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Karen K,

We Found your ADDRESS IN MAX. ROCK-N-ROLL. How DO we Get A HOLD of tHAT HC/PUNK Comp? we’l be IN ISRAEL FROM JAN-MAY, 98. CAN you tell us WHere Any GOOD RecoRD stoRes ARe At, CoNceRts, etc?


CARlA and Hi-D


Ohhh, I so wish I’d known these ladies in 2007, when we sought after contacts on Route 66. San Bernardino, the last segment of the route, the last bit of (by then relative) solitude before the endless traffic of L.A and the southern coastal line. Route 66 is many things but it’s more Woodie Guthrie and Will Rogers than Steve Albini and Darby Crash and I’d like to consider this as a punk blog, so let’s turn left from the business route and enter the main memory lane again.

Nov 23. I was back in England then, the last days of the Honeymoon period when I still believed that I was in Bradford to stay. Some weeks after my return I asked my parents and brother to mail me a bunch of tapes by Israeli bands and Californian bands that the boyfriend despised and add the letters that had been accumulating since I flew back to the Kingdom. I was going to say that I wrote them back because the stamp was torn from the envelope, but nowhere in the letter is there a stamp-back request. Maybe Carla and Hi-D just used a pretty stamp and I removed it for my collection or for collage-making? Maybe the stamp wasn’t canceled and I removed it for future scams without writing these women back? I hope they enjoyed Israel and found records and shows. I think the scene was pretty much dead then, with 3/4 of the people abroad, but it was a time when you could still score good stuff that was overlooked by the ignorant salespeople at the record stores. Ebay killed that too.


Dear Keren,

please forgive me for being such a lazy sod with my correspondence. And I haven’t yet learned any Hebrew. Half of the Hebrew course would have been during my working hours, so I did not enlist. The summer wasn’t so great this time, car insurance always rips me off my travel budget and there was no enduring period of fine weathers. In the late summer I made my usual trip to London for only about 5 days. But it included an Avail show there. I was lucky for having met Paula, the organizer of the Avail tour, somewhere before in Stuttgart. There she was accompanying Citizen Fish (which I never liked). and I could ask her for addresses to stay in London. So I came to James’ Shake Some Action Rec. Store at Croydon, where I could sleep in the rehearsal room. And I met some nice young punksters. The gig happened to be on the same evening as the sold out NOFX/Vandals show, so I had space enough to dance, though the sound-mixing didn’t please me that much. Back in Stuttgart I too have done a hair cut (12 mm. max length) once again.

And the Avail-show here, organized by a friend of mine, was really what I would call p-u-n-k. O.K, I could praise this band (the people, their music & attitude) to no end. Los Crudos did tour in Germany but the South was excluded for reasons unknown, And Drop Dead played in a Youth Centre of Mannheim, about 60 km away and I had no tank filling.

In the mid of December I had a date at the welfare office and my monthly payment on my bank account was assured till July 97. This allows me to make travel plans. And I’m thinking of coming to Isra-Hell again: it ain’t a bad place to be. Around April, up to two months. Will there still be some kind of crash pad for me? But don’t feel obliged to do anything. I can only imagine about your or anybody else’s situation. And I can also only dream of having a flat in Israel. At the moment I’m sitting here alone in my two-room flat, and outside the cold winter night. You must tell me more about your US-stay and your experiences with a mohawk in Israel. Can I expect hearing from you soon?

Cheers, & greetings to all of the Isra-Hell collective,


P.S – And a special hug for your dog.


By the time this letter from Wolfgang arrived I must have been all high and adrenalin-rushed. I believe it was on January 14th that I received the letter from my to-be-boyfriend, telling me that he had broken up with his then-girlfriend, that he loved me and that I should come to be with him in Bradford.

Reading his letter now made me want to hug my dog. Linda, the dearest, kindest creature I’ve ever known, passed away in August 5th 2005.

Hello Keren,

How are you? Fine I hope. Thanx a lot for your letter, I was very happy to hear from you. I thought as much that you wouldn’t write me back before your departure.

Yeah, I know what you want to say about pop PUNK bands. I’m totally agree with you, a lot of pop PUNK bands have fuckin’ commercial attitude and have nothing to do with PUNK. As you can see I sent you a tape with some french CRUST GRIND NOISE bands. Hope you’ll like it. I’d like to have in exchange a tape with some songs of PUBLIC DOMAIN (their “7 for example), MEFAGERET, ETHOS and some other good israeli bands. (if you can of course!). Oh, MADAMSKI QUI FAIT DU SKI is the nickname that the daughter of PABLO (RESISTANCE production, Switzerland) give it to me. In french it’s funny but it have no sense in english.

I saw DROPDEAD on stage on the 22th of November…. ARRRGH! It was fuckin’ EXCELLENT!!!

Thanx a lot but I’m not looking for something in particular. Oh if you want to listen more french bands no problem. I have the split LP ENOLA GAY/ COCHE BOMBA, the split EP ENOLA GAY/ VIVISECTION, the demo tape of ÖPSTAND…

Do you know SHAY NASSI [here comes an address, a northern town]? I saw his address in a french zine.

OK, I think that’s all. Sorry for the short letter but I have a lot of work at the moment and I prefer send you the tape now.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.




Apparently this correspondence wasn’t as short as I had initially thought when I started this blog; it lasted after my return from the US, judging from Adam’s response to stuff I had probably wrote about the new pop-punk apprehension and the enthusiasm from grind and crust in general and Dropdead in particular (this band will be mentioned in the future; once I find the relevant letters). The envelope is missing so from filling-in the gaps our correspondence lasted until my departure to England; when I returned to Israel a year later my mailing-rate drastically dropped and then came email. I hope I fulfilled my part of the trade.


Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. There’s no excuse, really, just my own apathy.

I’m Nick, the kid you met in Providence. I’ve been trying to go vegan so hard, but cheese is my Achilles Heel. I love quessedillas, cheese sticks and pizza. Mocha frappes are wonderful too… yum… Yeah, it’s a lame excuse.

My New Year’s sucked ass. My wretched shrew of a girlfriend broke up w/me the day after Xmas (silly Christian Holiday that most Americans celebrate). She took my virginity and ran away w/it. Evil person. She broke up w/me for no reason. Oh well, time to build a bridge and get over it.

“Give Me Back” is great for chilling out. I’m home from school today. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was this bourgouiese, reformist black leader. It’s 1 PM here, I wonder what time it is there. I’m listening to Slayer – “Reign in Blood”. Goode shit.

I once went to a show w/ some shitty skate-punk band. I kept heckling them. Later a good band played a song  called “skater punks suck.” The skaters started whining, so I yelled “Go home and listen to some No Use for a Name!” He came up to me and said “what’s the matter? Is No Use too hardcore for you, you fucking faggot?” Then he called me a “kike” and a “nigger-lover” and kicked my ass. Fun. I hate skate-punk losers.

Nekhei Naatza can stay at my house a little while if you’d like – a night or two, maybe more. Maybe my band can play a show w/yours. We’re called WARDIALER. We sing about phreaking/ hacking, and other shit. I can book y’all a show.

I totally remembered you and I was quite pleased to hear from you. I thought you were hella-rad when we met. I used to think about you periodically. Even now, I think of what you are doing, thousands of miles away. Well, must be going. I have a lit of mail to catch up on.


PS: This might be a dumb question, but is there lots of anti-Semitism in Israel?


I remember meeting Nick. It was in Fast Forward, a record store in downtown Providence, RI that is no longer exists. He was a geek looking teenager, 3, maybe 4 years younger than me, and he wore a Man is the Bastard t-shirt. It’s weird, the things one remembers. I remember that he said that I should write him and so I did. I don’t remember whether he gave me his address or told me to look for it in MRR.

At the time he wrote a column for MRR. I don’t remember his columns but I do remember that they weren’t too popular. Googling Nick Fitt (w/various other keywords for the sake of long-tailing) Brings this post by Felix Havoc and a couple of other links – old message boards, broken geocities links etc. It’s the mid-90’s we’re talking about and he has probably neglected this nickname quite a while back.

Anyway, judging by this letter, it must have been his young age that got him that column, because a great talent or wisdom aren’t reflected here. I think that he responded me. I saw No Use for a Name in L.A and hated them, became vegan when I returned to Israel and started building a network for Nekhei Naatza’s upcoming U.S tour. However, by late January I have already quit the band and confirmed my English lover that I’d be moving in with him in March. Not sure whether I wrote him or not; so far I haven’t found more letters from him in the bags.

Nic Fit, however, is one of my favourite DC punk songs. Couldn’t find a proper recording on Youtube, so I’ll leave it to you to search.