11th letter from Pierre – Vacance

Posted: December 29, 2010 in 1995, Europe, Letters from Pierre


Dear Keren,

waaw, I’m tired. Right now we’re in the Alpes on holidays with my family. we’re walking… etc. We just have a storm now & we went windsurfing with Yann – it was real cool except Yann who broke a few stuff (Ah Ah…) so… sorry if the handwriting isn’t that good, it’s just like I have no arms anymore!

So how are you?? how about your holidays? guess you’re having fun at least I hope so-

we’ve been doing some cool stuff lately-

First off (hope I haven’t told you this before) I have to work (shit!!) more for September. I did graduate but I have a couple of stuff to do again… too bad!

Anyway we’ve done out punk pik-nik with other friends… wait wait wait… I have told you this right? with all these names, oh yeah I’m sure about this now… what about the Animal Liberation debate? just the same I guess hey?? so in fact I’ve written quite recently!

What about Dijon?? let me know & I’ll tell you about this then.

Well… I thought I had tons of cool stuff to say but it seems it isn’t the case… Anyway –

We’ll staying one more week there & after we’re going home to take a few stuff & then… the Vort’N’Vis (yeah!!)

I’d have liked to see you just about there but well… who know – maybe you’ve written while I was there, you can still get me at my number […..] just in case.

we’ll be there from 14-15 of August to 16-17 (mostly) Okay?

Oh well we’ll meet later then. Maybe in USA next summer who know??

(I’ve come back just in time!! now it’s raining hard!! hope the tent will resist!)

What about the news… well the latest I had were about nuclear test in pacific by ‘our’ great president… cool hey??

what else… I’ve lost 5 of my favourite pen pals… so that’s kinda bad I have no news from them from Christmas. why do I tell you this??  don’t know.

We’ll do some rehearsal in September as right now we’re all somewhere in different directions.

so, we’ll meet again after the holidays… even though we’re not together we’ve done one more song… Duh! This one should be against […]  if lyrics are okay with them (2 are SXE, two are not vegetarisn… yet (I hope))

Anyway, Yann’ve heard one of our rehearsal on tape (with a bad sound) & said it sound like a less better outspoken Blindfold mix… well, I don’t know.

We haven’t done anything serious by now but it should come okay-

that’s all for now

hope to hear from you soon

Take care,




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