Letters and images, in Hebrew and English, collected, transcribed, translated and scanned. Most of stuff arrived at my parents’ mailbox in a small town in Central Israel between 1993-2000 and some found its way to the flat where I lived with my then-boyfriend in Bradford, UK, in 1997-1998.

Pen-pals, record collectors, friends from real-life, written relationship that turned into real-life friendships and some that didn’t work out when reality found its way into the story. Love, drama, broken hearts, great expectations and also disappointments, politics, cultural barriers, indecent proposals and great music. Lots of it.

This was my life. This is what shaped my life.

  1. Brob Tilt says:

    Info on Hardcore/Punk in Belgium 80s*90s:

    Who did you know in Bradford? I was a volunteer at the Vort’n Vis and we were ‘twinned’ with the 1in12.
    Any chance you’re in touch with Jane Graham e.g.?

    Drop me a line

    • kerenmk says:

      The name Jane doesn’t sound familiar. Bradford names that comes to mind are the Doom crowd, Sned, Catherine, Paula, Bod… Vort’n’Vis – my husband and I are planning a trip to Belgium this fall, so I got to think about this fest recently.

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