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you are not forgotten! I am sorry for my slow reply, of course I actually have a good excuse. I just returned from Mexico two weeks ago… my great friend Andria and I hitchhiked to San Diego, then took 2nd class trains all over the country. We avoided the tourist shit + white people. We saw alot of natural beauty, and also met tons of cool punks too! We saw two shows, but missed most of the bands. We most namely saw a cool band called SABOTAJE. We also went to an Anarchist library in Mexico city – very amazing! The whole trip was very cheap, I only spent around $300 (us) in 5 weeks total! And that was eating lots of yummy food! I traded many tapes for Mexico punks too! More stupid stuff about life: T.W.P has done alot of tours in late ’96, and I did alot of travelling too. So yes, life is good!

It’s cool that you enjoyed Portland. I’ve got alot of cool friends there – yes, DETESTATION and many others. Kelly + Saira are great people. L.A is total shit! In Mexico city many punks are like total poseur Sid Vicious shit. They all sniff glue. Of course the people we met were cool and did not sniff glue. Hey, you’ll tour U.S.A?! T.W.P will tour Canada (all) in July + August so we should play together! Or tell me your dates and I’ll find you people! Maybe I can travel with you people?! Please send those reviews to me! I actually do not want a copy of the ‘zine, only the reviews. The reason is because I have tons of ‘zines, and soon I’ll move so I try to get rid of stuff! I’ve said hello to people you met here, and they say hello to you! 🙂 Is the new N.N 10″ ready? Or the new tape? Soon the new T.W.P is ready. Also soon the M.P.A double LP. As of today, I actually have no new stuff out… but in some weeks I will. “Sabat” has a new place now in a youth centre. We will move in soon and re-open in March. I’ve sent to you some raw punk that I hope you’ll enjoy… I was originally only wanting to include the Canadian stuff on it, but I decided to put on some other countries too. Thanks for the cool photo of you + N.N. too! Say hello to Federico! The lazy bastard hasn’t replied! Okay, sorry but this is all for now! Reply when you can!

Love from Jason.


Return Stamps!



T.W.P – Third World Planet, Jason’s band.

M.P.A – Mexican Power Authority, Jason’s band too, still alive and kicking.

N.N – Nekhei Naatza. The guy who was going to release the 10″ bailed out on us and the material got released as an LP by Beer City Records (but I cannot find any information about the record on the website).

A wonderful example of punk pre-internet network. I stayed in Vancouver with Andy, one of my first pen-pals. While I was there Jason called from Victoria and when he heard about me he invited me to hang out with him for the weekend. At the time he was corresponding and trading with Federico, my friend, inspiration (and back then bandmate too). Jason also referred me to his friends Kelly and Saira with whom I stayed in Portland, also friends of Federico.

It was a weekend to remember, hanging out with the local anarchists, sneaking to the city’s fanciest hotel and eating leftovers from the room service while viewing the sea and the cityscape from the roof, hanging out in a Christmas ornament shop and getting the eye from the owner and seeing Black Kronstadt live in a basement show (I *THINK* my memory does not deceive me here… anyway, they have me their “7ep then). Also, I took my first ferry ride and loved it.

The tour did happen, only I had quit the band in the winter of 97 and moved to England to be with the guy I loved.

The zine reviews he mentioned? the reviews? I guess It was another of my attempts to pull together a personal fanzine, another one that didn’t happen.