From Ckristine, Burlingham, NY date unknown

Posted: July 26, 2010 in 1994, USA
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(found in the same envelope as the letter in the previous post)

Hi Keren! ~

I’ve been pretty busy lately, which is why I’m just getting to returning a letter to you. Recently I’ve been looking for a job. I seems I’m busier when I’m not working, than when I am. My other job was so bad – I was working in a bug mall – lots of kids pretending to be skinheads – God, I live in such a backwoods shithole. Anyway my boss was totally taking advantage of me + one day it just got to me + I left. Just walked right off the job. Not the most mature, well-thought-out course of action, but… FUCK IT so now I drive round trying to find work. I hate Korporate Amerikkka… !

Your trip to Poland sounds great, in terms of the punk shop + all. However the tour of Maydannek – well, something you’ll never forget, eh? MOVING.

Two weeks ago I saw Nine Inch Nails in New York City (about 70 miles south east of me.) Excellent! Then the next night my brother + I went to a show of local bands. I was dead that weekend – zero sleep!

(P.S. my brother saw the photo of you + said OH MAN! WHO IS THAT!? He’s 18 in January.) Hey, you ought to write him: Ed S., same address as me. (The 2 of us have a post office box together.) My bro thinks you are beautiful. So no you are not ugly!

My boyfriend, Kenny, wants to marry me. Oh God. Christmas is in 4 days + I hope there is no engagement ring under the Christmas tree.

Take care, write soon, stay punk,



Oh, the school trip to Poland. When I turned 16 my grandfather asked me what I want more: a new bass guitar or to join the school trip to Poland. Since I knew I could get a hold on a 2nd hand bass for cheap I chose the latter. Many middle-class, Jewish Israeli high school students go on a 1-week trip to Poland on the 11th or 12th grade. They visit sites of concentration camps, ignore any WWII issue that are not Jewish-centered, wave the flag, learn that the Poles hate “us” and return home all motivated to defend the Holy Land and prevent a second holocaust.

I jumped at the opportunity to travel abroad, have a week away from school and the parents and, most important of all, buy punk cassettes. My friend and comrade Moshe hooked me up with a girl, the teenage daughter of his grandparents’ friends who lived in Warsaw. She met me at the hotel in our free evening in Warsaw, when my group-mates went to the nearby market, under the supervision of the shin bet security guy. We skipped, took the tram to the wrong side of the Vistula River, to a shop in a grim communist-era housing project. This was the coolest and the largest concentration of punk I’ve seen up to that day. Old issues of Profane Existence, cassette releases of local and international punk and metal bands, lots and lots and lots of merch – patches, badges, shirts (bought 6! 2 t and one hooded anti-nazi shirts, an Oi Polloi shirt and 2-sided Discharge and MDC t-shirts; 2 years later Al Schvitz of MDC stopped me in Chinatown in San Francisco when he spotted that shirt! then I gave it to my ex boyfriend) and even Dead Kennedys thongs that I forgot buying out of excitement.

I hated the way I looked. Too big, to awkward, eyebrows too thick and hair too curly. But a girl from my group, then a settler, now a famous artist, took a good picture of me sitting on a grave in Warsaw’s Jewish cemetery. I duplicated that photo and sent it whenever anyone asked for my pic. 16 years later, I like my look but it’s still nice to read. Don’t think I wrote the brother, though. What for?


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