From Ckristine, Burlingham, NY 25 Oct 1994

Posted: July 26, 2010 in 1994, Punk, USA
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Hi Keren,

Wow, you wrote back! Cool! Hey, I have a brother exactly your age; his name is Ed. Actually no he’s 17. Jesus I’m so sorry to hear that military service is mandatory for you! That sucks bad. I joined the Army when I was 20 but went AWOL often 7 or 8 weeks. I fucking hate the military. Ah well. Minor Threat, Subhumans are my favourites also. I really like Bad Religion as well.

I live 70 miles Northwest of New York City. I live out in the woods, which sucks at time, but is excellent, too, because I love to be outdoors. I have not lived here all my life; I’ve been travelling round the States. At this point I’ve got a boyfriend, Kenny, who wants me to marry him, oooh boy, I’m scared! We’ll see. Anyway, I’ve put travelling aside for awhile to be with him. He’s very easy-going; you know, he doesn’t easily anger with my wierdnes. (Sometimes I can be very insecure… it’s a low self-esteem problem.) I play drums, I don’t know if I mentioned that; I’m sort of looking for a band to jam with. Problem is, up where I live, the “scene” is like a bunch of bandwagon-esque types, who din’t know a f—-ing thing about the D.I.Y @ ethics, etc. That’s one thing I miss about travelling; in Minneapolis, NYC, Seattle –> there’s a real @ movement, like, and up here in the woods it’s a bunch of KKK-ers (THE REAL SHIT) and fake skinheads. It can suck. My bro. and I would like to start a `zine, etc. Let me know how your collective comes along; of course I’ll want to be involved on this end if I could. Well well I suppose I’ll go now; write back, if you don’t find me too ugly or boring, and we’ll keep in touch? Allright?

Peace, Love, Anarchy,


P.S. I could salvage only 2 of your stamps. The others got mangled. SORRY!


So I had been doing the mail-fraud thingy for longer than I can recall. Not anymore though.

I’d be surprised to find letters from other people who served in the army. There were European guys who did civil service, but women? I wish I had asked Ckristine more about her experience in the army, but back then, fall 1994, a month after my appointment at the recruit base, I probably thought that even writing back to someone who served in the army is somewhat reactionary, so I’d better ignore it.


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