14th letter from Pierre

Posted: January 29, 2011 in 1995, Letters from Pierre
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Hello Keren.

Maybe not 28th, it’s saturday (27?) – Anyway – Received your letter today & just felt like writing

I don’t know how much it will long & you know why… I’ve written 2-3 letter in 1-2 week so have I only something to say… well, it’s late now (1.15 AM) -> sonday! & I should be sleeping &/or working for my exams in september… Gosh. I just don’t feel like doing it. you know holidays… if I miss it I can only blame myself so hope I’ll get it…

okay, you wanted the money ($7.5). I’ve sent $10 on friday. isn’t that cool! I hope you get it. Hey, maybe I can distro this new tape when it’s out. let mek now.

hope to get photos from the fest soon so I could send it to you along with the report… you could use it for your zine if you want –

why can’t you go to the upper Galillee & walk through the forests? isn’t there any other cool place you could go to? come on! I mean try & do your best. I guess I know what’s it like – see I just live in the countryside (my parents’ house) but I never do it when I feel down… duh! oh well, you’re still in a depressive mood aren’t you?? hope you’ll feel better soon. As I told you, I saw Chokehold too finally here!! (well in Belgium) some friends went to see snapcase & refused the 1st day. we stayed at the V’N’V, it was about 160 km & I don’t like snapcase so… I’d better stayed there & I had fun so…

Yeah, you were right. I was there & had fun you know, the more I think about it I wish so bad you were there it would’ve been cool & you wouldn’t be depressive by now (Just kidding) -> just don’t know about it –

Now it’s the […] again here except I have to work + tons of mail do do as I’ve been out for so long… bu after this, it’ll all start again – hope it’ll work out with the band!  oh yeah, I’ll also try & go vegan soon, well I was nearly one you know – the biggest problem is with my parents cooking (eggs, milk…) it’ll be the hardest point as I’m home during the weekend & holidays mostly but I’ll try my best – if this was only by me… it would be easy!!

hmmm… I have to order tapes (blank) & if I can I’ll make you one with various stuff you should like – hope you won’t know it already…

what I’ve done lately (today) clean & mess ed up my room (actually clean!) watched stupid stuff on TV – didn’t work!… oh yeah wrote a letter very late at night to one of my rare and favourite pals (more exactly)

& is it so late that I can’t write properly??

Can you only read me??

Well, my pals/ friends from CA don’t write me anymore (I told you before) so I don’t know where I’m gonna stay when going to the USA next summer I hope I can contact them again. Otherwise I have to find places to stay… you know about this girl I met in Belgium, well I feel so close to her, I’m not in love (or am I?) you know – I only know her from her letter & I just saw her at the previous fest – but well it was mainly like… I wanted to get to know her more personally. like ‘Best friends’ or so. you know she was sharing some of my points of view & feelings so I’d like I needed (& still need) to talk to her – it was kinda hard because maybe we were both “shy” or afraid, Why am I saying all this to you? well don’t know I just didn’t explain it well in the previous letter & you tell me so much about your personal stuff – so…

Does it sounds stupid? sorry then.

Okay – did I told you we were going to have tons of ‘big shows’ (NYHC style) here in RENNES this year?? It’s a friend of us who deals with this (mainly big stuff) Slapshot, Earth Crisis… maybe strife,… etc- I don’t know if I’ll go to all these shows. Some bands I don’t like (quite all, when it’s not the music it’s the attitude I hate!) + money… well he’s a friend so… it’s hard, I’ll see.

okay stop here for now

(& maybe stop it at all!) 2AM (nearly)

take care – good night!

sorry for the bad handwritting 😦 woaw I’m just not sure you can read it…

xPierre (says: have a cool day)

ok repeat it 33 times while smiling in the […]… you can keave!)


Monday. it’ll be mailed tomorrow. still nothing except tons of records to record



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