Pierre’s 6th letter, first for 1995

Posted: October 24, 2010 in 1995, Letters from Pierre
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1.15 AM

01.01.95 (yeepi!)

Hello Keren,

Pierre here. So it’s 95 now, woaw, I don’t know if it’ll make any change in this country but well… Anyway, happy new year.

So, I hope you did have a great time for X-Mas & New year. What have you done? did you get any great stuff??

For X-mas I went in the East of France with my parents/ Brothers to see some family so I wasn’t able to see any good shows but it was a nice time anyway.

Now, I’m home with my Brothers (great!) – it’s the first time I’m not doing anything for New year – I’ve just been eating (a lot of vegan food… AArgh), watching TV & writing to a few people.

About your tape… I’m afraid it’s been stolen by post office… don’t worry, just let me know if I’ve sent you a tape (don’t think so), then tell me what kind of stuff you’d like to get & I’ll record some for you (SXE – HC – pk – crust – European/ USA…) tell me and I’ll see! I received quite a lot of stuff lately: Latching Mindset (SXE) comp 7″ with Unbroken, Struggle, groundwork… Downset 7″, Congress (SXE) 7″, Boot down the door (crust-HC) 7″, Halfmast 7″ (SXE USA), Guilt 10″ (ex-Endpoint), Ricochet DC (Mostly HC), Act of Faith CD (HC US), Grade/ Believe CD split (SXE melodic & powerful) & lots more (unbroken CD’s… etc)

Also in Distro (even though I’ve lost $ 100 with post office, wich is a lot for me) a lot of new stuff & a lot I’m waiting for! :spawn, congress, Rail, Boot down the door, vanilla, Nothing New, Scraps, outspoken, world collides, citizens Arrest, Blindfold… & in the future: MANLIFTINGBANNER & BROTHERHOOD in CD!!

What about your collective? is it working the way you want? I hope so.

If you’re interested in distributing Emo stuff & sometimes SXE-pk stuff let me know if it can help you I could get some cheap 7″/ 12″ for $2-$2.50/ $3-4 ppd, I have friends who can get some cheap stuff for me, it depends of stocks & times, so just see if you want too.

Holidays are over in a few days & I have exams then… phonetics, Grammar… etc. so I have quite a lot of work to do & I don’t really feel like working!

What else can I say…

In April Scraps will tour Europe with Man is a bastard & in April they should turn in France… I hope I could see them!

Do you have any bands touring in Israel soon or now?

Can you organize shows easily?

Okay, I have to go now

& it’s late.

So hope to hear from you soon –

happy new year & Best wishes

take care,



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