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23-01-95 (the day of Army office no? AAAArgh!)

[sorry about the handwriting… I write for a long time! hope you can understand anyway!]

hello keren.

Thank a lot for the so long letters! + the tape. it’s really cool. I’ve enjoyed it even if I’ve listened it to it once because of all the recordings I had to do (including your tape)… so I just had No time for listening to it more… but it seems great. really.

I’ve been lucky to get this tape ‘cos the envelope was all scratched & the box damaged luckily the tape wasn’t broken. Just try to protect it more, post office sucks this way. My brother received 2 weeks ago 2 7″ well protected in a box & they were completely Broken!

Okay – I gave your letter to my brother, even though I’d rather not to for various reasons – just don’t pay attention. Anyway – Enclosed should be a few issues of his latest Newsletter, perhaps he’ll write later if he can. this year he has much more work & right now (these weeks he has exams)well you will understand by reading the Newsletter anyway!

So tons of events happened to you hey?

Did you finally start your ‘zine?

so did you buy all those stuff you wanted with your money??

Lately I had tons of New stuff.

CD’s, 10″, 7″, LP’s which I like alot. Old & new things. I get some with my distro which is cool cause I can se a bit of money!!

I’ve put some of the tape I’m sending to you (like: congress, Boot down the door…) about Spawn I’ve put you the 7″ (New) too as you’ve asked for it – I just get it in distro, I’m sorry last song is cut… it’s from my tape I didn’t have enough place for it & didn’t keep any for me (I cannot afford to keep copy of everything I get!)

I should get soon: Manliftingbanner & Brotherhood CD’s!!! in distro sure, I’ll keep one for me so if you want me to record it on tape or if you want original cd’s, we could work out something for sure!

Also on your tape is: Colt turkey, perhaps you already know it… if Not sure you’ll like it. it’s what Manliftingbanner has done (well one of the things before MLB (it’s against X-mas & the murder of turkey – sleeve is great! they’ve made it for gun)

oh, well happy birthday! I’ve forgotten. Okay, let’s say the tape is about it & also some other things I’ll try to enclosed.

it seems like you didn’t really enjoyed that time that much?

so hope your exams went well…

Did you went to the army office? I’ve heard about this event that happened 1-2 days ago with this ‘human bomb’ suicide & murders.

if I am right it happened on young people… too bad. I really can’t understand all this, okay it’s not the same thing in my country but religion sucks too. I don’t like fanaticism (I guess you don’t like either!)

The more things like this happen the more I hate Religious stuff for all its bullshit & Murders, I wonder how much death were & are still caused by religion

Murder, war… in name of God! tsss.

About your zine… well who know maybe sometime I could contribute (if I feel like it & just have time… I guess you know how it is!) if you could tell me a bit more like things you’ll like to get (subjects… etc) so I could see if I can help.

Also about your newsletter/ compilation tapes, if you want sure I could help you distributing some around here in my catalogue.

For Newsletter if they’re free send a few issues when it’s out & I’ll pass them on. For tapes (comp or whatever) well I don’t have much money left but you could send 2-3 (or more in the future if it works) & tell me your price & I’ll pay you if I sell them or then I’ll just return them.

So let me know if you’re interested!

About Zips & Chains… well we don’t distribute it, maybe we had a few issues but it’s gone… Anyway. I keep your $3 & I’m gonna find you an issue of it from a guy I know & send it to you as soon as I’ll get it.

Well, here we had 2 HC shows (it’s coming a bit more now) first one were with 3 French Bands

The 1st was mostly noisy which was bad, 2nd was a mix of Rock/ Ska/ HC melodic, it was cool but As there was too much [?] it was a but strange. The Third one was really great. Powerful HC Melodic really nice, they played two [?] set after the people were shouting after them. the atmosphere was cool except a lot of smoke inside (I hate this)

2nd show was with (initialy) NRA (from holland) & Apartment 36 (ex. poison idea), we’re already seen NRA in October or so & really wanted to see APT 36. Unfortunately for some problem they had to go back to USA…

instead there was another band from holland, they played first, it wasn’t really good, basic HC melodic. Only their son from GB and Beastie boys were cool. NRA were great again. faster than before & really nice kids. we’ve talk with them again after & they told us tons of stories (they knew Manliftingbanner, Seein’ Red… they’re friends!) & also told us about tour with NOFX & trouble they did get with them (they hate majors & on more than 20000FF they only get 1000 FF!!) & threw a brick on NOFX van, said fuck to Epitaph who wanted to sign with them… & more. it was cool!

Okay – about the distro now, well perhaps I could help you first I could distro some of your stuff if you want to, & I could also get you European stuff & US stuff if you’re interested (7″, LP’s, zines…)

7″s would be around $2 to $2.50, I don’t have uge stocks but I have friends who can get cheap stuff for me but it depends alot from time to time so I can’t really tell you what stuff now!

>EMO stuff (Driftwood, Bob tilton, Manumission…) $2 mostly

> SXE stuff (Blindfold, shortsight, Colt turkey(?), Manliftingbanner(?)…) $2-2.50

>Punk stuff (oi polloi stuff, french/ European stuff > Boot Down the Door, Disaffect, hiatus) > $2.50-2

it depends!!

[…. the list goes on – K]

Okay p I’m gonna quit –

oh yeah, about my plans: well I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to US this summer ‘cos I won’t have enough money… Next year sure!!

Instead I’ll try to find a job to earn money this summer + in August > go to the New SXE festival in Belgium! if you ever want to come to france, you won’t have to worry about a place to stay – Also I could show you around-

Let’s see, if you’re interested by france we could then organize something with the Belgian fest too! (should be again bands like: Blindfold, spawn, Feeding the fire + US/ European bands + the Jedi (ex. N.O. Fire – Shortsight & more)…

Well we’ll see.

Take care, write soon.

pls return stamps.




Hi there!

I have read about your compilation “PARVEROTTI” in BRAINDEATH #1 (a SWITZ zine) and there is stated that it could be a big surprise!

So it made me want to write you. I don’t know what is the cost of this comp. so I’m sending you $5 and hope it’ll be enough. If it isn’t please let me know and I could send you some more.

O.K. I will wait for this so please hurry up with reply. I’m also interest if there is some more tapes/ comp. in Israel so please write me if you know for some issues (or zines in english). Here it is very strong scene nowdays Many bands/ zines/ gigs.

friendly/ best wishes

from Robert.

P.S. please send back a stamp.


Why didn’t I send him back the stamp? I knew all about postage scams by then. Weird. Cos I’m sure as hell sent a tape. I always did. Fair commerce was one thing, but Spreading The Word was even more important.

Hello Keren

My name is Eliana from Switzerland. Through Resistance Productions i came to a copy of the Paverotti – compilation. So here I write you. I would like to order a few more copies, money included, just send me as many copies as possible for the amount of money included. It’s great fun that I got hold of your compilation since it’s very rare to get such stuff from Israel. I was interestet into it since my mother is Israel as well. I myself work at a ganon in Zürich, wich actually is a bit strange because of that thing religion since I don’t give a fuck about religion. I earn a good wage and most of all I like to work with children. Beside of this it’s good to relearn Ivrit again (when I was a child I was used to it but most of it I forgot since I wasn’t much interestet neither because I was forced o go to israhell, i don’t like the political situation over there at all) at the ganon We have some israeli children who came from the kibbutzims.

Do you write german or french? I hardly can write english… I needed a translator to write this letter (we have a small distribution service selling/ trading zine’s, records, tapes, buttons, patches) and this person writes english very well. We play also in a band in Zürich (“An naon du” is bretonian – old french celtic language which means “the dark hunger”). We have amongst other social-political and funny songs one Womens-rights-song sung in Ivrit “Nashim Bubot”. That song deals about females who have in their childhood been “introduced” to play with dolls/ puppets wich teaches them to accept their role as a woman.

Once we should have a demo-tape, I shall send you some recordings… In about 10 days we make a small germany-tour with two other german bands, if possible we should record a few songs live.

Alright, I think thats all for now, please write back soon

much love,

ps – greetings from the translator, the tape is great!!!!



Eliana was so eager to write and order the tapes that she did not let the language barrier to stand in between us and found an intermediate who translated her words into the Universal Language of Punk. That’s pretty amazing.

For some reason Parverotti was very popular in the Land of Swatch, dada and triangular chocolate bars (and The Young Gods!). It got a raving review in a local zine which I hope I’ll find. Well, these are the people who put out Bullshit Detector Vol. 4, so it isn’t THAT surprising.

Oh, an a glossary:

Ivrit – Hebrew

Ganon – Kindergarten/ Preschool

Nashim Bubot – Doll Women. Natürlich, the title reminds me of Vaadat Kishut’s Hardcore Puppet:








I wrote him back.

Hi I Rubisel and I hope to understand my english.

“Sin Dios” (witout god) is my fanzin, I play in a band it’s “Desobediencia Civil” or civil disobedience, we are anarcho-punx, vegetarians and some vegans, I have some ep”7 if you want exchange, for other material as “photos on actions, squats, concerts, mitings, revolt, this is because I like very much the movements of others places, others fights, others culturs, I can send you photos from mexico to exchange, in my city have some punks, collectives, actions, mitings, concerts, journeys punks, the police is very bastards, the repression is hard, and the young pepple die por the police, the popular groups (workers, farmers, indigenous) are to persecute the leaders and are disappear for the police secret or “guardias blancas” all here is very much expensive and the poors to have which to rob for survival.

Well already not to you bore, I hope to you want exchange some photos and other stuffs.

Health and freedom to all.

Fight back!

I like very much the tape “Parverotti”. well done.


We definitely traded photos and music, but the photos were gone when I had to cut my collection before the old drawer would collapse under the weight.

Well, I wrote Adam, and he wrote back.



Thanx a lot for your letter. I was happy to hear from you. As you told me that you will go to the USA I hastened to write you.

Thanx for the information about the compilation tape PARVEROTTI. It’s a shame that most of the bands which appear in this tape splitted-up.

Yes, I know the EP “Breaking the Cultural Curfew”, it distributed in France by PANX (maybe have you ever heard about this label yet?) but I hasn’t bought it yet. Are there a lot of good bands in your country?

(except the bands which appear in the EP “Breaking the cultural curfew”). I didn’t know that you are the bass-player of NEKHEI NAATZA.

I’m very interested by the demo tape of MEFAGERET and by the 2 other songs of ETHOS. It will be great if you could send me the lyrics. Yes, I will be happy to trade with you too. But what would you like to hear? French bands? What are your favourite bands or musical style? HC, PUNK, CRUST…??? Maybe are you looking for a record in particular?  ‘just tell me maybe I have it yet and I would record it for you. Maybe do you prefer a compilation tape? Just tell me.

Have you yet the address-contact of MEFAGERET? If their demo is excellent maybe I will want to have more informations about the band.

I wrote you before your departure, it’s more simply. But it’s more simply for you if you will send me the tape when you came back in Israel, OK?

That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Sorry for this short letter but I hastened to write you back. Indeed you posted your letter the 28th April and I received it the 4th of June. So I hope that you’ll receive my letter before you leave. I posted it the 5th of June, I think that you’ll receive it before the 15th of June.

Oh, I sent you an IRC with my next letter because maybe you are very poor, like a lot of PUNKS who live in Russia for example.

Do you know how many time did you stay in USA?

Did you go to the USA to record your 10″EP?





I really don’t remember whether I wrote him back or not. If I did, I probably waived his offer to send me an IRC, stating that I’m not THAT poor. I wasn’t. I lived at my parents’, made shitty money at work but it all went on records and some public transportation (in those rare occasions when I didn’t hitchhike) and I also got pocket money from my maternal grandma – who passed away when I was in the USA, maternal grandpa (although living in the same house, they weren’t speaking, so they “donated” separately) and my great-grandma.

Back then, the common interpretation of IRC stood for International Reply Coupons

Yo Keren,

Yeah. I wanted to write to ya for some time now… Thanks for the “Parverotti” V/A tape. It was reviewed in Flipside some time ago… Flipside #96. I also reviewed the Nekhei Na’atza 7″ on Beer City Records. I hope you got some responses from my review. A buddie of mine in Sweden is interested in hearing more… I gave him your address. If there are comps. and demos of bands there want to be reviewed on Flipside, just have them send me their release. I’ll review punk, thrash, oi!, etc.

Well, I am just about the only one over at Flipside that actually do care about music from as many places in the world… So far, I’ve got punk rock from 52 countries! So far, I am waiting for stuff from even more. I have a collection of over 6000 punk records. I am also trading + taping stuff from all eras. Well, if you are interested in trades, please send me your want/ trade list. If there’s stuff you would like a tape of, please send me a list + I’ll see if I have it.

Well, that’s about it for now. Write back soon. Take care. Later,



I was soooo excited when I received Katz’ postcard and when I saw his review on Flipside. Like, an old-school collector who writes for FLIPSIDE actually gave me, a provincial teenager from a tiny, remote dot on the globe,  the time of the day. I found a whole bunch of letters from Katz – more later.