From Carissa, Minneapolis, MN Aug 16 1994

Posted: August 10, 2010 in 1994, straight edge, USA
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Hi Keren,

I was very happy to receive your letter. Sure I’ll give you a copy of my zine. Minneapolis is a big @ place. It’s supposed to be competitive with San Francisco. Punks move back to Minneapolis in the summer and back to San Francisco in the winter. There are few shows here during the winter time cause it is so damn cold. The sxe scene here is rather small and everyone in it is kind of dull. I’m having problems with it lately cause I’ve been avoiding some asshole ex-boyfriend so I’ve been skipping shows. Kind of a pity since I have been into this longer and I’m the one who can’t go to shows. I decided I can’t do this for anyboy so I decided fuck it. I’ll go no matter how much it hurts to see him. It’s bound to get easier every show. I know its pathetic but I talk about this crap + to everyone. Anyway, anyway. Where was I? Oh, yea. I came to Minneapolis from St. Louis, Mo. when I was 17, I came with my suitcase off the greyhound bus and I had the cab bring me to the dorms. I had no clue where anything was. I didn’t know anyone. I just attended this school cause I actually got accepted. It’s really tough moving somewhere totally different. I understand, so if you need anything (place to stay, person to talk to ect.) I’ll help you. It’s a good thing to know when you move somewhere all alone, when you are in trouble someone will help. I don’t have a phone # as of yet. I’m living w/ this 5 guys who got their phone disconnected. I have no address either. I guess if you write back I’ll have one by Sept 1

Are you originally from Israel? Just wondering. Anyway, I’m at work now and I’m totally looking bad next to Ms. Perfect Worker, so I better let you go.

Write soon.



Carissa… I remember writing her. I probably followed an ad or a review for her zine, Screams from Inside, which I think I reviewed for War of Words and  remember as an emotional, intense, feminist sXe zine.

Although I’m sure I would’ve  done the same (and have done the same), that generousity amazes me. Offering your friendship and help to a complete stranger cannot be taken for granted. I do wonder, however, what I wrote. In 1994 I was still in highschool. I might have already planned my grand US Punk tour but it would’ve happened only in 96.

On a different note, back then I didn’ have a boyfriend but in retrospect I can totally relate to her avoiding shows because of her ex. It happened to me a few years later.

  1. […] Every now and then, when the drawers get filled, I packed a bunch of zines and posters and stuff and put them in a box outside a show, or contacted kids I thought might be interested and passed them the bounty. Regretfully, the issues of Screams from Inside were lost this way. I believe the information must be circulated and that everyone benefits from the flow of zines, but I wish I could now read that letter Carissa mentions. […]

    • Brob Tilt says:

      Brob here from Belgium… Used to do Tilt! (fan)zine and a mailorder/distro with the same name…
      I used to correspond with Carissa and have a couple of issues of SFI (I have boxes full of zines actually so would have to look which ones). If you want me to scan a specific article/interview, let me know.
      Carissa, where are you know?

      • kerenmk says:

        Your name/ zine’s name sounds very familiar, but as far as I remember the two of us never corresponded.
        If you can scan my letter (Keren, Israel) it’ll be super awesome, thanks 🙂
        And thanks for writing. I neglected this blog in favor of another time-consuming project. I should really get back to it.

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