איזה להקות) במחירים מפוצצים? (אני לא מתכוון ללגלג) להזמין דרך החברה זה הרבה הרבה… יותר זול חוץ מבעית הדולרים שהיא שולית. כן תוכלי לשלוח כסף בדואר וזו לא שאלה דבילית. ברגע שהקסטה תצא אני אודיע לך את המחיר שלה + דמי מישלוח (המחיר יגיע אולי ל15 ש”ח) תודה רבה שוב ואני מצפה לתשובה.



נ.ב זו תהיה הקסטה הראשונה והאחרונה שלנו כי הסולן טס לחו”ל (עוד חודש) והמתופף תקוע עמוק עמוק בצבא ואם לא תהיה הופעה בחודש הקרוב אז…

Sorry it’s taken so long, it’s just that I lost the first letter I wrote.
Hello Keren
Sorry it’s taken so long since your last letter. I also have Young Necrophilia #2 and indeed it’s a pretty good fanzine but it also contains some pretty extreme stuff.
Regarding what you said (wrote) about damaging shops I agree too [censored by me – kmk] but spraypainting fur coats is ineffective. Maybe that specific fur coat wouldn’t be used but there will be others and thus we haven’t reached anything by doing so.
Regarding Maximum Rock’n’roll – I know this zine and we were supposed to be listed in the Israeli scene report but eventually it didn’t work out.
The tape will be released really soon, I hope (I’ll write you when) and it’ll come with lyrics of course. Regarding your question about the money. Have you never mail ordered stuff from abroad? (music, associations, etc…) Do you buy your music in Israel for a ridiculously high price? (By the way, what do you listen to?  What bands?) I do not mean to laugh at you, but buying directly from the label is way, way cheaper, though there’s the currency exchange issue, but it’s minor. Yes, you can send money in the mail and it’s not a dumb question. Once the tape’s out I’ll let you know its price + shipping costs (it might reach 15nis.) Thanks a lot again and I’m waiting to your reply.
Bye, Adi.
P.S – this is going to be our first and last cassette, cause the singer’s flying abroad (in a month) and our drummer is stuck in the army and if we don’t have a show in the coming month then….


It was a brave new world that Adi and Federico opened for me. One of fast music, well-concealed $$$ in envelopes addressed to record labels, t-shirt printers and distros. I placed my first mail-order in the end of that year. Bought Feeding The Fire‘s debut 7″ after contacting them via that famous Book Your Own Fuckin Life. What a smart first purchase. Sometime in the late 1990’s the banks lost their monopoly over trading foreign currency and change spots opened in every corner, but when I wanted to buy records in 1993 I asked my grandfather to go to the Black Market in Lilinblum st. in South Tel Aviv, where old, golden teethed Polish men offered those desired dollars, often fake, always without the huge commission the banks took.

What bands did I listen to? Nick Cave, The Gun Club, Neubauten… I don’t think Adi appreciated it, but shortly after MDC and Minor Threat entered the playlist.

The Public Domain/ Nekhei Naatza tape came out in October 1993. It cost 4nis.(it was less than $1) and came with a lyrics booklet. I bought my copy from Federico, and eventually bought like 15 more copies that I distributed and traded all over.

English Follows

לקרן שלום

קודם כל תודה רבה על המכתב ועל ההתעניינות. בקשר לבקשה שלך לשמוע אותנו הופעה זה באמת די קשה כי המתופף שלנו בצבא אבל אנחנו מוציאים קסטת דמו ביחד עם הלהקה התל אביבית/ גליל עליון נכי נאצה אולי את מכירה אותם. הקסטה מכילה כמובן מילים (באנגלית, נכי נאצה שרים בעברית). אם את רוצה, ברגע שהיא תצא ואני מקווה שזה יהיה כמה שיותר מהר אני אוכל לשלוח לך אותה. (המחיר שלה יהיה כמחיר העלות, לא יותר מ-10 ש”ח). אם את לא מעוניינת אני אוכל לצלם לך את המילים ולשלוח לך אותם. אנחנו שרים בסגנון ההרדקור ונכי נאצה מתקרבים יותר לפאנק בסגנון סאביומנס אם את מכירה (אפילו שהבסיסט שלהם שונא את ההשוואה אבל זה לא משנה)

עכשיו בקשר לנ.ב לגדי (אני מקווה שהוא גם יצרף תשובה למכתב). אי אפשר לשלול מאנשים את “זכותם” לאכול בשר, את לא יכולה ללכת ברחות לראות משהוא אוכל סטייק ולתת לו מכות זה לא חכם ולא מעביר את המסר. הדרך היא שכנוע, לא שכנוע כמו תוכי אלא שהבן-אדם יבין ואז ישתנה. אנחנו (מספר הצמחונים/ טבעונים בסביבה) גדלים ומתרבים כל הזמן וזה נותן יותר כוח אני וגדי [צנזורת עריכה] עושים את המקסימום שאנחנו יכולים בשביל להלחם למען אלא שלא יכולים. אנחנו צמחוניים לא לובשים עור לא משתמשים בדברי קוסמטיקה שעברו ניסויים בבעלי חיים וכו’.
ביי ושוב תודה אני שמח שיש עוד משהוא בצד שלנו. אני מחכה לתשובה
נ.ב אני מקווה שהבנת את הכתב.

קונטקסט? קראו את הראיון המלא עם פאבליק דומיין בגליון מס’ 5 של אבק, בארכיון הפאנזינים הישראלי. גלגלו לעמ’ 18.

Hello Keren,

First thanks alot for the letter and the interest. Regarding your request to hear us live it’s actually pretty difficult, because our drummer is in the army, but we’re releasing a demo tape with the Tel Avivian/ Upper Galillee band Nekhei Naatza – maybe you know them. The tape comes with lyrics, of course (in English, Nekehi Naatza sing in Hebrew) . If you want, when it comes out, as soon as possible, I hope, I can send you a copy (it’ll cost no more than 10nis. to cover the expenses). If you aren’t interested, I can xerox the lyrics and send you. We play Hardcore, whily Nekei Naatza are closer to punk, Subhumans style (although their bass player hates that comparison but nevermind).

Now, regarding the P.S to Gadi (I hope he’ll add a response to this letter as well). You can’t denounce people their “right” to eat meat, you can’t walk down the street, see somebody eating steak and punch him. It’s unwise and doesn’t forward the message.  The way to do it is by convincing, not automatic speech, but in a way that the person will understand and then change. The number of vegetarians and vegans in the area is growing all the time and it’s empowering. Gadi and I [censorship – mk] do the best that we can to fight for those who cannot fight. We are vegetarian, don’t wear leather, don’t use cosmetic products which production involved vivisection etc.

Bye and thanks again. I’m glad to see that there’s another person on our side. Waiting to hear from you.

PS – I hope you understood the handwriting.


Adi. aDIY. Played in like each and every good band that graced this cursed land in the 1990’s: Public Domain, Ethos, Nekhei Naatza (took over the bass when I moved to England and toured the US with them – good for them!), Dir Yassin, Shma Israel, Useless ID – I missed a bunch, help is welcome.
In 1993 I was vegetarian for a year, an avid music fan who was deeply into The Gun Club and Neubauten, weird Israeli cassettes that I picked from the 3rd Ear cassette shelves when I skipped school, and a desperate zine reader. I sure had no idea who Subhumans were. I picked each and every zine I found in the record stores (there were quite a few back then), in search of information and inspiration beyond the dullness of highschool alternateen posers. I was a regular reader of Avak (Dust), alternative music zine that covered both Israeli and International stuff and reached the lethal number of 5 issues (very few local zines managed to pass issue #5). In Issue #5 that was published in the summer of 1993, a couple of weeks after I got in touch with the guys from the Israeli Anarchist Movement and returned from a family trip in the US, armed with an Exploited cassette, issues of MRR and Book Your Own Fuckin Life, there was a coverage of the underground scene in Haifa that contained an interview with Public Domain. Now, I didn’t know what Hardcore means. I didn’t know the context of straight edge, but when I read the interview, I felt like they hit a spot. At the time I was repulsed by the direction my school friends were taking – mindless Friday night clubbing to the sound of the Pixies, smoking, drinking, feeling sick the next morning (but maintaining straight A’s, of course). After the ideas came the music. It rocked. It still does.

Hi Kariel!

I’m Fine, Only my new band ČAPAJEWS VAGONS <- split pup. We have ono demo too, if you like I send you in next time (~22 mins).

Thanx a lot for your letter and tape.

Sorry, but things what you want I send in next time, here is Latvian compilation – Sons of a Bitch. I hope you like.

Send me please your tape list (LP’s, EP’s).

I hope you ok, too! That’s all for now.

Retorn stamps!

Good luck!

Your friend,



Here’s another contact I made through that chain letter and Book Your Own Fuckin Life #2. Only found the paper, no date, no envelope, no address (though I think he was from Riga). The tape I sent him must have been that Nekhei Naatza/ Public Domain split. He, in return, sent me both Latvian bands and more important – introduced me to Finnish hardcore. One of the few tapes that were salvaged from my parents’ house last month was that Sons of a Bitch Māris mentions in this short note, for a Latvia-born Jeruselamite friend.


Mihajlo from Smederevo here. THANX a lot for youre cool letter and informations!!! How things are going on at youre side? How are you?

I am practice a lot these days (10-12 hours a day) cuz the day of the contest is near! Besides these time I write some stuffs for zines, write letters + all the finishing jobs for the tape (comp.). We have done cover + masters (2) + flyers. Now we have to do the copies. Firs seria will be around 100-200 pieces, maybe more!!! How youre zines work on??? I will write you some articles, but really not now, I cannot afford it I really dont have enough time for lots of stuffs…. I think you know \how it is?!? “Now” when we finish comp. tape I’ll have more time and than Ill write you a good article about our situation but of my point of watching. I’ll give you more info about comp tape! It contains 15 bands from 10 countries. It last for 60 min 19 songs. Bands are: Burning Hands (French/ Melodic HC), Stand Point (Jugoslavija/ Metal-HC), Crivits (Holland/ SXE European legends/ HC), Respect (SXE/HC – Poland), Heatfarm (some rock-funny stuffs Denmark), Stone walkk (Jugoslavija/ SXE/HC), The Neighbors (USA/ PUNKS), Non Plus Ultra  (Jugoslavija/ punk), Hard Resistance (Belgium/ NY/HC), Permanent Scar/ Point of View (Italia/ Melodic HC/Punk/ Rock stuffs), Near Death Experience (France/ Industrial + some crazy parts. COOL!!!) President Fetch (Denmark/ Hard rock/ HC), Only Attitude Counts (Austria/ SXE HC/ stuffs) Ill send you flyers next time. If its possible to do some distribution works in Izrael, let me know ok?

I think the price will be about 7-8 DM (5 US $ post paid) but we (me and my friend) should deal!!! For distro – let me know what do you have from SXE/HC stuffs??? I am interested what sound do you prefer??? I mean old school, new school, metal, emo, melodic…. or WHAT???

We don’t have good conditions and we can not afford new stuffs. Sometimes we get stuffs even 1-2 year later (HA, HA, HA. Maybe its not so funny, but SAD?!!!) How is situation at youre country/ town???

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have finished my school once and for all. I have 17 years and I” drive sk8 while I dont get some jobs. I mean, when I find job, Ill drive sk8 but less for shure, cuz…

OK. Keren thats all for now. Ill write you more next time! See you around

(HA, HA, HA)




Another letter from Mihajlo. Don’t think we traded those comp tape.