Pierre’s 10th letter

Posted: December 28, 2010 in 1995, Europe, Letters from Pierre
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7-06-1995 woaw!

Hello –

Ywah. it’s quite a great time I haven’t written.

Well, school is over now & so are my exams – I had a lot of work to do but now it’s okay – well not really… I’m waiting for the results & I know if I’ll graduate or no…

Anyway – too bad you can’t come to Europe. Well, maybe you will – don’t know yet you know you can come only in France & not go to Germany, holland & so on – but well – as you want

if ever you come here don’t worry you’ll have a place to stay & we’ll even go to shows over france:

in Julay there’s punk-HC festival & so on

here’s my phone number (I haven’t any in RENNES) ________ (+ a number to reach France) > 33

(ask for Pierre) > I should be there from Thursday to Sunday (try the evening then) or everyday in July… etc. hey – you didn’t tell me the price of you tape. well if I have any $$ left I’ll send you a few. & let me know then if it’s to much or not –

yeah… (no, just listening to colt turkey right now, hum – I’ll be back. just going to jump all over my room)

gosh it was great – so what’s up??

Here nothing really knew –

except tons of stuff –

this weekend we went to see a NYHC stuff. it was organized by a friend of us – it was with Madball, Punishable Act & Stormcore… well it’s not really my style of music but it was allright –

the atmosphere was cool even with all the machos, skins & so – no fights – I was kinda injured.

In 2 days I’m gonna see Beurk’s Band it’s kind of Reggae-Ska-Club & it’s kinda great live.

On 16th/ 17th of June we’re organizing a punk pik-nik with a pk-HC show, vegan food, records… people… etc.

so well, it should be cool.

Well going back to your trip – if ever you go to the USA where would you go??


Okay, No excuses about this… 12-07

can you forgive me??

Anyway (well not exactly) I didn’t really work well with my mail lately & that’s one of the first time… I guess this was laziness – I just had nothing special to say & maybe I get bored… I’ve also met some cool new people those last few weeks so it was cool to see someone for real (I guess you see what I mean) well, I’m really sorry about this,,, I know too bad how it is when you get no news from someone so…

Okay, I’ll try to do my best in this letter – as a lot of things happened this time (til the previous piece of sheet -> 7-06)-

First we did our punk pic-nic in June (16-17), then I met two new people & get close from others I knew before. so we did this stuff, we were waiting for some bands but finally only one could come without their bass player (we had no luck!) we were a bit disappointed but it finally went really well. about 60-70 persons came (we were waiting for more but well) we sold vegan food, zines, records… etc. the band (Enola Gay, from France) played a la Active Minds with only their drummer & their guitarist/ singer & it ruled! & later on a small bands were organized with people from the audience we know – so it was a real party!

We’ve lost money on oil, food & so but it was cool.

2nd day, the punk pic nic, still the same people (~60) in a cool place in the town (with garden & parks) cool atmosphere but with a shitty weather (it rains all day long… no luck again…) End of the pk-nik.

After this (12-07, 11.57 P.M) there was some events at the university during one week with debates, exibition & so on… & we organized a stuff about animal liberation with those same people, we played videos, passed on leaflet on products, information + some food (vegan)… etc – these people from paris who were at the pk-pik-nik went there too so we get a bit closer but well, it was only our friends. Brothers… who came here, people who were already vegetarian, except 5 people so it didn’t worked out very well, we were waiting for a lot of questions… but well it was the same with all the debate. People were on holidays so they don’t move anymore, that’s sad!!

I also went to the gay pride stuff with this new friend (William) to see a movie (Go fish) which I recommend to you. Kinda great. Then we went near the seaside with those people from Paris + there new friends (William & titi) & two other friends (Xavier & Sophie) we were invited by other friends (coco & yevss) (yeah, you gave me names so, you could follow this better in the future too!), we stayed for just 2 days & a night & had a lot of fun, we played music around a fire, ate cool food (cooked on fire) went into the sea & beach… gosh I wish it last longer.

After that I invited titi & william to eat (these are the two new people I’ve met) & we had fun too – we created a collective here in Rennes, called C.R.O.C.O.S. It should deal with several stuff (A.L, specism, sexism…) right now it is with titi& W. coco& yevss, Olivier & me.

after this we went to the libertarian festival in dijon for 3 days with Yann, me, Philippe, Olivier, Stephan, Coco & Yevss, Yann Dubois (Sanjam zine) & Pikta & I saw again these people from Paris & William which was cool. we slept outside (well most of us!) ate around a fire & cooked stuff again on fire.

there were cool people & cool bands: Hiatus, Unhinged, day by day, Crazy Skankers (ska), Vanilla, Schwarzeneggar… tons of records (I bought a lot…) & stuff.debates… etc.

cool but a bit tiring & really hot…

I also had my results… I get one stuff out of two & have 2-3 stuff to do again in September I get the 2nd part… (shit) but well I should graduate all the same but that’s bad anyway –

I have to work now… 😦

Next stuff should be the V’N’V festival… who know, you have my contact & tel. number so… maybe we’ll meet – it would be really cool.

I’ll end there because it’s later & just because I don’t feel like writing more, sorry about this – if you want to know more about all this feel free to ask – you know, I’m a bit happier now because I made new friends & saw cool stuff…

return stamp as always. tell me how much I owe you for the tapes please. I sold a few 15 FF ($2.50) at these events so let me know okay?

as you can see I was kinda busy lately but no excuses for not writing to you… sorry about this. Please forgive me.

Try not to do the same even if it’s my fault hey? that’s so bad I know… so hope to hear from you very soon

(on no no ink left)

take care,

see you soon,

hope everything’s all right

(good exams??)

good records??

good events??

good life??


add whatever you want


Well what else could I say…

I’ll try to send youo pictures if t hat’s OKAY when I get it (for your zine??…)

Did I forget something?? afraid so…

Oh well – more cool events soon I hope so I’ll have stuff to say…


Pierre X

the people organized the pk pik nik & show: yevn & coco, Olivier, titi & William, Sophie & Xavier, Philippe & me.

the A.L debate: yevn & coco, titi & William, me, Olivier

went to the seaside: william & titi, me, sophie & Xavier, + people from paris (4)

went to dijon: all + more, many more (except titi… holidays)

> as you gave me names, I guess I should do the same it’s easier I guess & a bit more personal too

so you’ll know what I’m talking about (& who) in future times okay?

Til then

xxx again


and a treat to those who made it this far:


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